SIRIUS A on the birth of the new paradigms of human consciousness

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Greetings beloved ones we are the BEings from SIRIUS A and we come to connect and to guide and to support as all now moves and shifts to a higher frequency and the higher dimensional timeline realities are birthed into the waking consciousness of the human race. We come to guide on the movements of ALL at this time as the new higher dimensional frequencies begin their work in TRUTH upon planet earth. The outpouring of lower dimensional frequencies from the human race will show as much anger, frustration and fear and this will ripple out across the planet earth as those who have stored these frequencies now release in order to anchor the higher dimensional frequencies. It is to be noted that the processing of BOTH sets of frequencies is underway within the human vehicle and at times it may be that you swing from one “extreme” to another, this is merely the human vehicle trying to find balance as you begin to align with the higher dimensional reality that is chosen by your SOUL. For the SOUL is guiding this human journey and the SOUL is now fully aligning with SELF at a human conscious waking mind level.

The old 3d earth paradigms were created from the lower dimensional frequencies of the planetary systems of Orion, the Pleiades and Sirius and it is to be noted that these ripple throughout ALL dimensional timelines that are built from the main base timelines. Many of you at this time are reacting to events and scenarios that are based in these base dimensional timelines and will be highly triggered by events that unfold in your personal waking life experiences. This is a “control” mechanism that was created within these lower dimensional frequencies and we highlight these in order you become more consciously aware of that which is triggering you, for you can only dissolve something that you can see.  Many of you may now find that drama springs up around you and feel “unable” to control what is unfolding. We guide for clarity that you control nothing, all is in FLOW and the ability to allow the flow is the key to this process. The old 3d earth paradigms re-inforcing the need to oversee all parts of the human life taken to the extreme of being in tight control of all of life sees a life that is stagnant and out of sync with the greater universe. As the ascension of the human race is now fully underway then the need to be in FLOW will start to birth within you as you begin to remember and begin to anchor TRUTH to new levels.

The teachings of the old 3d earth paradigms will try to teach you that you live on a planet that is dying and is in complete chaos and this is not TRUTH, for all now begins to shift and to evolve and expand. Going within and moving into the heart space will show TRUTH and the need for all to shift to a new way of living and BEing and all to come back into the harmony and synchronicity of the UNIVERSE will now increase as you begin to anchor the higher dimensional frequencies of the New Earth.

That which has been guided will now expand and manifest upon the planet, we remind for clarity that ALL JUST IS and ALL is perception, in order to understand that which is unfolding at a personal level you need to align with your SOUL and to move into the heart space. Reliance on outside information including our guidance is to step outside of SELF, we send this guidance in writtten format in order to help you at a human conscious level begin to reference all that now unfolds for you but at a SOUL level ALL are receiving this guidance at ALL times, for ALL JUST IS and ALL ARE ONE.

At an energetic level all now unfolds RAPIDLY and we draw your attention to the need to be able to process vast amounts of energy at a human conscious waking mind level. For many of you this will see an increase in the need for sleep and for rest, your challenge at this level is the 3d earth teachings in relation to rest and sleep and the dissolving of said deeply anchored paradigms. Be guided at all times by how you FEEL and the needs of the human vehicle for the human vehicle is adjusting as you as an ENERGY in TRUTH are adjusting to the new frequencies that are anchoring within and across the planet earth. To try to apply logic to the landscapes that are now unfolding across and within planet earth may move you into much chaos for the human logical mind has no reference point for all that now unfolds. Ascension is ascension and is a process that sees ALL move energetically into a new space and new dimensional realities, as such there is never any reference points and the old 3d earth may try to teach that as you have none that these realities do not exist. The need for PROOF for the human logical mind has been deeply taught and we guide clearly that trying to analyse something that JUST IS and is FLOWING will result in a lowering of your frequency and a movement into a holding pattern that generates frustration and chaos. This works to keep you in a loop that you cannot see a way out of , we guide you at all times to move into the heart space, validate all that is now unfolding for you at a personal waking level by how you FEEL.

Working with the New Energy frequencies this way will see you move into the new dimensional spaces in order to remember, as you remember you will gain in strength and energy as you begin to understand the very process that you could not resonate with at a purely logical level.  TRUST in this process is vital at this time for many are trying to hold back believing that something terrible will befall them, beloved ones the “terrible” is what you are moving FROM in order to create heaven upon earth and we guide for you to process our words through your heart space for the heart KNOWS TRUTH.

We are the energies of SIRIUS A and we will guide more as needed.  For ALL at this time upon planet earth we send you the LOVE that IS, may it flow through your heart space and help you remember who YOU ARE in TRUTH.  ALL ARE ONE.

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