The Shift Within

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I am starting to realize, more and more each day, that something major has shifted within me.
Physically I feel stronger every day.
Lately I have had a need to exercise everyday as well.
My body yearns for movement, especially stretching.
A lot of stretching and popping, mostly in my back.
I am guided by my body.
Spending large amounts of time in a salted bath.
My body needs salted water it seems, especially at the end of the day.

Food tastes different.
Moving more towards fruits and vegetables.
I have had urges for sugar, which is rare for me as I am usually a salty gal.
Juicing more.

Sleeping patterns are all over the place.
My body seems to be following its own internal clock of sleeping and waking.
I never know when sleep will over take me.
Out of no where I will be exhausted and then I fall asleep very deeply.
For several hours.
I easily lose track of time, in fact it doesn't really exist anymore.
At this point I feel that I am where I am at the perfect time, but the actual time doesn't matter...
And somehow it all works out.

My perception of the world has changed.
I see the Light in everything around me.
I used to feel the love in everything, but now I see the common thread in everything.
I see Life.

Day by day I further understand the immensity of what we all have accomplished.
I also understand what my new role will be.
The immensity of that would have overwhelmed me in the past.
But not anymore.
For the shift within me has made me into an earth server.
It has empowered me to believe that yes one person can indeed make a difference in the world.
Be the change you wish to see in the the famous saying goes...

It all starts with one person standing up for one issue that needs to be brought to Light.
Or one person helping another.
Or one person smiling at another...
The ways to spread the Light are infinite.
And yes a loving smile is just as full of love as a hug or a kiss, for love is love.

This shift within me has grown day by day since the 21st.
It seems to have filled the space left behind by all the emotional releases that I have experienced since my remembering.
Where before I felt like I was straddling two worlds, now I feel like there is a door between the two and all I need is to open the door and step back and forth.
I am able to go between the two much easier.
With a sense of calmness.

I also have felt intensely connected to Mother Earth and to the sun and the moon and the stars.
As soon as I step outside, it is like I am being nourished by everything that is nature.
Matters not if it is day or night.
It fills me, saturates me, and makes me feel energized.
Sun light makes my whole being vibrate.
Feelings of bliss when the sun surrounds me.

I see my soul family differently too.
A sense of completeness when I am with them.
Like my karmic debt has been repaid.
Like I fulfilled my end of the contract.
And I feel joy in thinking that they made the shift with me.
That they are all here in my life.
For them I am so grateful.

I have had downloads of geometric designs streaming into my vision.
Feels like the top of my head is opened up and information is dumped in.
Sacred geometry and especially the star tetrahedron, numbers and symbols.
Further understanding of geometry and of frequency and sound.

I feel something did happen in my world.
As if I had been looking at everything from one side of the road...
Now I have crossed the road and I can still see everything, but the perspective is different.
I also have a deep knowing that there is no going back for me in the world as it was.

Doesn't really matter what anyone else says did or didn't happen.
For I understand that what they experienced is their experience alone.
Their contribution to this world.
And that is as it should be.
Once again the me I was has grown to so much more.
I have a feeling that I have expanded, hugely.

But so have all of us.
Because we are all indeed connected.
And we all have chosen to stay in this amazing earth.
And to continue this path.
But now we have no limitations within us.
Nothing to hold us back.
Freedom is now a reality for all of us, the freedom to be who we really are.

Shine on my family.
Live your life as you have always dreamed.
Follow your heart.
For we are all indeed capable of abundance in our lives.
It is indeed our divine right.
It is time to step into who we truly are.
Spread our beautiful light.
All of us amazing beyond words.

In light and love