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STARTING TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY:#FutureGenerationsGathering  
"As we prepare to do ceremony together, journey together, please remember you are not alone; that you are part of a growing body of human family committed to making Peace; part of the living spirit of the Earth from which our life springs; and a blessed part of the great mystery engendering, gifting life itself, the Sun, our Earth, and all the universes. You, each of you, each member of humanity is a treasure and should finally be treated so.

We do this to end war! We do this to stop hurting, killing, torturing, maiming, terrifying, and killing one another! We do this to embrace and to honor our great ancestral sacrifices of life.We do this for our children, family, homes, and for ourselves." -Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee Chief Bigfoot Band Memorial Ride Omaka Tokatakiya / Future Generations Ride Wounded Knee, South Dakota‪ #‎HEALINGHEARTS‬