~Sheldon Nidle Update~ Be Ready To Accept the Gifts from Heaven~

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9 Etznab, 6 Uo, 9 Eb


Dratzo! We come to give you another report on what is transpiring around your world. In Asia and Europe a general rebellion continues against the dollar and its debt-based fiat system. In fact, the new gold-backed currencies are beginning to show their hand. Further, the pressing need for debt forgiveness is demonstrated by what is going on in Iceland, where the peoples' revolution is illustrating just how easy it is to counteract the chaos that is the dark's agenda. The gigantic global debt and its resultant social problems need to be resolved quickly; indeed, the mess now spreading in Greece and most of southern Europe exemplifies this core issue. It is for this reason that the new system is predicated on two central factors: universal debt forgiveness and the return to a precious-metals-backed monetary system. Preventing its swift introduction is the waning, albeit still powerful, presence of dark control. To avert a global economic meltdown, Earth's sacred secret societies are preparing a way to sequester the last dark cabal. We form part of this complex operation and intend to use our technology to assist in its removal.


   This process of change is tied to the ongoing shift in consciousness. As you know, our mission is an integral part of a divine pledge to return you to full consciousness, and hence the dark's agenda can no longer hold. We are waiting for the final agreements which permit us to legally terminate the dark's power complex. One aspect of this complex, which is key to breaking its hold over, you is a pattern of cultural and social beliefs which they inculcated into you and which bind you unquestioningly to them. These mental 'prison bars' will be shown up for what they are by our next series of actions. It is disconcerting to us that so many have bought into this very ill woven tapestry of lies! You are sacred souls who have been reduced to a degree of mindlessness that can accept some truly unworthy notions of Heaven and your origins on this world. These falsities are compounded and daily reinforced by a power structure that was manned by individuals who were carefully chosen by your former masters, the Anunnaki. This group of off-worlders set up the system that still gives their chosen Earth minions control over every aspect of your lives. This system is now to be totally dismantled by us.


   These members of the dark cabal believe that you will be unable to effect these changes globally; we are ready to prove them wrong. We have spent the past decade letting various groups of 'allies' use their abilities and resources to oust this vast, dark conspiracy from power. All have basically failed in this attempt, in spite of our liaisons pointing them in the right direction. The reason for these failures was the underlying false assumptions that form your collective worldview. To get the job done, we are to employ different means and technologies. We are also helping to form groups of government employees wholly dedicated, like us, to the principles of the dawning new era. These groups exist throughout your world, and we are to assist them in bringing the prevailing chaos into a new heavenly order. This orderly, supportive new reality can become the bridge that leads you to the very brink of full consciousness. Its new governance can welcome us and assist us in moving you to the crystal cities in Inner Earth where you can complete your sacred transformation.


   This transformation is why we are here. The divine plan firmly decrees that you are to return to full consciousness shortly. Your current political, financial, and social systems will be dismissed as soon as it is possible to reorder the fundamental nature of your global society. Here, you will come into global prosperity, universal sovereignty, and a full knowledge of who you and Gaia truly are. This knowledge will introduce you to your Ascended Masters and to your Inner Earth cousins, and you will also begin to absorb information about the true history of this world and the Milky Way Galaxy. As we have often said, there is a lot for you to learn. These truths will prepare you to comprehend the nature of galactic society and the huge potential that you possess, allowing you to flower into physical Angels who can work alongside us and the Angelic Hierarchies, and help to unfold the grace and glory of the Creator's Plan. You will become true co-creators with the Divine and rejoin the gleefully waiting, fully conscious human family!


   Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today to talk about your growing blessings. The Divine has given all of you a most wondrous gift: you have been granted divine grace. This gives us, who are to mentor you during your return to full consciousness, a dispensation to transform this realm into its highest vibrations in an even shorter time than was envisioned by the divine plan. This decree has been sent to our sacred associates, and we are jointly coordinating the legalities that will substantially alter your global banking system. This sets the stage for the distribution of your prosperity funds, which will be accompanied by new governance in many countries around the globe. These developments will lead quickly to disclosure, not only of the Galactic Federation of Light but also of your cousins of Inner Earth.


   In accordance with these plans we have assembled a means by which our sacred associates can begin to introduce our teachings to your world. We intend to provide a great deal of information that will end the many lies and misinformation you have been given concerning the teachings of the great souls whom all of you honor with your prayers and blessings each day. It is essential that you begin to understand the truth about what each of us taught you long ago. This knowledge, which we will be able to give you personally now, will prepare for your final steps to full consciousness and allow you to see your spiritual and space families in a new light. You will become true disciples of the great messages given to us by AEON and the divine throne of the Creator!


   These coming teachings will set the record straight concerning many of our influential lives in which we were given the opportunity to explain the simple truths and laws of Creation. We intend to use this period to lay to rest the misconceptions that have built up over the intervening time since many of us made that sacred journey to teach you and guide you along a sacred path. We come to transform the many schisms and needless hatreds that tore these great messages apart. The dark has done its work well! But now we come to set right and restore to Love what was imparted to you all those millennia ago. This is done in joy and in divine Light. We welcome this opportunity and look forward to teaching you and preparing you for your own path to Love, Light, and the highest states of joy!


   Today, we returned to bring you another message. We ask you be discerning and patient. Much is preparing to manifest. It will be but the beginnings of the promises that Heaven made to you when your current era of darkness began. This darkness is to lift, and a new epoch of Light begins. Be in joy, and ready to accept the gifts of Heaven! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)





Long reflection

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I'm so excited to keep learning! I always enjoyed taking classes or courses and I thought being a professional student would be fantastic. I can wait to see the new education model for all the very special star children being born. I hope to be a part of this mentorship to the best of my abilities.

My memory even for the physical seems to be improving and more of my past in this life on earth is coming back to me. Im curious how we will internalize all this new knowledge. Clearly the 3D systems in place will be less than adequate in the future. Ooo-RAH I can't wait for school to start. Magic is REAL. Say that again. How cool is that? How blessed are we? Every dream and imagination of beauty -- we now bring heaven to earth.

The body remembers when I dance. The heart is surrounded by angel of love and light. The mind is confused. The gifts are awakening. The dreams fade; my higher self hides them. Yesterday it allowed me to recall one sentence to give me peace. "
No matter what I don't remember, tonight the halves were united and this is the most important day of my life. There were two men I met in the dreamscape. I can't recall them at all. Just an energy impression. Arrogant, confused, regal, drunk with power. He thanked me for my perspective and said anything was mine to ask. He was sweaty, shaking. He tried to teach me footwork to a dance, but I couldn't comprehend. He moved my feet but still I could not see how to move that way. Side on facing -- destined as a guard, a gate? Sideways gazing at hands of fate..,But what to ask for? Source has shown me bliss so pure to look forward to that I could want for nothing.

Unmistakable, chosen, kindred, unconditional love, molten joy and opalescent care -- the cheer of rainbows everywhere. I remember always, when I meet those asleep -- they have not felt this sacred promise deep. I shine my light, my love, my art. I share my wisdom, resources, heart. I know one day they won't be apart, but for now a SPARK ~we~ START. Here and there with inspiration dart. Light as a feather and straight as an arrow -- come brothers of Atlantis, Egyptian pharoah. Mayan light and dun and star -- oh my dear ones we've come so far.

And so I pray, intend, create -- to uplift those not as strong of late. That I may carry them over the river deep. Ford its banks and
in sacred forest sleep. Weave the web time and fate. That I may shade you when the world does hate. That I may warm you when the light seems dim. That I may hold you when the clouds look grim. That I may hold vigil at your grave. That Gaia's beauty we may save. The weavers dance in moss embrace, with scarce a pause, frenetic pace. I AM, I CAN, I WILL, I SEE -- connect the timelines unto me. Secret mystery, hidden lark, ancient history, timeless dark.

Born in density to arise in light on crystalline wings of Merkabic flight. Stars at night guide my way. Woodland creatures guide my play. Sunlight's rays in rainbow hue, fuffy clouds and sky so blue. Lunar Dragon, red-tailed gate -- omnipresent wings of fate. Reflect, shine back, absorb, digest -- this is Earth School and YOU are THE TEST. Write your essays, in words of light. Pay no heed to false flag's spite. When they write the history of the cabal's plight -- let the record show THUS WON THE LIGHT.

Permission is granted for all non-profit use of any of the above text. I apologize, I do not know which guides specifically help me write. However, Saint Brigid remains my patron with her fiery spirit an love of poetry. So may this be dedicated to her, the Ascended Masters, my Higher Self, my twin flame (I love you), to the earthborn that endured with me and the guides who are too humble to name themselves to me.

Namaste. I love to write.


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Fabulous words. I am with a group about to embark on a fantastic voyage named the free energy roadshow for now, Please if you might send me your contact info.If it turns out you agree with wyhat we are doing I would you to contribute verse to our cause. Thank you your words hit home.

Be Ready?   We have been

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Be Ready?


We have been ready for a very very long time. 


Today, we are still being told to be ready.


Please talk to us when you're really ready next time.


Otherwise you're be just wasting our time and killing all our good intentions. 





Ready? Set? Go!

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Dear Guest,

We have to do our part, to release our fear, anger, and other negative emotions.

So when WE are really ready, we shall ascend. They are here to help us, but they are not here to put us on stretchers and copter us up to the ships. They are here to encourage, support and keep us on track.

There is really no way for us to "know when it will happen" because a lot depends on us. You may be ready, but there are many on this planet who are not.

Isn't it worth waiting a little while longer in order to bring out loved ones with us?



Yes, I agree with you dear

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Yes, I agree with you dear Astreia. I apologize for being impatient and forgetting myself like that. I just lost control over my emotion and let my ego take it over. I am really sorry to the ones I intended to speak to and hope you'll be able to forgive me and understand our current dreadful situation. Thank you, dear Astreia, for bringing peace back to me; you are a great teacher for me today. Namaste. 

the waiting

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I certainly understand the difficulty of not wanting to wait...wait ....wait. It feels like I felt as a child waiting for christmas morning....but on a much grander scale and it was a loooong time ago. 


Nobody likes to wait...wait ....wait. But I think it really tests our commitment and our faith to the acension prosess. There seem to be so many details that have to be handled and nobody can really predict the time line of those. It just doesnt matter... if you truly believe its happening.


I think if you feel you are ready to ascend....you must be bursting with love and  joy!  Then each day is another opportunity to share your joy and your love...shine your light and help wake up others. They need us...we need them. The fact that we are awake before others just means that our job now is to help. I love it...I love helping...I love sharing what I have and what I know. It seriously is a 'the more the merrier' situation.  You dont just sit and wait...if you are ready to ascend....share it!! Every day in every way!! Your days will be full....you will be joyous and before you know it....the day we have been waiting for is here!!



Aww Miss Maggie.. Mawhhhh's

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I THANK YoU for This Writing and YouR Precious Message that You So Deeply Loving Share with ALL US.. You are SPOT ON DearHeart.. You/WE Are Truly One=One=One=ONE=US=LittleGODs ( I luv That LittleGODS) !! This IS Soooo MUCH **FUN**.. YEEHawww ALL My Star Family Of LIGHT !!  Im So IN-LOVE With ****** H U M A N I T Y****** !!    MotherFatherGOD Oh let ME count the WAYs !!!


I Am Bernadette Alright ! :-)

SO Many (((((((((( {{{ H U G zzz }}} ))))))))))

no...thank YOU :)

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Thank you for your lovely comment Bernadette...you are so kind. I love the term 'little gods' we truly are!! 


I can feel your joy in your words! I too find myself in love with all of HUMAINTY! 

I cant wait to meet all my 'family'...from here...and there....and everywhere!!!


Blessings and light and much much JOY to you Bernadette!!


Love love love!! Hug hug hug!!!


Maggie  :)

i don't think i've got to go

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i don't think i've got to go to inner earth or a cocoon in a spacecraft to return to full conscousness.. this must be a natural thing.

Dear Guest

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yes, I agree that this is a natural thing. Just like being born, where you are in the Mother's womb for awhile in order to grow. I will be grateful for a little "cocooning" to let my body heal, as it has been through so much...and more to go. As Robert Frost said in one of his loveliest poems, "and miles to go before I sleep..." But I don't think "cocooning" means doing nothing! Even the baby in the  womb moves, and tries out its new legs and arms, and kicks... and learns. So whether you cocoon or not, it will be lovely to meet you...



this is Great, and to know it

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this is Great, and to know it is finally coming to an end for hard time's here on mother gia, and the rest of our brothers/sisters.

are we done yet???