Silent Walkers

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Perhaps in direct contradiction to this article, I have decided to blog anyways. Every group needs a spokesperson and for some reason I seem to be better equipped than many others of my soul group to speak about the unique task that we were sent to accomplish. After a very heartful, and one sided, conversation with my guides about my purpose I was given the title of a post. When I returned inside, from the park I had been sitting in, I saw this article had been posted:


The synchronicities with this message go back to my first relationship and early years of university. As soon as I read it I knew this was what I had been doing. The only 'false' name I had every taken as a surname: Walker. "My power grows in silence" - this is the message of my guides. What is this path like for those that do no walk it? Magical and still. Life becomes like an intricately connected video game, and at the same time you can feel as if nothing is real and you will be forced to play forever. Even your favorite game you would want a break after a while, yes? 


I read it. I cried. It fit everything people had been saying about my energy. It fit everything I knew I did inside. It fit perfectly with the previous message I had read, where I started to discover why I wasn't like all the other royal angels..


I went to a local rock/gem spiritual store that I like to visit. The vibrations in there are incredible and the shop is run by a very special woman who can identify crystals blindfolded by their feel. She probably knows more about me than any therapist by the rocks that I choose to request. As she searched for the perfect stone that I knew I must have (Blue Aragonite, and so gorgeous!) I found myself telling her my deepest fears, barely holding back tears. She may not know about the press, because she has chosen another path. However, everything that she said to me resonated exactly with everything I have been reading. We are the type, she said, that can have anything we want if we learn to focus in. Once again spirit is showing me that there is more than one way to tell a story.


I left with the stone I was searching for, as well as a Honey version. I don't know what the Honey one is for yet, but I do know that when a rock fits in my hand that perfectly there is a reason for me to have it. The third stone I purchased I can't read the name of! It was never intended for me though, I just wish I knew what it was supposed to do for its (very sceptical) owner! The rock's new owner and I dicussed my inability to identify it as likely an intentiality of spirit - he complains loudly about placebo effects - and a lesson to me in "letting go" of the outcome when Spirit moves me to help others.


I have always been interested in rocks and crystals, for as long as I have been alive. Until recently, I did not realize their power. However, even as a sceptic I could not stay away from them (rationalizing, even if it doesn't work what could it hurt). MG was showing a video in tinychat the other day about a boy named Adam Michael that did crystal grid healing. He talked about how some of the crystals were like 'leaders' and told him where the other crystals were supposed to go. Goodness, I do this too and make crystal grids. I  just started to arrange them one day without really understanding what I was doing. Here is this eight year old boy teaching me how to use my tools better! I couldn't help but notice the amalgam of ADAMA and AA Michael in his name either. A very special boy.


I encourage anyone reading this blog to write their own post. Even if you feel you have not been given much, shown much, or tasked with much - write. See what comes to you. Spirit loves to play on the keyboard and even 120WPM is not enough to keep up at times. You may not think that you channel, but you do. That voice that picks you up, that tells you it's a bad idea...we call it a voice because we instinctively know the guidance is not from the SELFish/EGO. Trust the voice and write what it says. 


To be leaders among leaders we must step where we ARE NOT COMFORTABLE YET. The pool is full, someone needs to test the waters. Stop advertising for the aquaplex and hop in!!! I DO NOT feel comfortable sharing everything that is shown to me, but I have learned it DOES NOT matter. The sharing is important - it contains the energy, the codes, the diagnostics - it matters not the outcome...


Come out come out, wherever you are - for God has made you all superstars!