Sheldan Nidle ~ Update from the Galactic Federation and Spiritual Hierarchy ~ 14 January, 2014

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PAOweb - 14 January, 2014


13 Muluc, 12 Chen, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We return with good news! Our Earth associates are busy making sure that what is given to you manifests as we desire. It is essential that you be prosperous, free and that the string of debt attached to you disappears. This prosperity is not really a gift; rather it is how we wish to express our gratitude to you for being able to remain ready and willing to bring in a new reality for humanity. Each of you had the courage to help us by showing your intent when purchasing either an RV currency or else participating in the various prosperity programs. What you now receive is an acknowledgement by all of us for your divine cooperation in a number of vital projects. More is to come. These quick stages will enable new governance to rise. In addition, your intent is allowing us to legally arrest and then try a whole host of dark cabal "villains." This operation is again dependent on your most gracious cooperation. These events are to lead shortly to disclosure. Then, we can more directly address you and set the stage for our mass landings. Much needs to be communicated to you in a very short period of time.

   Your current dark cabal-sponsored governments have continuously displayed a kind of indifference and a serious belligerence toward us. We have watched over the decades as they used their secret operations to send fleets of ships into orbit, challenge us in your solar system and make it quite apparent they wished that we leave. We have replied in many meetings of our deep commitment to the sacred decrees of Heaven. Recently, we have even fended off attacks by their vessels and been forced to destroy certain underground bases that were plotting the start of a general war against us. We are not here to fight. We are here at Heaven's behest to mentor you back to full consciousness. You were never meant to be someone's chattel. Any excuse given them for this is no longer acceptable. We are here to protect a legal non-violent shift in your consciousness. A vast movement now exists across the surface of this planet, dedicated to full consciousness, freedom and your personal sovereignty.

   The task given us is to protect this movement and help it thrive. This we are doing. We are not here to oust the dark through a use of our technological superiority. Your courage, guile and determination are about to secure a grand victory from those who so severely underestimated you. Our mission is to watch and assist in a manner decided by Heaven decades ago. This series of deliberate actions is about to succeed because of all those who have worked so diligently to bring these arrogant rapscallions down. Soon, new governance will arise to restore all that was lost over the last few decades. A new prosperity will become the norm that will literally transform your global society. Individuals that are not yet widely known will use their astute abilities to lead your surface realm into a grand reunion with Agartha and with us. Mass meetings are to be the prelude to a new wisdom that will create the atmosphere for your return to full consciousness.

   This is a grand time for us all. What is happening is really only a beginning in the public fleshing out of this magnificent "quiet revolution."There have been ups and downs that have probably created some degree of frustration for you. This frustration is now to end. A great many people in positions of quiet power have worked out a lovely denouement. We want you to enjoy what will manifest and prepare yourselves for information that can in some ways shock you, but in a very positive way. The time has come for you to emerge from the shadow land constructed for you by the dark cabal. You are meant to live in the Light and bask in the divine truths given you freely by Heaven. In this new reality, we are to shepherd you back to your fully conscious selves. Together, we are to bring the Light to this galaxy, along with a most glorious message. Our liaisons will spread this to every corner of this galaxy!

   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive bearing good news! Our associates have begun the process of preparing the prosperity funds for delivery. These funds will be backed by precious metals and represent the great largess of Heaven. They are to follow a global currency reset that will set the stage for your permanent prosperity. Besides this release of funds, there will be a vast reordering of the world's banking and financial services industry. The old ways of the past few decades are over. Banking charters will be redone and new regulations strictly enforced. Many who have endorsed highly corrupt and illegal practices will be arrested. These events will be swiftly followed by new governance dedicated to establishing a divine relationship with the people of this realm. The debt-creating ways of the dark cabal are no longer to be tolerated. The time comes for the Light to take charge of this reality!

   The new governance will abolish national debt and free you from the debt created illegally by the banks and their various affiliates. In this debt-free environment you will be given your sacred national sovereignty. In addition, in divine time,we are going to start a series of worldwide lessons. These will concern the numerous religious philosophies that dot this surface reality. In one way or another, we have all experienced these practices. We intend to reveal to this world just how similar they all are, and give you direct accounts of those whose words are quoted throughout the many texts that make up the fundamental teachings of these religious philosophies. It is vital that these and other truths be given to you. The separation and allegations made by many need to be properly set aside.

   We also intend to teach you about "ascension" and how you were all thrown into limited consciousness. These divine teachings are just the merest beginnings of what we need to tell you. There is the sacred story of why you are here and how you are to be resurrected by Heaven. This coming ascension will happen for a great number of reasons. You need to know them, as well as a detailed history of this mission and why Heaven permitted it to go temporarily astray. We are here to establish divine guidelines and explain why they are now in effect. We are here to calm and aid you. We are here to supervise a grand transition, which will transform this realm and set the stage for your reunion with your brethren from Spirit, Inner Earth and from this galaxy. Later, you will meet many who are in the Light but differ in form, size and shape!

   Today, through our message, we expressed the joy of what is now happening around this globe. The times arrive for us to move forward and begin to earnestly transform this ever-changing realm. It is a time for prosperity, new governance and disclosure! So let the manifesting of these wonders begin! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat JA! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)





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While I have been reading Sheldon's channellings for some time, this one has a few red flags for me.  With advisement of: "Our Earth associates are busy making sure that what is given to you manifests as WE desire." And "Each of you had the courage to help us by showing your intent when purchasing either an RV currency..." .  Isn't it about what "we" as humanity desires?  And why would we purchase a currency where one is already strapped for cash with our current currencies?  I hope this was a misspell or perhaps misuse of wording, but I for one don't want to replace one suppressive state for another just because it's packaged differently.  :)


in response

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In response to NLNL. I see you're points here. And yes, I also agree with buying into this RV/dinar thing, it appears greed motivated. Let's hope that those who do receive these moneys do the right thing with it. But, on the other hand, I also look at it like this. Shouldn't we all prosper from that? We've all been stolen from, everyone should receive that which was taken. This just dose not only concern money. It's far more than that. I truly feel that we should all benefit from this and that we all need to continue to put intent on the best outcome on for all us and everything living on this world including the planet itself.

Agreed :))

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That is a heartfelt truth, I only hope that we don't have to "buy" to get this rolling.  In the end WE are the gold, silver or any metal, product or service can back that up!  



The dinar RV thing seemed to

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The dinar RV thing seemed to me like a get-rich-quick scam from the very beginning, it just exploits people's misunderstandings about how a currency reevalution works. I don't believe he's channeling 5D Beings at all when he's talking about that stuff, just his own wishful thinking. Of course, it's what many people want to hear, so I'm sure his followers encourage him to talk about that stuff.

I watched a friend go to jail because he believed what one of the supposed "prosperity programs" told him. I have a friend who's broke because she spent all her money on dinar, that was years ago and she's still waiting to see any return. I know of another woman who often pays money and recruits people into her "prosperity program", all she gets in return is promises of great wealth just around the corner. For years she's been told it's just a month away.

I don't get why people think money is going to solve their problems, when money is more often than not the cause of their problems. No 5D Being would encourage material greed.

NLNL00 and PEOPLE on and or of Earth

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NLNLOO, I see that you for one are capable of reading between the lines. Most can only see all the "good stuff" of these invalid promises and all nature of straight-up lies of Sheldan Nidle, and by now with all the comments and feedback on his history of many years of these same lies he has given the Earth Beings, you would think he would at least get better at articulating this dis info??

All these things he continues to tell us are know well by the cabals, Clue #1.

He is vicariously promoting Dinar, Clue #2.

He has repeated these promises for over 20 years, the same promises, Clue #3.

He does in fact do a sort of "channeling" but he is channeling the Archons (evil ETs) that wish to over-throw this planet just as NLNLOO is awake enough to "see." The clues to who he works for are endless as he has made them this. He works directly for the Archons and indirectly for the cabals.

This stalling to keep as many of you as possible is quite simply to keep you in the matrix paying your dues. Can you not see this?

Much sooner than any of his BS will ever be here,,,the more hidden things from you behind your scenes will befall you.

World-wide Radiation poison is a billion times more than what "they" are informing you of.

FEMA camps are now ready for human deliveries VIA railways with 30,000 guillotines.

The above will be quite easy for them as they will simply set off the HAARP ELFs that have you all pre-loaded with nano particles from chemtrails, water supplies, food and other means that they don't broadcast to you. This is just one of the means that will cause in you all, region by region dementia, respiratory disease, and morgellons.

And these are just their back-up security measures if the earthquakes and other HAARP conditioned weather controls don't depopulate you first for them.

By the time they pull the "EVENT" switch that one of their many sources (Cobra) impresses you as being a good event, it will be to late for you to do anything about it.

I used to say to you all so you would make your stand,,,"Increase skepticism and fine-tune your discernment" but now it may be too late, the archon/cabal/illuminti and minions have had all this time you have provided them with by all the alleged channelers which nearly all belong to them in one way or another and many have no clue of it by keeping you in "sleep-mode" to their motives even though they carved them in stone back in the 70s for you to read in your face in the US state of Georgia where they now store millions of caskets for your disposal. 

Cobra, Drake, Poofness, (Poof) Zap, Ben Fulford, are but a few on the front internet lines along with most of the channels that are cabal based entities and have stalled you all into position to bring all hell (where they all come from) loose on this planet and implode it if they feel the need just as they did Maldek that is now our asteroid belt if you ever wondered where so many ship sized rocks came from.

By 2016, you will no longer be here unless they see you as a good specimen for slavery.

All I can say at this late point in their game to you is in question form....What are you going to do about it??? Good luck



David Porter

Author of the series


Go spread your fear someplace

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Go spread your fear someplace else David, you're not welcome on the Galactic Free Press anymore. Most of what I've seen you post is nasty, negative, problem-based thinking that doesn't help lift people out of the illusion in the least.

Will, I think Uncle David got a little emotional

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See, Will: David did his research on some of your -what you wrote me once- 'Above ground crew' and could explain very well why they don't belong to that crew. Nidle and also Salusa and I forgot #3 (for me there are much more!) are into creating 'sweet words'. Facts are missing. I respect his research and all of you GFP staffers didn't respond to his comments. You should have used your discernment.

Now I understand: It's just a press service. It's not about truth, its about creating loving beings. Ok. Every press service has their agenda. And your is: Get out quantity. What's about quality and integrity? It's all about feeling good, right? Good feeling and hope is creating a new age, right? You guys have no idea! And me? Ether but a little more than no idea....

And when there is somebody getting out of control:' He is not lifting up our members...crying..' Will, I hope that you see that his points are true. It's just the way he presented them ..angry.. To continue releasing articles of Nidle, Salusa and co. is like 'we want GMO labeling' and the people responsible to take care of that business are not reacting. Yes, will: At least you responded now. Is the FamilyGod (excl. me) to far into love-heaven to react before it's too late?

Why don't you guys of the GFP have a survey about what your readers really want? Once I read: Over 10.000 members and only 1% are active. What's wrong? Well I could have said that in your staff chat, but once I got thrown out again and again and I don't go there any more.

Back to Uncle David: Don't be upset, Will. Just love him and forgive him. The same for all the others. Isn't that what all you holy writers are recommending?  And all of you, if you are here for LaL and you are not interested in the whole truth: Stay here. For me: I loved myself into truth - and I know truth is challenging. Just check what David Icke told in front of 80.000 at the wembley stadion! And sing and dance with him after his 9hr presentation!

Expose yourself to your potential future Before you dig your head too deep into this golden sand see that he is bringing light into the world. If if you don't: Have a wonderful ascention out at least of the spiritual lie-rarchy into independence.

First things first, before

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First things first, before David even posted this comment, we talked about no longer posting Sheldan on the GFP. You probably wont be seeing his messages here anymore. I feel Sheldan is a bit naive, but to say he's purposefully working for the "bad guys" is a bit extreme. I do read what David writes (which is why he's banned now) and it's plenty of nasty accusations with little to back it up.

As for what our readers want, they do want Sheldan. People love these fluff messages that promise great things in the future if you just wait. We know this because they're often the most popular messages on the site. Apparently, people wanted David gone too because I was thanked afterwards for finally banning him after. Anyway, we're not too concerned about what people want, especially because wants, needs, and desires are the problem on this Planet, people would be much happier without so many.

A little history, we used to respond the David, but he's been posting pretty much the same comments over and over and over and over and over and over again since long before you joined the site. I don't want to be on a site where the commentary is nasty and critical, we don't want a hostile environment here. There's ways of sharing information, as you've done with your comment, that are much healthier.

If you enjoy David's doom & gloom (which does nothing to help anybody) there's a hundred other websites you can visit instead. We're solutions-based, not problems-based here.

Thanks, will

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I agree: David was a little extreme and I do not know the whole story. It's just the way when one forget about themselves and the dark entities are coming in. Once I posted in GFP my email to Sheldon asking him to watch out for the dark energy. I think when his mind was still awake and uncluttered he was still able to use his discernment. Will: Don't you think once one (like him or Mike Quinsey and others) can get comfortable with the voices in the mind the (very) smart creatures can and will trick you? I can write lots about that topic.

Am I off? Once one of Sheldon's DVDs were my favorite. Now am quite sure that he is abused  by -may I call them- agents of the dark lord. Wanna know who that is? Got a name for him? Are you with me, will?

I can shut up whenever you or I want to .. but I just love you and your staff and members and would like to ask everyone: I totally agree about the power of the new energy all around. I am experiencing it/them/my Self even after a day spending in the city. Question is: Do you understand that the dark ones created a network long time ago and that they try to keep up with the new energy in order to destroy? Of course they can't, but ... And if so: Do you understand that we might win some cards they are willing to give - but: Theyangry have still some dirty powerful cards they will play. Don't get me wrong here. I don't want to create fear, just want to tell with the love and knowingness of a Grandfather: Don't get caught in the believe system of sweet words. Please understand -in the name of your future-: Make up your own mind. Don't read too much - no matter what - listen within and grow within. Go and create you INNER NET heart

Darkness has only the power

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Darkness has only the power you give it, if you truly understand that, not even death has any power over you.


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I've been talking about unawakened people giving their power away to what the media is telling them. It's not about me. Long time ago I understood: 'The world doesn't need a new believe system, but the truth' Truth is the new energy getting stronger and stronger. I experience that. It about the power (actually weakness) the 99% gave still doing) away to a particular believe system incl: 'Oh, everything will turn out ok'. See the facts, will!

Reply to Dave Porter

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I only wanted to showcase that something so wonderful can be twisted in plain sight.  For me, there isn't room for fear anymore!  Like a battered person, eventually a choice has to be made, stay and allow the fear control me or look deep inside, regain my strength and sovereignty and just STOP giving into the fear?  

I would never take your opinion away from you, but when I read or hear someone or persons spread out "watch out, or "you'll see", I can accept it as a truth or not.  Sheldon's channellings have been sketchy at best, riddled with "we"ll save you" and countless reminders of how we have been lied to, enslaved etc (not to mention countless of others).  Which also triggers the saying' 'if you are told something enough times you believe it'... so are we victims or not?  I say if we were, we no longer are.  Fear for me is a no-thing, and growing from this, making the changes (change does begin with a thought) and knowing in my heart our lives on this gorgeous Earth is about to transform into the pristine state it was meant to be.  Let all the corner "hear ye, hear ye" news yellers continue spreading their "business"... I for one will keep reading the paper and choose what is truth to me and leave the rest behind.



first thought after any

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first thought after any Sheldon Nidle message is "too good to be true". I'd like to see how the shareholders in the big banks would ever allow the banking industry to be reformed. Sorry, I just don't see it. They are in the pockets of government so that's a doubke whammy. I'd like to see it happen but just don't see how they would ever give up their power and profits. 

Soon....soon....there's that word again. Me thinks that in 2015 we will still be told "soon" all your problems will vanish. Right. Prove me wrong! 

lets get along now.

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I'm now seeing that we all need to calm the F**k down. To many opinions and I'm right and you're wrongs going on. How about putting it aside and putting intention on getting along with and understanding each other better? I'm in. Are you? :)

Not Employed By Cabal

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Although I am totally to the point of not believing anything Nidle says any longer, I do not believe he is working for the dark cabal, or any other agent of the dark.  I simply think that the guy is cashing in on the whole Ascension agenda, and trying to collect as much profit as possible from us poor sods who want/need hope for a more positive future.  

Is this wrong?  Well, I suppose giving people hope is not a bad thing, although some would frown upon it if it were "false".

What bothers me most is the fact that he is "selling" this hope to us, weather false or not.  And that, in my humble opinion, is NOT from a Divine place in his heart.  While accepting donations are perhaps acceptable by most, "selling" info that we ALL deserve to have freely is just another form of the dark's work.  Only dark forces reward people who have "money" with the privilege of Ascension information or anything else, IMO!