~Stabilization of Solar System Complete~

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Stabilization of sun complete.  Orange/yellow/green hue is shifted to yellow/green/blue hue.  Chaos activity of solar system at a minimum and stable.  All Gaians encouraged to intend peace and stability to planet, solar system and beyond.

Blow off of 2003 binary dark star by solar entities successful.  ”Dead conjoined twin released” (That was NEAT!)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjD5aayptXk

Physical realm stable.  Chaos is at end.  Physical is always the last to “get the news”.  Physical is always the most challenging to souls.  Proudly carry your experiences to share with the galaxy and beyond.

Chaos physical wars in Middle East caused by this event in 2003 now end.  Complete regrowth of physical planet now occurs through physical unified collective effort, inside and out.

Geometric – fractal energetic stabilizing technologies to return to physical realm.  New suggested focuses: interactions with reunited galactic friends, pyramid healing, direct conscious interaction with Gaian oversoul, zero point energy, ley line healing, exploration of inner self, lessons of geometric crystals, humble psychedelic explorations into collective imagination.

Peace, calm, stillness, and geometric harmony of solar system with galaxy is the new order.

Congratulations and job well done to Earth collective, assisting star nations, and non physical energetic collectives.  Quite a mess rectified.  Infinite thank yous!

Rest all in galactic peace, health, joy, and prosperity.  Look back, study, and learn for future assignments.  Follow innate talents and deep desires to care for unified Earth.

Welcome back home Gaian Collective.  You shall not fall again.

So it is.  Happy Sun-Day.



-Multiversal Observer Collective



i am having a hard time with this

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more input please, there is way to many very educated people saying nibiru is coming closer and closer. and when you look at all the data from marshall masters, coast to coast am and so, so many more, almost everything points to this thing still enroute. and that video really doesn't make sense, now i'm no astronomer, but an object that big and NASA is calling it a comet. and why then have the cabal been pumping trillions into their underground cities and the denver airport. now i know i don't understand alot of this multiverse so i could easily be confused. and i could be wrong here, but i swear i seen a posting on this website that nibiru isn't due here for a few years. and didn't i also see a posting on here just like last month that said, comet elenin was the litmus test to determine the amount of earth changes nibiru would cause WHEN it got here. as a matter of fact, that post was from a channeler who channeled the annunaki council. so i think some clarification on this matter needs to be collected. i studied the doogie doo-doo out of nibiru back when i was still in my fear stage of awakening and my research doesn't back this statement.so once again, more input please, cuz that video don't cut it. thank you, love all, tommy