Should We Trust the Galactic Federation?

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There is an energy sweeping through our world. You feel it and I feel it. It is a transformational wave; uplifting, assuring, nurturing, illuminating, loving and reconnecting. Without the influence of anyone else, we all know, we just ‘know’, these winds of change are divinely sent, and at this moment in our collective journey, a critical necessity. Our God given powers of intuition and self discernment reawakened, we need not be taken by the hand and instructed that it is time for many to leave behind the illusion of fear, darkness, distrust and separation, and return to the frequency of love, light, trust, and unity. Now is the time for us to reconnect with Source, which is everything and every being throughout God’s magnificent creation, the oneness of all.


The awakened soul understands we are not alone and have never been so. Our Creator, Ascended Masters, Angels and guides are with us and have always been with us every step of the way, nurturing us, guiding us, teaching us. Our lesson today is the reconnection. Our return to the one we are, have always been, and always will be. Yet there are those souls incarnate today who choose to distrust and shun our higher dimensional brethren of the Galactic Federation, who are here only through the Creator’s divine decree to assist humanity at this, our most challenging moment throughout our collective journey.


Although all is choice and every soul possesses the sacred right of free will, a most obvious question does present itself. In where would be the lesson we are being taught at this time by our Creator, our Angels, our Ascended Masters and our guides if the Galactic Federation, after gaining our trust, revealed themselves as conquerors, concealed within a Trojan horse painted in colors of higher vibration but constructed of lies and deceit? What would be the lesson in this? That we are all not one, but are greatly divided? That we should blindly ignore the signs of love, light, peace, harmony and unity? That it is wise to accept as friends only those born within the borders of our neighborhoods, cities, and countries, and all others are to be labeled outsiders and therefore untrustworthy? That it is prudent to draw a line in the dirt between beings of different heritage, skin color, or language spoken? To learn that paranoia, insecurity, and xenophobia are spiritual virtues? To trust the fear instinct and follow where that energy guides us? To learn that the Creator’s universe is an untrustworthy and dangerous place, full of monsters and boogey men? To believe that our Creator, Angels, Ascended Masters and our guides would turn their backs on us and allow us to be conquered by a cosmic Cortes? To rebury our heads in the celestial sand and revert back to pre-Copernican days when we believed Earth and humanity are God’s only good creation? Is this the false teaching of which you are a student?


Centuries ago, the most advanced culture on this planet began the construction of a great wall to close themselves off from the rest of the world. After many long centuries, this once advanced people opened their door to the outside world and found that the rest of civilization had passed them by, leaving them hundreds of years behind socially, culturally, economically, industrially, scientifically and technologically. When one fails to learn the lessons history has taught, history is destined to repeat.


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Hi, thank you for writing

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Hi, thank you for writing this.  You have some very good points in this article.  It does sadden me to hear when someone doesn't think the Galactic Federation (of Light), they are the same organization, is trustworthy.  I know with every bone in my body that they are here for the highest divine purpose and good for us all.  I would also like to say, beings of a lower vibration cannot masquerade around as beings of Love and send out Love vibrations.  That is a vibrational impossibility.  By doing this, they would essentially and effectively transmute themselves into Light.  Low vibed beings are incapable of faking higher Love vibrations.  I immediately dismiss anyone as truth once they claim that low vibe beings are capable of such a thing, and I also immediately dismiss anyone who claims that the Galactic Federation and the Galactic Federation of Light are two different organizations, one being "evil" and the other being "good".  My intuition/soul/higherself/heart tells me that is absolutely dis/misinformation put out there to confuse people and throw them into fear and distrust.  It really gets to me (I know, detatchment) when people say that the GFOL is bad because actually they are here for us, to help us (not do it for us which many people seem to think) and because they Love us with all their divine Christed beings.  It makes no sense to me whatsoever that the Galactics about to come down here and make "first contact" with us are anything but Loving divinity, here to help us reach our own state of Christed being.  If they did want to conquer this planet, I really think it would have already happened.  They would not have waited till the last minute.  They would not sit benevolently in the sky watching over us, monitoring the dark, turning off all the nuclear devices, clearing away the nuclear fall out from Japan and all the thousands of nuclear tests that have occured over the decades.  Let's stop to think, that if the Galactics were not here helping us, all that fall out from the several hundred, into the thousands of tests, would have killed us all and this entire planet by now.  If it was not for the GF(OL) we would not even exist as Earth Humans any longer, or we would all be robotic slaves to the NWO.  We would have had WWIII by now, any many billions of people would be dead.  It is quite clear to me and my intuition that the GF(OL) is here for our highest good, in service to their Brethren and Sistren, us.  On a mission from Source because Source is Loving and has decreed our freedom from the dark that we have let overtake us.  They are here because they Love us beyond our present ability to comprehend.  I want to thank you Greg Giles for channeling the GF(OL), I find your messages to some of the most uplifting out that I read and more often then not they bring me to tears of joy.  Thank you so very much for your service to us.  You are much appreciated.  And huge huge thanks to the GF(OL), I am eternally grateful for your presence and aid to humanity and Gaia.  I cannot thank you all enough for the extreme effort you all put in day in and day out to make sure we are safe and can proceed to ascension successfully and with as little harm as possible.  I give you my eternal pure Love, Gratitude, Joy, Thanks, Respect and Trust.  Thank you so so very much.