Solara's State of the Planet for July 2018 via Talyaa Liera -- New Global Soul Agreements

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New Global Soul Agreements

Hold onto your hats, dear ones! You are about to enter a new dimension of reality, a new way of experiencing life on Earth, and a new way of experiencing yourself in your own body.

In short, this month begins a New World. A whirlwind of activity starts this month that brings global humanity much closer to its Destiny of harmony and understanding. And this month, you get to feel a glimpse of what this ultimate Destiny is like. You get to help co-create the burgeoning fields of love and hope by radiating your own desires and heart-whispers out into the universe. They are more powerful than you can imagine.

All of this is because humanity is entering into new global soul agreements and accords. On a soul level, every person helps co-create the reality we share that we call Earth. We do this in harmony with every other be-ing on the planet: animals, birds, insects, fishes, cetaceans, bacteria, plants, fungi, rocks, rivers, oceans — every single be-ing.

This month’s new soul agreements are designed to help people remember their inner fire, and to remember how much love they feel for themselves, the planet, and one another. These are exceptionally important new agreements. You will feel their effects in several ways:

  • feel lighter in your body
  • may feel a desire to do a cleanse or begin an exercise program
  • vivid dreams or long-lost memories of joyful childhood experiences
  • desire to do childlike things
  • sudden urges to be in water — visit beaches, lakes, or rivers
  • “know” what your animal companions want, think, or feel
  • new resolve to know and live your Destiny

Your Balloon of Hope

This month’s practice is simple. Perhaps you remember how, from your earliest days as a child who watched ants crawl up a blade of grass or clouds slowly drift into shapes in the sky. Bring this practice into your days, and use it to remember how interrelated we all are, and how life is meant to be joyous and free.

Lie on the floor, or a bed, or outdoors under the stars, or in a hammock…just lie down flat in a place where you will be undisturbed for 5-10 minutes.

Go back in your mind to a time when your body was small but your heart and mind knew that your life was meant to go on forever and ever. Remember what it felt like to know that you have all the time you could possibly need, for anything you could ever possibly want to do or be. Remember how light and free your body felt before it became weighed down by expectations, beliefs, and responsibilities.

Find a place in your body where that free and expansive feeling dwells. It might be in your heart. your belly, or even your toe — wherever it lives, it has a home somewhere in your body. You will know you have found its home when you feel a tingle, or heat, or cold in some area, or if you just “know” or have a sense where it is. 

Once you have found the place in your body where the expansive, childlike, free feeling dwells that you remember, focus on it. Send your breath into it and blow it up like a balloon, to make it three times as big. 

Now notice your balloon’s color. Red? Blue? Green? Some other color? Notice your balloon’s texture — is it smooth, rough, or something else? Is your balloon opaque, or can you see light through it? Keep noticing details about your balloon.

Now send your balloon out into the world. Imagine as it joins tens of thousands of other balloons and becomes the one millionth balloon. Imagine masses of colorful balloons filled with the endless hope of childhood.Your balloon will help to co-create the enormous amount of Hope-with-a-Capital-H that adult humans now desperately need. By sending your Balloon of Hope out into a hurting world, you connect with humanity in a new and intimate way, and you also reconnect with the place inside you that remembers that anything is possible.

More About the New Global Agreements

Because this month’s energies are all about setting humanity back on its course to unity and harmony, many of the new global agreements will reflect that ultimate goal.

Note, however, that sometimes life seems to take a step or two backwards before it moves forward again. This backwards-forwards dynamic is an illusion, because life is always shifting in multiple directions at once, but because human experience is organized in a linear fashion, with a definable timeline of events, it may seem as if things go backwards before they move ahead once more.

What this means in quantifiable terms is that the future harmony you envision may be preceded by events that seem to run counter to a vision of unity and harmony. For instance, nationalism is on the rise in many countries around the world. This effect precedes a true shift in the direction of global unity and respect for all humanity.

Underneath is where the gold lies. Stop looking on the surface, stop reading news, stop listening to anything other than the beat of your own heart. The new global agreements take place on a deep soul level, amongst all of Earth’s creation. This does not mean to cease activities that support humanity. On the contrary! When you truly listen to the drumbeat of your heart, you tune into the song of humanity that harmonizes with the symphony of all of planet Earth. As you do so, you are emboldened to take actions that support life for all beings, not just a few privileged individuals. When you tune into the song that we all sing together, your actions will only contribute to planetary Destiny of harmony and unity. Your actions this month help shape humanity’s future. Be bold and true.


One of the biggest effects that this month’s new global agreements will have is on the individual. Yes, that means you! This month you are likely to feel vastly more hopeful about the future — yours and the world’s — than you have in a very long time.

The intensity level of this month’s new agreements will increase the rate of energetic vibration on a planetary level, which translates into two sets of potential effects. Neither one is “good” or “bad”, and both are to be expected. You may experience variant swings between them, so be prepared for feeling like you’re on a bit of a personal roller coaster. This effect will flatten out as the month progresses and as you accustom yourself to the new energies.

One set of potentials:

  • increased positivity
  • feeling like you can take on new or difficult challenges
  • a sense or “knowing” that you have spirit helpers who are actively helping you
  • smiling more
  • vivid and exciting dreams that seem to portend the future

Another set of potentials:

  • sense of overwhelm
  • desire to “get away from it all” temporarily
  • desire to make big changes in your life (complete new wardrobe, moving houses, shifting relationships, changing jobs)

To assist with integration of this month’s energies, you will want to ensure that you don’t react strongly to any of the urges you have this month. Give yourself some time before making any big life changes. Remember that what ever way you experience life in this moment, it will change. Circumstances always change — that is an immutable truth of human existence. So keep breathing, and remember that you are playing the long game.


This month’s energies support enhanced intimacy in relationships of all kinds. If you are not the type of person who likes to get closer to people, then this could make you feel uncomfortable. Most humans are wired for increasing levels of intimacy, which means that this month you get to play in a exciting playground filled with people who want to get to know you on a deeper level.

Increased intimacy shows up in different ways. It could mean that the barista who pours your daily coffee asks you about the interesting pin on your backpack. It could mean that the person ahead of you in line at the grocery store sees the box of gluten free pasta in your cart and asks you for a recommendation for gluten free pastries, which spurs a reminiscing conversation about the patisserie in Paris you once went to. It could mean that a friend from long ago messages you and wants to chat. It could mean that YOU are the one chatting people up in the coffee line or at the office, or in the famously long lines at Disney World.

What ever way intimacy shows up in your life this month, remember that at the core of this energy is a genuine desire to share one’s heart and deeper thoughts. People already like you. They want to know more of you and to feel closer to you, because you are interesting. You have things to share — experiences, thoughts, dreams, hopes. Be generous with your heart and give it freely. The more you give, the more will come back to you in the form of the knowledge that you are giving people a unique gift that no one else can give them — you.


While things are expected to feel better on many fronts this month because of the new global agreements, on a spiritual level your heart may take a beating. If this occurs, do not despair! For one thing, you are far from alone in the fear that your heart just cannot take one more hit. Many, many people are feeling the weight of surface changes in global reality this month.

But go underneath. Dig down and feel under the surface. All the “news”, all the talk, all the “bad stuff” is there on the surface, like a slick of oil on water. The oil never mixes with the water, but instead just sits there on the surface. The water of life remains undisturbed by anything sitting on its surface.

It is much the same with global experience this month. You may read what feels a lot like bad news, what IS actual bad news, and it will make your body feel tight, constricted, even nauseous. Let yourself experience this. If you deny your experience, you only push it deeper inside you and make it stronger. After you have experienced what there is to experience from this surface-level bad news, go deeper.

The way you go deeper is to first connect with humankind’s first spiritual mother, the Earth. You can do this any number of ways, so choose what works for you — digging your feet into the cool soil of the earth, sitting quietly next to a bubbling stream or lapping lake, breathing the plume of oxygen that exudes from a tree, gazing into the blueness of the sky, lighting a candle and imagining the bubbling magma beneath the planet’s surface. As long as you have a way to feel connected to the essence of Nature, you have taken your first step.

Next, take some time in your chosen connection method. Get quiet and listen inside your mind. Allow time for answers, if you need them. Sometimes all you need are for the questions to stop.

The more you connect with what lies under the surface of reality this month, the more you will know deep in your heart and soul that you are safe and that humanity is indeed on a course toward unity and harmony. Be open to the not-knowing this month, and understand that at month’s end you will almost certainly feel more serene and more calm about the path that humanity is currently taking.


We remind you again that often things appear to take a step backward before they move forward, and that this concept is an illusion. So try not to get caught up in it. On the surface, political shenanigans will only appear to be on the rise. If you thought last month was outrageous, this month will seem even worse. But remember, we are talking about surface-level reality.

Deeper, there is so much more happening. When you remember this, you can let go of your fears that the “bad people” are taking over or that the world is getting out of control. Everything is unfolding in its perfect order. But just as an ant can only see its blade of grass and not the entire meadow, right now you are only able to see one small part of humanity’s experience. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a whole lot more happening that you aren’t able to see from your current perspective.

Underneath, the world prepares for its path tp unity and harmony by enacting new soul agreements. Some of these agreements demand that people suffer. This concept may feel anathema to your beliefs about how the world works. You do not want people to suffer. That is understandable. You have a big heart.

But on a soul level, we are all alike and we all contribute in our way to the collective path of humanity’s evolution. Some individuals contribute with their suffering. Some contribute by creating that suffering. On the soul level, there is no fault or blame or good or bad — there just simply IS. These concepts may feel difficult to accept when you see on the surface that bad things are happening to people. Again, this is because you have a big heart, and it is useful as a human to have such a big heart. It means you are alive and it means that you care about your fellow humans and it means that you can use that hurt to take actions to help people.

So use your hurt to take action this month. Maybe it means writing letters to your political representatives. Maybe it means protesting something you feel is wrong. Maybe it means reaching out to people you feel have been hurt and helping them. But your hurt heart this month will change you, and will add to the collective change all of us are now creating.

Global Nature

When so many new soul agreements take shape, it creates a large amount of energy flow. This energy flow takes form in various ways: strong weather patterns that result in tornadoes and hurricanes, underground flows such as volcanoes and earthquakes, and temperature extremes. You have already observed increasing weather extremes over the past few decades. This is in part due to shifting energies in the collective that translate into planetary weather patterns.

There is a good probability of a large (6.5+) earthquake this month, most likely along the Pacific seaboard (California; Western Mexico; Peru; Chile).

There is also a good probability of a hurricane in the south Atlantic that would affect the American Gulf States and/or the Caribbean.

India and Bangladesh should expect unusual flooding.

Western Europe may experience unusually warm temperatures, as will China.

Expect an overall future increase in temperature variabilities and unpredictable weather — this will only become the constant as time continues to progress.

Overall, however, Gaia is integrating the collective energy fluctuations and processing them. The new global soul agreements and accords affect all life on the planet, including the consciousness of the planet itself, Gaia. Gaia is big enough and strong enough to assist humanity in dispersing and balancing pent-up energies, which appear to humanity as events such as unpredictable weather, earthquakes, and tsunamis.

Remember that all truly unfolds in perfect order, even if you cannot yet see the entirety of the unfolding.


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