SHELDAN NIDLE’S UPDATE ~ Concur~ Intense Amounts of Energy Pouring into the Planet

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AUGUST 6, 2013


Dratzo! We return with more to discuss with you! At the end of your Gregorian year of 2012, a large dose of heavenly Light showered down upon your realm, and then on July 29th of this year, triple that amount was applied to your world by means of the special astrological alignments on that date. This is setting the energies for what is about to occur. The dark’s long stranglehold on your beloved planet is at an end and the time has come for you to rejoice and for those changes which officially shift your reality to the Light to take place. The first act in this cavalcade of events is, of course, the release of the various funds which mark the segue of your globe’s monetary setup from dishonest fiat currencies, so prone to unbridled speculation, to those backed by precious metals. These new true-value currencies are to trigger a global re-evaluation, and indeed, the first of these is ready for distribution. Further, the initial rounds of the prosperity disbursements are also ready to be launched. These financial adjustments will effectively drive the old interests from power and allow the inauguration of legally based de jure governance. As you know, these are only the opening moves of what is to come.

The rise of your new financial and banking system will bring universal debt forgiveness and shortly thereafter, disclosure of our benevolent presence. Your new governance is to allow us to become formally known to you. We intend at that time to make a series of announcements informing you all about the upcoming mass landings and introducing you to your Ascended Masters who are ready to begin their sacred teachings worldwide. These developments will constitute a massive change in outlook for your global society, converting the current aggressive competition between your nation states into friendly cooperation. Inevitably, what the Ascended Masters and we have to tell you will turn your reality upside down! Your staple diet of lies and manipulation fed to you by the dark over the eons will be fully exposed and transformed as the Ascended Masters place the truth before you. As this new world of Truth takes shape, the old twisted ways of being and perceiving will straighten out into healthy and Loving understanding and acceptance of the next phase of your journey: meeting your individual galactic mentors.

Once the mass landings happen, your mentors will be presented to you. At that moment, full and open dialogue between us can finally begin. As you can image, we will have a lot to say to each other. The predominant topic will quickly become your return to full consciousness as this is the prime reason for our presence here. There will be so much for you to absorb and you will need time to digest all the new information. You will need to learn to think not with your minds but with your hearts which is where truth can be known. This last phase of your journey to full consciousness requires you to wholly transform the way you think and feel, and to totally reconceive how you view yourselves, both spiritually and emotionally. It is to be a great challenge that we know you can rise to, as you dig deep within you to bring out the Love that is your essence. Once you harness this Love source within, it will propel you collectively toward your many coming triumphs, and when the moment comes, you will be more than ready and willing to embrace your metamorphosis into full consciousness as you step into your individual Living Light Chamber. Then, as a Being of Light you will join us to happily take on your divine service to physicality and, most of all, to the Creator.

Once begun, things will move quickly. Your forced quarantine from full consciousness will end and a welcome-home ceremony will take place, where you once again join forces with your spiritual and space families. This grand reunion will open up your access to Inner Earth as you come together again with those who faithfully represent your ancestors. Their history will no longer be wreathed in ‘myth’ but will become a living saga that relates your origins and why you are here. When you have absorbed all this, you will be whole again and able to effectively carry out your life contracts. Building your star-nation will throw the doors open to not only the other water worlds of this solar system but to distant reaches of this galaxy as part of your divine service to physicality. You will be greeted by other sentient Beings and help them to achieve full consciousness as you did. Indeed, you will be very instrumental in helping to forge a new home galaxy for all of us! It is to be the best of times! A time for grand adventures and exploration as we manifest the Creator’s divine plan together.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to you with new tidings! The energies being sent to this blessed realm by the Light are nearing their peak, and the numerous effects of this vast increase in Light are becoming apparent. The dark has lost its battle to survive and we are preparing the many teachings that we will be giving you. Each of us will show you the wisdom you will need to continue raising your levels of consciousness. These moral compasses will guide you as you approach ever closer to the day when you are finally ready for your individual Living Light Chamber. We will be beside you each step of the way as you make this miraculous transformation, and after your full-consciousness etiquette training, it will be our ongoing mission to supervise and guide you on the nature of your divine service to Heaven. In fact, these aspects we are describing are merely part of our service to Gaia and to each of you as a whole new epoch for humanity is then to come into being. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Our role in this mission is to watch over humanity and provide moral guidance. We answer the calls for help given out by the human collective. We alleviate your grievous wounds and transmit messages for humanity’s salvation. Now our tasks include moving all of you successfully to a realm of rising consciousness where you can become aware of your spiritual heart center. We are joyously watching the benefits of these activities come into being, and as Heaven now applies her immense energies to transforming your reality into Light, it gives our messages and assistance to you more credibility. This is a time of rising spirituality and is the moment we have long anticipated. Right now we are engaged in terminating the long tyranny of the dark so that the new financial system and new governance can be grandly ushered in by our prosperity plans along with a general worldwide jubilee. A new epoch has arrived!

The new epoch for humanity will include a reunion with your brethren in space, Inner Earth, and in Spirit. It will be abundantly clear that you have never been alone! You are part of one of the vast human life chains by which the Creator spreads life throughout this near-infinite space known as physicality. Here are found billions of non-corporeal Beings as well. In this vastness of highly sentient life we sit and dwell in Love and in Light. Now we come as fully conscious Beings to carry out in joy the divine plan for physicality. We voluntarily contracted to carry out these duties, which give us great joy as they fulfill our heart’s deep longings. All feels our great Love as we graciously interact with each other; our lives are filled with heavenly bliss, and every day we receive honors for what we accomplish. This is truly a most wondrous way to live, and one we long to share with you!

Today, we reviewed some recent developments and what our futures hold. We come to your world to bring you the great gift of full consciousness and the joy that that gives to all of physicality. You are to be welcomed into this state of bliss not only by us but by all of Creation! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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CAFRI Accounts

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I hope I'm using the correct letters, but what is going to happen to these accounts.  Every government federal, state, local, court houses, etc.  There is a budget where everyone in politics cries about we need more money and then there are hidden, unaudited books known as CAFRI accounts.  How much you want to bet Detroit is not bankrupt if you take the CAFRI funds into account.  All of this money belongs to the taxpayer.  I'm joining CAFRI for my school district to find out why they need more money every year.  I'm sure their CAFRI account is bulging with excess funds but they won't touch it but they'll raises school taxes.  This has to end.  How can we raise this to a national concern?  I know elderly people who have to sell their homes to pay school taxes or they go into foreclosure.  There are criminals at the local level screwing their own neighbors.  I had no idea how corrupt this world is.  Half the population needs to be imprisoned.  The next question is what if officials are stealing from these CAFRI accounts.  Has this ever been brought to anyone's attention?  If the world gets out these local and state are going to run for the hills.  Because these funds are the peoples and must have the right to see these books also


Bob Kimble

Mr Nidle

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These words are most impressive, but they are near duplicates of the same program you have brought to us as far back now as 2008, at least.

They are encouraging, yes, but are they accurate? All we have to go by in your case, is that due to the non authenticity of all of your past history, the answer is no.

Either you should quit making this up to the people or in the case that you are or think that you are in communications with an advanced society then you owe it to the people of your planet to investigate why they have made these accusations and claims of gifts etc now for years that none of which have materialized as promised?

And again, you said:

"The dark’s long stranglehold on your beloved planet is at an end"

Thanks for the pretended band aid, but the cabal are far from any kind of "end" my friend, and that is easy for us to view. You have been repeating this for a very long time now, why? Although the "advanced ones" were given permission by Heaven's decree Augt, 4th, 2012 to "end" them VIA "disclosure," they have not stepped up to that plate, why not? Obviously just another diss information to us for what ever reason hidden behind "our" scenes??

"The first act in this cavalcade of events is, of course, the release of the various funds which mark the segue of your globe’s monetary setup from dishonest fiat currencies. These new true-value currencies are to trigger a global re-evaluation, and indeed, the first of these is ready for distribution. Further, the initial rounds of the prosperity disbursements are also ready to be launched."

You have made this same statement now each time you post. I should have counted the times, I think were up to at least one hundred. The "sky of dollar bills is falling in our laps" by you and or those that you allegedly channel is completely worn out.

Please explain to us humans that carry an average IQ of 90 to 120 why you continue to place this apple in our eyes and ears even if it's true? What good do you and yours believe this does for us? It certainly couldn't be "hope" due to the amount of times you have made these promises and that is the same figure of diss information to us.

25,000 people a day that some have likely heard your information are now dead. That's 9,125,000 per year that won't be enjoying the gifts of you promises, which of course from just back to 2008, that's 54,750,000 that are no longer with us.

Sheldan, be a dear and ask your "channeled ones" what IQ or equivalent of such that they  have in comparison to that of the human genius, which is 130? Not that it takes a genius to see through you, but if they claim, what I have read, 200 plus, then you are not channeling the real thing or they are setting us up for dinner, and we are the main course.

David Porter

Author of the series


David, RE-Member that what you project...

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David, RE-Member that what you project onto "others" is an aspect of what you believe you are. As what BelindaLove so eloquently suggests, we bring about that what we focus on.

Now with the failure of the largest bank of all, the HSBC, the stage is set for a global shift to a completely different financial system altogether. Doesn't that sound a lot like what Sheldon is talking about? Seriously, there is no need to spoil the feast for those willing to wait, is there?

Have faith that the Divine Plan is not unfolding according to your day-planner, but by the infinite wisdom of our Creator.

Blessings on your path

Thank you FlashRon and

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Thank you FlashRon and BelindaLove for your comments and observations.  You both participate in the oneness energy through our higher grid, the tiny chat room and can feel the truth in the messages.  Sometimes it takes repeating messages until someone finally gets it.  Those of us who are the first wave have heard the message over and over until it finally did get our attention and we acted on what we know to be the truth which is love.  We are all on this journey together and we can choose love or choose separation from our divine self.  Each of us have our roles in this ascension process.  Each role may be slightly different, but as long as we are choosing love in every moment and surrender to the process we are doing what we came to do.  David we would like to invite you to participate with us again.  We have all found that the process is easier when we come together.  There are many sessions, love parties, staff and council meetings that will fit you time schedule.  There you will find those of us who are working on releasing all the holds us to what was and becoming more joyous and peaceful.  This is bringing about the real changes on the planet.  We know it all begins with each of us.  Come and join us David.

Release into Love

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Love is all there is.  Mr .Nidle is doing his best under very unstable circumstances to assist us in meeting our Galactic Family.  I am grateful for his words, they bring a positive message to Humanity.  Divine Time can't be determined by any of us other than Source.  For someone who is as knowledgable as you on Remembering who you Really Are,  I'd say try to go back and re trace the steps that brought you to that point.  Can you see how Sheldon Nidle's message is helping you discover more about where and how your thoughts are limiting you?    You are the one who creates your reality, including the reaction you are having to this persons updates.


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