Soul Origin

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Channel of Saint Germain 

thru Paul T Ginter 


Most question, “What is Being?” That is a good question. It is Source Individualized as you envelope it to be the Soul Self. The anatomy of structure within your Being is the individualize extension of your Soul presence as well as the essence construction, including overlays. Your Higher self and mental planes of consciousness are overlaid through your etheric and chakra body components; which are embodied while in your physical vessel. It is Source Individualized as an extension of your Souls Essence. Totally enveloped, functional, and efficient, you can feel God at the most microscopic level, propelling through you and into external awareness of vibrations. Soul communication with others is one of many ways to know external living as a guideline; as well as the stamina it takes to feel what it’s like to know the God closeness. These are the key topics of vitality rejuvenation in all areas of your life and activities. What we have inherited as Spiritual Beings of Light and Love is the natural resources of Soul energy; concentrations of embodiments and light filaments that creates to reveal an overlay of your body component of who you are totally.  


 Divine Conscious Essence, embracing our Divine Hormones is Source actualized. We will help you understand why you feel so solid while fluidity existing in your NOW existence. How to see the whole picture of your spiritual lessons and the corresponding relationship to those around you is a normal part of living 3rd density life. How can that be, you ask? Well, you’re the one with the answers, we tell you to seek within. Know within how expansive you are on the inside, not what you present to the world outside. You are a naturally, already functioning and connecting Being with certain emotions, feelings, senses, vibrations, and realizations of your spiritual energy as an extension of your body and mind.  


 Did you know we could each be in the same “reality zone” as the highest Ascended Masters, for we are inheritors to all that is? God’s DNA is running through our veins! God, in the Bible even calls all of us His Sons and Daughters. That is literal, spiritual Daughters and Sons of God. Those Beings of Light, known as the Elder Brothers, such as Jesus, are to be cherished, for they are the closest to Source (God). Their examples of Light Being-ness help enable us into higher contact with Source. Your Soul is here to utilize your physical vehicle as a conduit of Source in action. This is your spiritual identity we have spoken of. To be your Light Ship Captain is to stand in the middle of your Soul residence at all your conscious levels. You are an extension of Source because your spiritual essence is the divine elements of Source Creator encased as your individuality. To receive access to your highest self, the I AM THAT I AM is your Soul embodiment, which includes all agents of Light essences; it is to know how to efficiently function within the barometers of your Source (God Self), heart and mind of Soul self.  


 To be a conscious aspect of your Divinity “Retained as your Whole Being” while in your physical state of conscious is Soul alignment; while receiving your light energy of divine resources that can stabilize performance at its optimum essence. What is Light Energy? Light is vibratory of who you are in your degree of awareness of Being and from going to the belief to knowing, to Prime Creator. This is crucial to Soul development, as well as being a natural prescription for longevity and true happiness with your inner choices. The energy system that you are retains your solvent empowerment and unifies your Soul-self seals and aura energy essences. These inborn characteristics refuel a balanced daily remedy, as a natural stabilizer of your health/heal issues that can be assisted to subside or clear up any aliments within you. This is a normal resource of Soul conscious, and it’s free! They are attainable to you as tools of Spirit, a hereditary task of you Souls way of Being within the nucleus of your Spirit Identity! Soul selfTherefore, Spirit Light taken and evoked moderately will attract higher situations of Soul Love.