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A Special Message of Oneness

Ashtar Command & Mikos of the Hollow Earth

This channeling was just given to me as I have been feeling the energies for 24 hours. I want to dedicate it to a new friend, Wayne Greensmith, who showed a short video of a spacecraft over the Tusanmi that occurred in Japan. This was questioned by many individuals on Facebook, and I felt the energies of the Inter-Galactics wanting to share a message.

Thank you, Wayne, for being the catalyzer of this message of Light.

We come to you in the Presence of the Universe to offer our assistance. We are the Inter-Galactic Command, being heralded in your current situation of Light. The time is now upon each of us to fully be in the experience and the light that we all are. We are here to assist as we have spoken many times.

I Am Ashtar Command along with Mikos of the Hollow Earth. Many of you know who we are in Spirit and some of you know who we are in the physical; but all of you fully can aspire to the Light within you in this moment as we are here as the commanding light upon this Earth. We know you cannot do it alone; you are not ready to fully accept your Divinity within you in the physical. You have been preparing for this time but now you must fully accept that we are all One Unified Being of Light.

Many of you are in awe of the sightings of our ships and how we are assisting the planet in many ways. We have with us some individuals from the Japanese earthquake that were asking for our assistance. And it is not only in times of struggle that we are here, but in times of awakening as each of you are going through. Several of you are the ones that must share this information with others. It is your calling and at times, you may not even realize what you are doing; it is just the way it is supposed to be.


We ask of you to just take a moment and reflect upon the energies of your Beingness, of your beginning levels of frequency, and how we were all One at one time and space. Each of you are coming into this wisdom within yourself to fully accept these inward truths. It is a time of great experience and reflection of the knowledges that are within you. Many are accessing these knowledges but then question where they are coming from. That is not to be the way it is. We must move forward with each other and within this movement, we will be able to accomplish great things in each of our realities. We impress upon you to reflect in these moments of the wisdom that is coming into your consciousness, write it down, express it to others, and we will walk with you as we have so many other times.

The way of the World is changing greatly and this great tragedy that has occurred recently is truly an awakening to so many lives. It is time for us to fully be within each other and allow the frequency of the Light that you are embodying to fully accept your special creation within your physical body. It is changing greatly and for this to be so, it is important for you to realize how to make it a unique experience for yourself. The time is coming for you to do so. The power of these energies upon the planet are going to be created and you are seeing the result of much darkness occurring, but in retrospect, your Light is much stronger. Let us realize that each of these souls who perished recently chose to go in this way; otherwise, they would not have been in the exact space and time. The souls we have with us were ready to do their work on another level, and they are also healing greatly as we speak. Many are Starseeds and their work must continue within the physical. The ones that are left onto the planet are fully ready to do the work that is necessary. Yes, there will be turmoil, pain and grief but we must remember that this is their choosing. It does not mean that we cannot help them, but it means that their strength will grow in numbers, great numbers, beyond your wildest dreams of creation.

What is your role presently within this creative force? We must speak of the darkness but only briefly. Many speak of it way too often and yes, there is great duality, which has been happening for eons of time. The Earth has been struggling, but there are so many of you, that are assisting in the process of light frequencies upon this Earth. Yes, this earthquake was created because of this darkness but we must remember one thing: we do not give it credence as it will expand. Take this experience of the Tsuanmi and stand tall amongst your peers to share the Light with others. Do not speak about how it happened – please rid yourself of the “I” word completely and irrevocably. Just say that it is part of the process of healing and expand your vibrations to go beyond the level of confusion and uncertainty. The only element that you need to be certain about is to fully accept that you are the Light, you are sharing the Light, and the Light will infuse within you and within Gaia. Talking about them continuously is going to make the situations more challenging, and dangerous for many.

We honor each of you upon this path but please know that you are not alone. We are here in numbers beyond your wildest dreams and we will continue to be so in the coming times. We will work with each of you individually and collectively to make sure that your knowledges of the past are fully awakened onto each other. We are within Oneness of all races, all expressions of the Light, and upon the full Galactic Force of the Christed Extra-Terrestrials. The more negative you are about what is happening, the more it will bring forth onto the planet.

So please be the Way-Showers, the Commanders, the Warriors of Light that we all know that you are. Express yourself within the Consciousness of the One, within the Light, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness. More is coming and we need to be very vigilant within ourselves and with each other. If one tries to pursue to you the thoughts of darkness, please remove them from your consciousness, your thoughts, and maybe your life. This is essential for the Light Forces to be created upon this Earth.

We are in honor of each of you and bring forth this message of Love and the Creative Energies to share with you our hearts to blend with your Hearts as we become One Heart Together.

We Are the Ashtar Command and Mikos of the Hollow Earth at Your Service.
Be Strong, Vigilant, and Powerful as you have been trained to BE.
So Mote It Be in the Name of the Christ
As We Are All One.

Blessings in Love & Light,
I AM Meleriessee at your serivce