Star of David Merkaba Stargate July 29, 2013 PART ONE

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July 14, 2013 / This newsletter is PART 1 of a 4-PART SERIES concerning the Grand Water Trine on July 17, 2013 and the Star of David on July 29, 2013




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Grand Water Trine ~ July 17, 2013



The Summer of Love begins with a celestial formation known as a Grand Water Trine which occurs on July 17, 2013. This harmonious triangle of Water-sign planets (Jupiter and Mars in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces) is a building block for a more rare configuration, known as a Star of David, which will form on July 29, 2013 (see Part 2 for more info on the Star of David aka the Grand Sextile)


2013 Grand Water Trine The energies of the Summer 2013 are a "gift to the weary - because we're all, well, a little weary from the pounding of the cardinal planets." - Susan Miller.


The cardinal planets ... meaning the intense Cardinal Cross that has been shaking the ground under our feet since 2010, with very little let-up. This summer is a bit of a respite for you, and you deserve it.


A trine is an astrological aspect between planets where the planets are at an angle of 120� (1/3 of the 360� ecliptic). The trine aspect indicates harmony and ease of expression, with two elements from the same elemental family (such as water, reinforcing each other. In the birth chart the trine is a source of innate artistic and creative talent. The trine has been traditionally assumed to be extremely beneficial, but it can be a 'line of least resistance' and a stumbling block if not utilized properly.


When a large triangle with equally distant sides is formed it is called a Grand Trine, and is comprised of 3 trines occurring together, between the 3 astrological signs of the same element, in this case WATER (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)






Water is the element most closely associated with emotions. Our emotions are meant to flow like water through our bodies and minds, like an ecosystem of rain into river into sea into cloud. Tears are water with the salt of pain and sometimes the sweetness of a smile.


Eric Francis writes: "People who are more comfortable experiencing their emotions will probably like this astrology. Those who are less comfortable or confident with their feelings, or who are dependent on rationality for everything, may find this extended moment disorienting. All these water planets indicate that your mind may be less reliable than your intuition as a source of information."


And so this summer we are plunged into the field of our emotions to learn to swim and move with the tides, like it or not. 


Water, like our emotions, is a substance that we cannot live without. The only thing more primal to life, of course, is air, which is associated with the brain and thinking, communicating. This shows that our thoughts come first and are the most important factor in sustaining the life of humanity. But we are often driven by our emotions, unconsciously. Since every emotion can be traced back to a single thought and since we have not even come close to mastering our minds, our emotions are like a trail of breadcrumbs leading us back to the most primal sustainer of life - our thoughts (air)


During this drenched time, when a difficult emotion surfaces, trace it back to its originating thought and apply Higher Wisdom to changing that thought. It follows naturally that the emotion will begin to change.

  the sound of water

Our bodies are comprised of 75% water and our current evolutionary state includes a lot of unprocessed emotion because many of us have been deprived of emotional expression due to cultural programming. Many of us are tamping down or trying to control deeply repressed emotion. This is a major factor in the dis-ease of humanity and the planet, of war and of suffering. Lack of the healthy expression of emotional waters is killing us.


Humans can go quite a long time without food (earth) as long as they're well hydrated. But without water a human can probably live for about 3 to 5 days. The saying goes: 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food (earth) or sun (fire).


The number 3 is resonant here, in keeping with the elemental Grand Trines. 3 days is an important time-marker for emotional health. We can allow ourselves 3 days to feel and process emotional upheaval. Jesus spent 3 days in the tomb, leading to resurrection. Most funerary traditions wait 3 days to bury the body - perhaps because that is how long it takes the emotional body of the person to begin to de-materialize?


Contemplate the number 3 and the time-span of 3 days as you work with the Grand Water Trine this summer.


With this much water around, when we do allow ourselves to feel our emotions, there will be an incredible peace and a palpable Grace that will flow from the place of pain, once the storm of feeling passes.


Utilize water in its soothing forms to ease yourself into the gentle cleansing of old toxic thinking patterns and ancient emotional wounds. Bathe in the ocean, soak in the tub, sit by a stream. Breathe in the Water.




Water is Extraterrestial & Has Memory


Water is H2O, hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, but there is also a third thing, that makes water and nobody knows what that is. ~ D.H. Lawrence



Is water extraterrestrial? Where did the water on earth come from? Why does Earth have more water than any other planet in our Solar System? These are important questions being debated currently by scientists and metaphysicians.


There are many theories concerning the origin of water on Earth, and how the world's oceans were formed over the past 4.6 billion years.


Comets flying through space are actually huge chunks of ice that burn up in our atmosphere. Some believe that the largest part of today's water comes from comets and asteroids from the outer asteroid belt that plunged towards the Earth.


The scientist Masuru Emoto conducted studies into the effects of thought / consciousness on water. His discoveries were ground-breaking. When water was exposed to positive thoughts of love and peace, its molecular structure was exquisite and harmonious, geometrically perfect and elegant. When water was exposed to negative thoughts and anger or hatred, its molecular structure was polluted, dis-jointed, with broken patterns and muddy colors. In this video, Dr. Emoto explains the conclusions of his findings: 'Water, Consciousness & Intent'   



star tetrahedron over the sea  



After many years of study of the unusual properties of water, Dr. Emoto wrote:


"My investigation into the mysteries of water makes me think that water is something not of this earth. ... It is universally accepted that there can be no life without water. If we accept that water, the source of all life, was sent from outer space, then logic leads us to the conclusion that all life, including that of human beings, is alien to this planet. If this new approach were to gain widespread credibility, it would require many of the books in the world's libraries to be rewritten. It would have an impact on almost all of the scientific theories related to life on this planet." - Masaru Emoto, 'The Hidden Messages in Water' p. 56-58 


Earth is special in regard to the presence of water. I.e. there is more water on Earth than on any of the other planets of the Solar System. So the Grand Water Trine is a phenomenon that is most elementally resonant on earth, which is 75% water (as are our bodies/earthen vessels). When you add the Grand Earth Trine (creating a Star of David, aka Grand Sextile, aka Star Tetrahedron) and ground the Water onto Earth, you are having a singular earthly experience.  


Astrologically, we see this remarkable element expressing through the 3 water signs: the frozen ice and liquid water of comets and asteroids is brought through the energies of Cancerian (rivers, lakes and streams), Scorpio (frozen ice), and Pisces (the vast oceans from which all life on earth sprang). If you are a water sign, exploring the mysteries of water and its origins is of special note for you.


In addition, some theorize that Water has Memory, a multi-dimensional characteristic that is present only within conscious beings. Here is a video entitled 'Water Has Memory" which explores this subject:  


The implications of these revolutionary ideas concerning Water are profound. If Water has memory, by cleansing the water of our bodies, we can release old painful memories. If Water is extraterrestrial, then all bets are off concerning where life came from and how it evolved on this planet. And the overabundance of water here on the Blue Marble provides us with a unique gift only available when incarnated in a body on Earth: the ability to cleanse our etheric and emotional bodies of dense energies that hold back our evolution and enlightenment. 




Cardinal Shadow  



A tsunami is an under-water earthquake. Indeed both Earth and Water have their dark side, just as everything one earth does. This is after all a Polarity Planet.


The dark side of the Summer of Love comes in the form of that ubiquitous and relentless signature of our times, the Cardinal Cross. The Cross continues to hover in its remnant form: the Uranus-Pluto Square. The Square will remain in effect until 2015. Two points:


(1) Jupiter in Cancer is a beautiful, expansive part of the Star of David, and it is also activating the Uranus-Pluto Square from late July through early September. Jupiter INCREASES everything it touches so it will blow up the Uranus-Pluto Square right in the middle of the harmonious Star of David configuration.


(2) In addition, from July 26-31 - i.e. at the same time as the Star of David - Mars will trigger the Uranus-Pluto Square. Mars is very war-like and has a lot of pent up energy to it. So caution is warranted as we swim out to sea. Bring a life preserver and lifeboat and understand that emotional earthquakes can be part and parcel of this whole experience.


Which brings me to some important qualities to bring to play as we are working with the Star of David: Right Action and Protection/Modulation, as well as some thoughts on how to neutralize potential backlash.





Right Action  


step into liquid In addition to the omnipresent tense and epochal Cardinal Cross, the Grand Water Trine and the Star of David in themselves have a dark side. (Doesn't everything on this Polarity Planet?) There are certain pitfalls.


For instance, we can get carried away by irrational emotion, or get lost in escapism, without grounding our emotional release into the earthiness available to us now.


Indeed, one of the downsides of a largely harmonious, liquid and flowing configuration - such as the Grand Trine or Star of David - is a kind of 'laziness' where we have trouble getting off of dead center in order to manifest our dreams. We may forget to take concrete steps toward our intent. Getting all blissed out is great, but we do need to take practical steps to nurture the new seeds of our dreams in the soil of Earth.


In other words, we can get lost in the idea that the Star of David will bring "unprecedented conditions of peace, harmony, and wondrous beauty. But the universe works in the same way as nature in her seasons - after the seed is planted, its character will depend on how long and how much it is nurtured. And so following this cosmic event, the great potential of the Grand Sextile remains for us to attend to. " 


Practical action begins with planning, i.e. setting your Intent. One of the best ways to do this is by setting up a Star of David Contract with your Intent, and outlining small steps toward manifesting your dreams in the months to follow. See Parts 2 and 4 of this newsletter for tools that help with this process.






Keep in mind that the abundance of water energy does indeed lend itself to Higher Spiritual Consciousness and the manifestation of our dreams. But what if someone's "dream is slaughter and mayhem? Then this transit could work just as well for them, as it could for someone whose dream is to start an organic community garden in your neighborhood."


And so this is why I am recommending that Light Workers - Cultural Creatives, Spiritual Initiates and those on a path seeking Higher Consciousness - reading this newsletter include PROTECTION and MODULATION energies while we are swimming in the influences of July -August 2013.


In addition, there are people who are interested in snuffing out the Love Revolution. So we need to apply vigilance and care. I feel that PROTECTION needs to be used for the fledgling awakening. It's not so much "sending more love" to the event as it is cradling the energies for safekeeping to be used by those who will use them for Good.





Neutralize Backlash  



The Star of David opens up an amazing wave of Love, Compassion and Oneness consciousness. And the BACKLASH from this sort of tsunamic rise in energy can be as fierce as the Love is Wide. 'The Bigger the Light, The Bigger the Shadow'. 'Every action is followed by an equal and opposite reaction.'


We must walk as Masters in order to handle these intense positive energies in a wise, supportive and productive manner.


Let's work on HARNESSING that Flow of Love for the betterment of all.


Like the rushing waters of a huge flood, we can harness the intensity of water to create electricity and power our world, or we can be wiped out by the unchained elements. If we dam the water, we can swim in the reservoir and be cleansed, the reaction neutralized.


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