Starseed ~ You are here to first cleanse yourself

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You are here to first cleanse yourself, and then afterward, help to cleanse those around you, but not by taking into your own energy field what they are going through, but by teaching them to connect with their reality, by showing your own vibration and by making them aware of who they really are, of who they really could be.

You are here to help people find their own light. You are not here to take their negativity into yourselves. Protect your energy. Don’t allow it to be dampened by the emotions and thoughts of others. And part of the way to do that, the very first step in doing that is by realizing that those emotions come from outside sources. Call on your own light. Call on your own reality, the true being within you, to shed its light piercing every illusion that you have believed.

You are the victor. You will be victorious over every form of negativity and over all illusion.

You need to cleanse your own Self of your own negativity and allow your positive light to cleanse you of it.
Remember that you are not here to take on other people’s burdens as your own and hurt yourself in the process.