~Sheldon Nidle Update~ Upcoming Events are going to Change Your World Forever

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Dratzo! We return! Events, which our sacred allies have been working toward for centuries, are now about to happen which will forever change your world. The power structure that rules your globe is collapsing in on itself as the center can no longer hold together. The dark cabal has dreaded this moment ever since the Anunnaki left, at which time these off-worlders demanded that their on-planet minions return dominion of your reality to the Light. This recommendation by the Anunnaki was vetoed by a sizable majority of the groups that make up the on-planet minions of the dark; their leaders were utterly unable to fathom why they would be asked, for any reason at all, to give up what to them was their life-blood: power. Power is basically all they know. Under the aegis of their former off-world masters, the minions had run roughshod over Earth and surface humanity for nearly 13 millennia. Now they were being asked to give up, literally, their throne! To the dark ones this was unthinkable. And outrageous! No one, not even their former masters, was going to separate them from the one thing that gave them their very identity: their 'natural' superiority. It formed the core of their being. And for nearly 17 years they have struggled to retain the only world they know.

   Meanwhile, our sacred allies requested that we use our advanced methods of negotiation to prevent these now-woebegone dark Beings from creating another world war as a means to maintain their status as your unchallenged rulers. These ones still feel greatly ill used at being commanded to leave. However, a series of events and a chain of documents are finally ready to achieve their most necessary removal. The time comes for the final 'swoop' that is to drive the dark from power. Then we intend to permit our allies to detain and put on trial those who so mercilessly controlled you, and the fears that have for so long defined your lives can at last be laid aside. Released from these fetters you will be able to joyously acknowledge our existence and to begin to create a society that favors the good and benevolent over greed and manipulation. Your new governance is to smooth the way to full consciousness by, first, rolling out universal prosperity and by ending all wars! These will not be so easy to accomplish as your world has been manipulated for millennia to view competition, hate, and strife as inevitable components of existence.

   These ways of keeping you divided are to be transformed into cooperation, peace, and Love. You are to realize and be able to fulfill your innermost needs for a joyously creative life. We are here, at this right divine moment, to be reunited with you, and begin some essential personal teachings with each of you as a requisite to your return to full consciousness. Part of this will be your introduction to a great book: The Book of Understandings. It is a compilation contributed to by each star-nation from the time they first colonize their home world. Each book contains an immense amount of wisdom about humanity and physicality, and is in essence a giant compendium of history and galactic anthropology. We intend to start you off with the works compiled on Mars, Venus, and Earth around the time when the Anchara Alliance made the destructive raid on your solar system a million years ago. The history of Agartha and the book that your new star-nation begins will be added to the whole, making a complete chronicle of your astonishing odyssey and of who you really are!

   You are the wondrous Beings who have incarnated at this time to bring forth a new reality, and in consonance with this Heaven was very strict about who was allowed to embody here at this time. This is why we have come from so far afield to help, despite the fact that your world falls short of any of the usual conditions for first contact. Heaven summoned us here to use our fleets, at the divinely appointed time, to liberate you from your recalcitrant rulers. When Anchara joined the Light at the designated time, Earth's surface humanity was to move into the Light as well. But, as mentioned earlier, these calls from both the dark and from Heaven went unheeded by the dark earth-minions, who were in no mind to relinquish their insatiable power addiction. The result is this first-contact mission. When our fleets got here, we turned your solar system into a vast 'parking lot' and waited patiently for the divine signal to act. This mighty decree has at last been permitted to resound throughout Heaven and physicality and this clarion call will most assuredly be answered! This is the moment for your freedom to be secured!

   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive on this day with good news! Our sacred associates have reached the stage where their many projects can finally manifest. But first, dear Hearts, we need to begin to apprise you of some of the truth of your present setup. The dark cabal planned over a decade ago to put in motion a train of events designed to lead to several wars and ultimately a global situation that would permanently enslave you. Then conditions would be introduced to drastically reduce the world's present population to fewer than 600 million. These numbers were to be regulated by means of a series of roving plagues. This horrifying plan has been averted by the activities of our associates since the time of September 11, 2001. Our blessed ones in Heaven came and used their abilities to prevent this horror from fully manifesting. Now you are on the brink of freedom and we are ready to implement events to bring you prosperity and full consciousness.

   Prosperity is a natural state in Heaven and in physicality. Yet, on your world, you have watched the dark use its power to turn this natural state upside down, creating poverty, ignorance and hate all across the globe. These imposed conditions were used to disguise who you are. You grew up in this unnatural, artificial state and, knowing no other, you began to believe that what you saw all around you was natural. Nothing is further from the truth! Life in this universe is hugely abundant and all interrelated. You are part of a magnificent unity-a state that the Creator has graciously spread throughout the many realms comprising physicality. When you ascend, this glorious state of unity becomes the experiential basis from which you think and act. This oneness is a soul-stirring melody that flows through your very cells, birthing a never-ending sense of joy. Joy suffuses you, and becomes the wellspring of other songs that takes your bliss on to ever-greater heights.

   Heaven is preparing you for an 'expressway' to full consciousness which dispenses with the many lifetimes that it took us to reach our present sacred state. Heaven decreed many dispensations for you, which permits you to avail yourself of an individually tailored, sentient device that removes the many epigenetic blockages and re-knits the many DNA scramblings carried out on you in the past. This allows you to move easily into your divine-Self state. This gracious act is stipulated in the life contracts you presently possess. You will be made aware of these contracts once this rapid ascension operation is complete. So much lies ahead for you, including the beginning of your own grand Book of Understandings for your new star-nation. We will be at your side during all this, as we are here, after all, to use our collective wisdom from numerous Earth lives to guide you in your divine service as you do your part in moving this entire galaxy into the Light.

   Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world. Great events are to come which can swiftly alter your reality. This transformation is to bring you joy and a much-needed answer to your prayers for a change in the way your world operates. Be in good Spirits, and prepare yourselves for a new and joyful world! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



Another False and None Event Story

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Initially I love to read Sheldon Nidle message but after some times, I found out that what he had said has never happen! They keep telling up coming event going to change this and that. Or maybe like you life is going to be distrupted.... and so on. But look! anything happening? Do you still have to pay your bills? Do you still have to look for a jobs? Anything major change?


Well, tell me? If you plan to tell me that oh, I feel love or I feel I am ascending, then show me how you are ascending? If you are ascending, why are you still here in this s**t hole?


The more I read these messages nowadays, the more I feel frustrated. Why? Because I lot of claims has not happen? Who has ascended into 5Dimension? Who? Tell me? If he has ascended why is he still here pysically on earth?


Alot of things just don't add up? Don't be a blind man leading another blind man.


Wake up!

Re. Bullshit.

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Why is it all you nae sayers always stay anonymous. Come out from under your shell & make a stand for what you believe, come on don't be shy..


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Right on, Jimbo.

Re. False & non Event story.

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Sorry Guest, I'm with Sonny even if I didn't believe it (which I do) I would rather hold the vision of a potentially wonderful future, than hang on to the vision of more of the same.


As is your Vision, So is your world.


Take your pick I know what I chose.


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The frustration that you are experiencing is coming up for you to release it.

I've had a major change in my life. Just sayin.

Love Astreia


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Wonderful update! Dratzo, Sheldan. Thank you.

Selmat ja! Selamat gajun!

re: false event

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Really? So what's the alternative? Wars, Poverty, World Domination, Hunger, Corruption.......in other word, "Business as usual"..........I'd rather suspend judgment and read Sheldan's updates......if he's making this all up, then we'll just go back to where we were.......I'd rather be optimistic, in fact I am anticipating this event so much it's killin' LOL!!

I think you'd be the first one to brag "I told you so!" to your friends and family WHEN the event happens.....

If someone had been following

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If someone had been following sheldan nidle since he started channeling messages in january of 2006 people might be frustrated since the changes that was envisioned or promised had drag too long to come to fruition however if like me who was just aware last oct 2011 time although seems still like its too long is still manageable enough to have me wait a patiently tad more that those who did for more than 6 years already.  Still im glad its about to be over this year, thank god!



JUst wait patiently more since the change promised and will be evident this year.



It's Done!

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If you're frustrated, read the update again!
The ascension is here and now.
Anyone who keeps externalising the process and waiting around for the 'events' are moving quickly to the back of the queue.
But then again, we have all had to deal with these frustrations.. why let them be your foremost thought and feeling?


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one of the guests is correct, Shills are paid to debunk anything and everything, not thinking that no ordinary mortal can make all of these up......

called outside today

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I got this strange feeling...go outside...go outside. This is what I saw.






Clouds very

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Clouds very good.....................

Called outside today....

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I see a dragon flying into flames. What do you see in it? I've seen a lot of dragons in our skies over Sacramento and our apartment building lately. They seem to crop up everywhere.

50 days left to the beginning of the end

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And I am using it wisely as to know who to trust and who not to, I have dated this article along with all the rest of them and will rehearse them on the air on or about 12/22/2012 with you all to see who we can depend on their words and who needs to be remove from any and all sites that wish to bring us all truth.


I think I will name my quest::::::::::::::how about: "IN YOUR FACE" or back at ya or liar liar, you name it, I will make it fit right up their dark side!!!

David Porter

Author of the series


Excuse me

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Excuse me, darling, but I do not think that you are a king. I like that you are testing things out and using discernment, but I for one do not want to "fit right up against their dark side."

Wouldn't it be more fun to call it "True Love" and tell us which ones you think are telling the truth?


Just to Clarify

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 He did say basically that we were coming to save Humanity and this is not the case. We are not coming to save Humanity, Humanity has to save Humanity. There are certain events which are unfolding and if you are Present in the Moment of NOW you will be experiencing this. All Our Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

Sheldon Nidle Update

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I found it interesting, that a device was mentioned that helps ones DNA to re-assemble and to remember oneness with Source. Something similar was mentioned on Operation Terra. The Host of Heaven mentioned that something had to be added in order to become fully realized. As far as Sheldons message is concerned, there seem to be many messages on this site right now, that corroborate, at least partially, as to what is going on. Just read some of the postings for today. Everything seems to point to an event, that will wake people up in some way. As to what this event is, we won't fully know, until it happens. I'd say, stay in the moment, stay at peace and with love in your heart, and when it happens continue to stay at peace, and with love in your heart. And most of all, listen to your intuition. All will be revealed in time.


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I dreamed that the Divine Mother was giving out presents, a small disc or round package of some sort to her children. She was handing me one when i awoke and that is all i remember,altho She said something ...like all children would get one...


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Nice dream! Thanks!


None of this stuff ever comes

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None of this stuff ever comes true. You can only cry wolf for so long.. Although we want to believe this stuff so badly in this dark time, what you say never comes true..



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Wolf is a good energy. Perhaps that is why certain humans are killing wolves as fast as they can.

Of course I know the story you mean. A little boy cries "wolf" because he wants a break from his shepherding duties, and people keep coming to save him when he doesn't need saving. Eventually they do not believe in him and the wolf eats him. That is not what is happening here.

We are not trying to get out of ourshepherding duties or to attract attention to ourselves.

I am glad that you want to believe. You can, all you have to do is choose love over fear.

Love, Astreia

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