SHELDAN NIDLE’S UPDATE~ Numerous events are merging

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2 Cimi, 9 Xul, 10 Caban ~ November 12, 2013


Selamat Bratzo! (Sirian for “Be in Satisfaction!”) Numerous events are merging so that truly exciting things can manifest. The two most important items are the new governance and the prosperity deliveries. We are working diligently to effect these changes. Those in charge of these projects realize that the present state of your many global societies and the near collapse of your global financial system can no longer be tolerated. The excesses of the world’s major banks still continue. They have even outstripped the events leading up to the financial collapse of 2008. In addition, the areas of corruption now include basically all stock and commodity markets. Massive “price fixing” is so common and the degree of ill-gotten gains so massive that something quite drastic needs to be done. Our Earth allies know what must now occur. It is time to “drop the hammer” and put a quick end to these illegal manipulations. It is time as well for a massive redistribution of wealth on this world. Things long delayed must now come to pass.

We have discussed with you the vital nature of “right divine time.” In our opinion that time has arrived. Not only are the dark ones busily attempting to discover every way to enrich themselves, but your governments are also in collusion with the lot of them! The degree of global mismanagement and avarice is thus at an all time high. These dark co-conspirators somehow feel that in their last days they must break records for sheer arrogance and unbelievable schemes to stay in power. The degree of global criminal activity has indeed reached its zenith. This is why we have told our Earth allies that the moment has come for action. You are all suffering needlessly. The constant daily pain and anguish that you endure requires immediate cessation. A massive intervention on your behalf is necessary. We therefore continue to ask for this. This is ready to happen and we intend to force your fellows to do so as swiftly as possible!

The degree of preparation required to replace the current governance and institute a new global financial system has been a long and tedious operation. The dark cabal fought us as we began to assemble the parts that will become the new financial system. Our earthly allies helped to gain the legal successes needed. We helped to secure the hidden gold reserves that are the current backbone of a new monetary system. Presently, we are completing procedures required for a swift and smooth governmental transition. In short, the dark cabal has been overcome. What we desire is for all this diligent and resourceful work to manifest the start of your new reality. For 13 millennia, you have watched generation after generation fail to break free from the yoke of oppression and servitude instituted by the dark. This oppression must now be transformed into your freedom, prosperity and personal sovereignty. These things are our highest objective for you!

Both full consciousness and disclosure need to happen. You are at a point in time where you are to grow in consciousness and accept a new Light-filled reality. Events have been occurring since mid-October that will facilitate these lofty goals. We are pushing to allow those items in possession of our earthly allies to manifest. As we stated earlier, you have been forced to accept all the continued abuse and lies that the dark cabal and its aligned corporations have thrown your way. This is no longer acceptable. In fact, there is a violent underground revolutionary movement growing that the dark hopes to co-opt so it can continue its time in power. Hence, it is even more essential that the present Light-sponsored non-violent change manifest. We have infiltrated this violent movement, as have the dark. We wish to avoid this violent revolution. The time comes to manifest a new reality!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with some information that concerns the current status of this globe. Right now, various members of our secret sacred societies are completing events that will lead to the manifestation of new governance and your prosperity. Meanwhile a special committee has set programs in action to end global corruption and permit a general prosperity for this tortured world. We are pledged to reveal a number of divine teachings that will set straight the various lies, misinformation and manipulations of truths that mark the foundational works of this world’s major philosophies. These lessons are simply to prove the great unity of thought that exists at the core of the many philosophies. Our sacred work will prepare the way for your return to full consciousness and for your meetings with your spiritual and space families.

We are truly blessed by Heaven. The grand administrations that look over us have granted a series of dispensations, allowing us to acknowledge a number of truths that were denied you first by the Anunnaki and then by the dark cabal. A grand conspiracy has prevented you from understanding the nature of who you are and the collective power that you have to alter the very nature of this reality. We, along with the cetacean nation, govern this world and do what we can to steward the numerous ecosystems found here. This task is made harder by the constant violations of the dark cabal. Hence, the time comes to change this and permit Heaven’s ways to become our own. A new set of ecosystems will emerge on this surface realm once the shift in consciousness is completed.

This great shift in consciousness will be the first blessed step that resets Gaia. In doing so, it will set up a chain reaction to dramatically alter this entire solar system. We have a sacred task to be the blessed guardians of this new realm, and to use our newly re-found connections to the divine to carry out an unfolding of the divine plan in this physical sector. Our divine task remains to supervise these glorious activities and reestablish your direct connections to the governing administrations of Heaven. In this grand Light, we are to operate and spread this divine Light throughout the length and breadth of this Milky Way Galaxy. This means under the edicts of Heaven and the Galactic Federation, we will teach and assist all to achieve full consciousness. We will also have major conclaves to assist physicality.

Today, through our brief message, we explored what is happening in this world. We receive reports from both the first contact team’s representatives and the Ascended Masters. We do this to give you a better sense of how close all of you are to events that will alter this present reality. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Get off the pot

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Nidle and the Galfed have been saying this stuff since 2008.  Heck Nidle wrote a book about the Photon Belt back in the 90s that pulled me in.  This was before widespread Internet.  I'm getting tired of reading the same "Soon" "Right around the corner" type messages.  Its well past time to shit or get off the pot.

I'm saying this to every higher spiritual being reading this message.  What about the divine deadline?  You know the timetable that was absolute.  I'm about ready to just stop my meds since I can no longer afford them any way.  I lost my job.  I have little to no money left.  I want these changes to happen yesterday.  I'm just about sick of waiting.  You say we have to co create this reality.  I'm doing all I can to do just that.  I'm just about out of steam to keep going on this dirtball.  Stopping meds mean I die.  No way around that.  I don't even know now if I will be here to see these changes.  What if its all just smoke and mirrors while the sinister agenda continues to move forward.  It could all just be some happy feel good crap to keep this segment of the masses in some kind of hope for the future.  Enough already.  Get it done and stop saying its "about" to happen.

Totally Agree

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Well said Whitewolf!  I  totally agree with everything you have said!  I have been following Nidle for just a few years, and already I am fed up with the false promises!  I believe he is just a scammer out to make money off us poor sods!  If this information were coming directly from the Galactics, what gives him the right to charge $15.00 a pop to actually hear the messages and info??  This guy is a fraud IMO!  I have had enough of his CRAP!  I should have listened to my girlfriend.  She smelled a RAT the first time she read one of his messages!  I actually complained to Colleen about charging people for this info once, so she gave me a free pass to one of his webinars.  To my disappointment, I didn't learn ONE THING that I had already known form my own research!  I believe he is a fraud who is just trying to get wealthy from selling us false hope, not to mention info that anyone can freely obtain on their own!

Disinformation alert

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This is a false report, anyone who has truly ascended knows that we are not waiting on any new government system, we understand there is no war between us and them mentality, this a NWO report only.  We are the creators, we are taking the responsibility...this process what is here NOW, what is happening NOW, is not something coming, though it will take just a little longer for it to flow to everyone.  We are the I AM presence and we are no longer under your false new age propaganda that you have circulated with false promises of a new one world governance, and wealth...we don't need governments nor do we need governance, we can create the true wealth and there is no holding back from this flood.  We don't need assistance from 'outside' as all the ascended masters are saying, we are the ones creating.  For those who've passed the veil and torus energy, spiral energy of death science...know the higher form of energy of eternal and life science.  Be wary and cautious of these kinds of reports as we know that not all 'light' messages are from the light...that in fact the 'dark cabal' mentioned here in fact began the false ascension process...unfortunately it has backfired and allowed a genuine and true ascension to take place, they underestimated the ability of many who could break through the veil and have been disassembling it cautious and always use your soul heart to discern these things.