Solara's State of the Planet Energy Forecast for August 2018 via Talyaa Liera — Hitting the Reset Button to Redefine Your Purpose

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Hitting the Reset Button to Redefine Your Purpose

At some point in your life, you have probably pondered questions such as “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose?”. You may even have answered these questions for yourself and made life choices based upon those answers. You may still be seeking answers. Some people spend a lifetime seeking answers to these questions.

This month, collective humanity will undergo a reset. Last month you entered into new collective soul agreements, and this month it’s as if you are starting over from a new standpoint brought upon by those new collective soul agreements.

Because you’re starting over you will assess and potentially redefine your life purpose, which is the way that you express your soul’s Destiny in your present lifetime.

Understandably, this assessment and redefining process of your life purpose may cause you much distress. You may completely change the course of your life based upon your new understanding of your life purpose. If you never knew your life purpose before, you may suddenly get clarity on the reason you are here. You may take a very different direction from now on, a direction you had never actually considered before. You may alienate friends and family as a result of the choices you make starting this month. You may find a completely new set of friends, your “soul family”. You may also develop a very different understanding of who you are.

Here are some of the possible effects of this month’s energies:

  • New understanding of life purpose
  • Discarding what you previously thought was your life purpose
  • New understanding of who you are
  • Attract new friends
  • Attract soul family
  • Old friends no longer feel the same
  • Family does not understand you
  • Make daring life choices you would not have made in the past
  • Feel more clarity than ever before
  • Feel more at peace about your life than ever before

Remember that this month starts a huge change for you on a deep inner level. Things may understandably feel very strange to you for a while as you adjust, or they may now suddenly feel more “right” than they ever have. Not everyone responds to these energies in exactly the same way even though you all are undergoing the same basic process of hitting reset and redefining your life purpose.


On an individual level, this month’s energies are likely to hit hard. Changes often begin from each seed, and you are a seed of change that becomes an entire forest when combined with other individuals. So on a seed level, this month you are germinating something entirely new because of the reset button you collectively hit this month. So to begin with, give yourself some much needed self love this month — you are undergoing a huge inner change, and this not only takes a lot of energy but also can feel incredibly disorienting. After all, you may be completely redefining who you are and a deep internal level!

Expect to feel potentially massive ups and downs this month. They will level out soon, but for awhile you may wonder what the heck happened to you. Understand that whatever you experience inside you this month, everyone else you meet is also experiencing their own version of this massive change. Be kind to yourself and also hold that same kindness for all who you meet, for they are truly fighting the same battles that you are. Remember that you are all in this thing together.


Because people are contending with a huge amount of inner change this month, relationships among people are naturally affected as well. We have told you recently that unneeded relationships will run their course and often fall by the wayside, and this month it is much the same. When you hit your personal reset button and consequently redefine your entire reason for being alive, it naturally follows that some people in your life will no longer fit with your redefined purpose. Accordingly, you may not fit with the redefined purpose of some of the people in your life.

Endings are often painful when you attempt to hold on to what should be and could be simply a natural flow of life. If you attempt to hold on to people to whom your soul is telling you to gently release, then it causes unnecessary energy cords and attachments that are then experienced as emotional pain. This is not to say that you should not grieve the people who fall out of your life — they were once important to you and loved by you, and for that they should be blessed and honored. Allow yourself to remember what they gave to you and the gifts you gave them from your heart. Remember your connection and the times you shared. And then let them go on their way. Grieve the loss of connection, not the loss of a friend or lover. Honor what was, and make space for what is to come. For as you release those who no longer serve your redefined purpose, you make room for people to appear in your life to help you fulfill that purpose.

Letting-Go Ritual

Use this short but powerful ritual to assist you with releasing anyone to whom you are having trouble releasing from your life. The last part of the ritual will help you reclaim your power over your life and reaffirm your intention to bring people to you who will help you in your next chapter.

Light a candle and declare your space as sacred.

Think of a person who is leaving your life. If you can, picture their face in your mind and imagine they are in front of you.

You will speak these imaginary words to them in this ritual:

Thank you, dear friend [insert person’s name], for your presence in my life. Thank you for all that you shared with me. Thank you for all that you taught me and all that you received from me.

I bless you, [insert person’s name], for your presence in my life. I now release you and release any attachments to you. I send you out into the world with my love.

Now imagine the person is disintegrating before your eyes. Allow their image to fade. As you do so, place your hands over your heart and say these words:

Thank you, [insert your own name], for your presence in my life. Thank you for all that you teach me.

I bless you, [insert your own name], for your presence in my life. I acknowledge that I am a full and complete person. I hereby call to the powers of the Universe my desire to attract good and loving people to me who are willing to help me on my path. 

Perform the above ritual as many times as you feel is needed in order to fully release the person you desire to release. This is most powerful when done during the waning moon (between full moon and new moon), but is powerful any time of the moon cycle.


Last month you made a huge collective spiritual leap with the new global soul agreements you entered into on a collective basis. This was a big jumpstart for many people, interpreted in various ways. For some, it was an awakening. For others, it was a deepening of what they already felt to be true. And for still others, it was a recommitment to a path already chosen.

This month, you may feel somewhat adrift and insecure. This is because you are attempting to integrate the huge shift you made last month. If you feel this sense of being adrift and insecure in your spiritual moorings, try not to worry too much. Do your best to simply let yourself be in the discomfort — to resist it would be to perpetuate it. This, too, shall pass. Your sense of insecurity is but a temporary one as you become more fully connected to your new spiritual direction that you chose last month.

In the coming months, as you become more and more connected to this new spiritual path, your feelings of insecurity and discomfort will wane. Remember also that you are not alone in these feelings. It may help you to reach out into your communities and get support, to know that you are not the only person having this experience.


One of the interesting consequences of the shift you’re making this month is that you more than likely will develop the ability to see through the illusions that make up the political systems of this world. Some people might call this new ability “seeing through the bullshit”. Whatever you choose to call it, this month your ability to separate fact from fiction, and cut right through the shenanigans that comprises politics is prodigious. You are going to get REALLY GOOD at this. And, this month, you get lots of practice to hone this newfound skill. What means on the surface is:

  • lots of new political shenanigans
  • shenanigans on an unprecedented level

Under the surface, more and more souls are becoming attuned to humanity’s likely future of global unity and harmony. This means that more and more of you will become aware that the choices your political representatives are making runs counter to humanity’s chosen direction. As more and more of you become aware on a conscious level of this dissonance, then more and more of you will take real action to ensure that these political representatives are rendered devoid of power.

Pretty soon, as you reach a tipping point of conscious awareness that political figures are not acting in the interests of humanity, more and more of you will help make sure that those political figures no longer have control of decisions that affect humans on a large scale. This phenomenon will continue to play out for the rest of this year and well into next year.

Global Nature

Gaia, the planet’s consciousness, also hits a reset button this month, although it will manifest very differently from the way it manifests for humanity.

Nature is already consciously connected to its purpose. Because of this, there is no need to redefine what that purpose is. Nature as a consciousness exists in order to bring form to energy in a way that supports all life on the planet. That purpose will never change as long as the planet wishes to remain alive.

So, how will the reset button emerge through Nature? As increased natural phenomena. Sorry, but you’ll be seeing even more extreme weather events, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, and temperature extremes. These phenomena are a natural outgrowth of the resistance humanity has directed at Nature and at acknowledging that humans are only a small part of the ecosystem, not the “top of the food chain”. In other words, you have centuries of humanity’s hubris to thank for climate change. Nature gave warning after warning for centuries, but humans largely did not listen.

Expect a month of hot and fiery temperatures across the northern hemisphere, with isolated extreme precipitation that may cause flooding. Europe and northern North America will be especially hard hit. Fires will likely break out as a result of dry weather and hot temperatures. In the south, Gaia is less overtly active, but there could be rumblings underground that manifest as earthquakes in Chile, Peru, Guatemala, or southwestern Mexico.

Expect strong storms to develop in the south Atlantic, bringing likely hurricanes to hit the Caribbean or eastern Mexico. Heavy rains are likely across most of India and much of China, bringing flooding to areas that lack sufficient infrastructure to handle the deluge. Japan may experience an earthquake that rivals the one that precipitated the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

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