The Sirians and Higher Self: A New Year ~ A New Self

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Note to Reader: This piece began as a journal entry but became something quite different. For those who have questions about my manner of channeling, it is more a blending of the energies of those who are communicating through me and what is called my higher self. I had no concept of what was going to be presented before sitting down to write. While I realize that many channelers have specified times where they deliver their messages, it is not so with me. I first feel the energies like they are pressing in upon me, as if I am going to give birth. I sit down with my laptop and begin to type and the words flow like a spring full-force from the mountain-side. And so I flow with them, as concepts and words are woven into form by using the language within my consciousness that I have garnered through a lifetime of exploration into various cultures, religions and old stories.

Since I am neither an authority nor expert on any of these matters, I will not and really cannot answer questions that might surface as a result of the reader coming to something that cannot, at least initially be understood. I suggest that you do as should be done with all channeled and written materials, sit with it, open your heart center and allow yourself to feel for yourself whether or not you resonate with the material. If you do not, let it go. I am discovering for myself that I am resonating to an entirely different level of channeled material than in previous years. And I use my readings not so much as something to follow but as confirmation or verification of what I feel and understand within my own being.

You see, dear reader, each of us is being called to accept our responsibility or ability to respond to change by becoming sovereign and powerful in our own consciousness. As such, we can learn from each other for at a certain level we are one, but no longer can or should one individual lead others in the capacity of master or teacher, for we are all our own teacher and master now, in the process of reconnecting to higher self and bringing those energies down into our physical bodies. This is a huge undertaking and a tremendous change for what up until now has passed as physical existence on this planet.

We are bringing to heaven to earth, by lifting up our physical vessels to be able to hold the energies of the most high god / goddess. Think living Ark of the Covenant and you will begin to understand the massive energies that we will gather in our living bodies. As above, so below is now in the process of manifesting physically in this physical universe. We are not alone in our efforts, but are supported by the Universe, seen and unseen. And the miracles will continue to unfold before our eyes and from within our hearts.

And so we begin the countdown of the last hours of a year that has been both trying and challenging for many. How has it been for you?

Have your horizons expanded?

Can you see yourself as more than the physical vehicle whose image you glimpse reflected back to you reversed in the mirror?

Are you aware of your star origins, your star family or origins before coming into this embodiment?

Do you hear voices speaking to you or energies pressing in on you as if they wish to convey some meaning which you are unable to decipher?

Who are you in truth?

Who are we, the human collective? Are we meant to struggle in lives of continuous lack, disappointment and pain? Or are we meant to learn lessons in a supportive, enabling environment, one in which we feel love, no matter what our station or circumstances?

Did you know that you can communicate with animals and inanimate objects and that they can communicate with you?

Are you aware that you are energy and as energy you are eternal and cannot be destroyed?

Are you aware that though you may walk the earth dressed in a male body, that you carry the energies of the divine feminine within?’

Are you aware that as one who wears a female body that you carry the energies of the divine masculine within?

Are you aware that it is through the “marriage” of these two energies that you come into unity again, into wholeness?

No person or persons is better than another, no matter their rank or position in human society. The humblest street sweeper contains within the same unique potential that someone who has been born into an ancient lineage of royalty.

Each person is a unique being, seeded with the divine seed of creation within. And in time, this seed will grow and blossom and present its gifts to the world.

Are you watering and feeding the soil within that your seed may germinate and come into its full potential?

Are you responding to and sensing the flow of love washing through your body and the body of the earth at every moment?

Do you believe that you are separate from those whom you see around you during the course of a day or do you now begin to realize that they are reflections of what you believe about yourself but have striven to drive into the darkest reaches of your sub-conscious?

Can you love the darkness and integrate it into your outer waking awareness?

Can you love yourself or do you yet seek to prove your worthiness before god and man?

Yes, you are love, but do you believe and know this to be true in your world?

Have you given up on your dreams or do they still live within despite what the outer world would leave you to believe?

Do you understand that for something to manifest into the physical it must first be formed within the etheric?

Through your intent and focus, your dreams will come true, but it up to you to keep your dream alive within your heart.

We are the Sirians, star kin to many of the starseeds who are now embodied upon planet earth. And today, we have asked of you many difficult questions upon which to reflect. We do not ask that you seek solutions or answers at this time in the normal fashion in which you have been taught, by looking into books or on the internet, but to sit with these questions. Meditate over them; bring the answers out of the depths of your being. Feel the answers within your heart and then use the momentum built up through your efforts to create something for yourself to anchor the knowingness into the physical.

Draw, paint, dance, write, sing, play, and build your answers. By doing so, you bring the energies into form and you acknowledge the wisdom that you all have within your own being.

No more do you need to look to others, especially those who have been labeled as experts, for the solutions to any dilemmas that exist. Each of you carries within a seed that could be described as native genius, something entirely new to your world, which will crack open the boundaries of the construct into which mankind has been bound for millennia.

You have been taught to fear change, but even as this past year has taught you, change is now a constant in your lives. Embrace change as approaching energies break down all conventions and limitations that have been designed to limit creative thought and work. Solutions for many of the problems that exist in your social and political structures are already present in the hearts of those who are fearful to present them.

As the energies continue to break down and dissolve the barriers that have existed between gender, race, religion, culture and country, you will begin to see that there is no reason to fear anymore the possible consequences of bringing forth a unique idea. You will see very young people stepping forth courageously with new ideas and these ideas will be met with the gratitude of those who are assisted. And this acknowledgement of the grace and intelligence of the human species will resonate out to all those who have hidden their gifts, consciously or unconsciously, out of fear.

The fear is being dissolved by a flood of divine love. The watery floods, fires and other calamities that are now seen across your planet are the physical manifestations of this love in action, cleansing the planet of ancient darkness. There is no land on this planet that has not been touched by the energies of civilizations far, far older than most of you can imagine for there are few among you who currently have an inkling of your true history, as a planetary being and as a people.

Fear not the climatic change, the flood, fire, wind and frozen fury, earthquake and volcanic eruptions for while these things bring change to your world, they also break up stubborn blockages within the environment and the humans who live there. No one will be untouched by the changes wrought in your physical world. Nor will you be unchanged by the break-up of energies within your own being.

Like the cracking of ice floes in spring breakup, you have felt for the past decade or more, the pains of the transformation that each of your bodies has been undergoing. Change of any sort causes resistance within the body as well as in the rational mind and the ego, so you have been told by your body and ego that you are unwell, that you need to see a physician, that you need to see a therapist, that you are losing your mind.

Well lose your mind, or at least set it aside from its position in controlling how you interact with the outer world. Your physical heart is the real center of consciousness within your body, not your brain. Indeed, each of your tiny cells contains an entire world of knowledge and awareness. Instead of continuing to work from the first three chakras (base – physical body; sacral – emotional body; solar plexus – mental body) you will begin (or have begun) to work from the heart and upward, in the trilateral structures of the upper chakras. By connecting with the higher chakras you begin anchoring the energies of your higher self into the lower chakras, as well, truly bringing heaven to earth.

There is much more to this process and that is for you to discover and play with. This knowledge is not new; it has been known to the ancients, buried in the sands of the Sahara and beneath sands that cover over far, far older civilizations.

We give you a hint, now. Look to the ancient symbols that your ancestors left you. These are clues for you to take into your meditations. Play with the symbols; allow them to communicate in ways that are beyond words so that you may begin to awaken the wisdom within your own heart. Each symbol is a key or a piece of the puzzle that has been left as sign posts by your ancestors, who if truth be known, were yourselves even as you exist now.

Many of you who read these words resonate with the symbols from Ireland, India, Greece and ancient Egypt and other civilizations. Do you understand why this could be if it was not for the fact that you have stood before the Grange or bowed before the monoliths of Luxor? You cannot acknowledge what you do not already know within, beloved.

You are now in the process of not only the transformation of your physical bodies and planet, but also the transformation of everything that you thought or were taught that you are. It is time to set aside those old limiting belief systems and expand your inner world to encompass the Universe and beyond.

Yes, you are star dust. You are molecules who dance in spiral configurations and respond to the solar and galactic winds that sweep through your location in space. You exist simultaneously outside of time and space. As your physicists are beginning to discover, each particle of your being blinks on and off. The off blink brings you outside of time and space, into what has been described as the eternal Now moment, where you are free of limitation.

You as a creative being have the ability to bring that now moment here into the physical and it is through the mastery of the energies that move through you, that you will begin this process in a conscious fashion.

Do not feel that you are not up to this task for you are already doing the work, beloveds. You are already performing miracles every day.

So long have you underestimated your value, dear ones. We tell you now that the time for you to step into love is now, love for yourself as an individual and for humanity as a collective being. As each of you learns to love self, you will learn to respect and love all that exists around you, for through love you will begin to be able to discern the delicate web of life that binds altogether.

Even as the delicate claws of the spider cause a slight vibration as it moves on the outer rim of the web, so too, will each of your movements towards unity within and without. The great Web is another symbol of unity, which is what you are moving towards even now, as the barriers erected in hopes of preventing change and transformation are quashed and removed.

You are on the verge of a great new way of being and only a few have yet seen the possibilities that exist before you. Let go of any remaining fears that you might have and embrace change as the opportunity to expand and grow. Allow your consciousness to blossom and grow, innocent like a beautiful rose, presenting its beauty freely to the world for all to see and admire.

Each of you contains within the capacity to perform miracles. And as you rediscover your gifts and strengths, you will step forward into the light that greets humanity in the dawn of a golden age.

We stand beside you, as guides and mentors. Call upon us, the angels and ascended masters, for assistance and support when needed, but mostly, open your heart to those who are around you, in your daily life and those who you meet online through social media. These are the ones with whom you will work to bring forth new opportunities for all life on your beautiful planet.

We go in peace and with love in our hearts for each one of you.


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Awesome message!

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Whatever our Starseed origin, We are being called upon as a collective Light to bring tidings of Joy! We have come to proclaim the beauty of this living planet Gaia and her sentient beings. Blessings to all who come forward with messages of hope from the Creator Light that we are! Namaste!