Spirulina: One of the Most Concentrated Forms of Organic Food on the Planet

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The microscopic Blue-Green Algae, Spirulina, is one of the most concentrated forms of organic food on the Planet! It is composed of 62 to 71 percent Protein, 10 percent Carbohydrates, 7 percent Fiber, and 9 percent Minerals. It is also the highest whole-food source of Vitamin B-12 available. Spirulina is 95 percent digestible, and contains all nine Essential Amino Acids – plus nine Non-Essential Ones. It is 25 times richer in Beta Carotene than carrots, has 28 times more Iron than beef liver, and 56 times more Iron than spinach or steak. Spirulina is rich in Glycogen, and higher in Chlorophyll than either alfalfa or wheat grass. For these reasons NASA has selected it as a Primary High-Energy Food, which is ideal for Space Travel.