ST.GERMAIN with a Message on the 11:11 Meditations and Questions

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St Germain with a Message on the 11:11 Meditations and Questions

Answered through Beth Trutwin

 22 November 2010  
Channeler: Beth Trutwin

Greetings! This is St Germain. This is the eleventh night of your 11:11 world wide meditation. I must say, from our point of view, the energies surrounding Earth Ascension as well as all of you, has risen greatly since you first began. Each One of you holds inside the three-fold violet flame, the light of wisdom. When combined with love and faith the Kumara Heart Flame grows larger. As each of you join your own Kumara energies together, it raises the vibrations of those around you, of those in the Plant and Animal Kingdoms, the Magical Kingdoms, this Planet, other Planets and the Cosmos itself.

All other Planets in this Solar System Ascend their Dimensions as Earth Ascends. Ultimately, this joining together and raising the energies together effects everything in Totality of Consciousness.

There has been a stepping up of arrests. Not only arresting individuals, also arresting plans, schemes, games and tricks. Why is it taking so long? Imagine all of the individuals you know of in all the Countries around the Globe. Look at the Americas, Mid East, Europe, Africa, Asia and the World Leaders connected with these places. Think of all the wars going on around your globe this moment in all of these places. Think of the Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and others all involved in wars together. There is a lot to unravel on many levels. It takes time. Every time one bit of the entanglement is smoothed out, it is effected by another.

Daily we are having meetings with World Leaders. The pace on these meetings has picked up significantly in the past three weeks. President Obama has visited many countries and more than 100 World Leaders in that time. There have been Group meetings and behind closed door meetings. There have been video conferences and phone calls. President Obama likewise meets with Galactic Leaders who negotiate Plans for implementing the New Reality together. There have been negotiations and ultimatums. No one is allowed to just barge in and declare everybody must get along, or else. No. This problem has existed a very very long time and it takes care to work it all out. What the Press does not tell you is that our Galactic Brothers and Sisters also attend these meetings. Everyone at the meetings is very aware of NESARA Law and the impending and ongoing arrests.

I have, as have many of you, spent lifetimes preparing the way for this now. We are assisting you from the Ships now with our technologies and have been for years. The Rainbow Bills and Gold is dispersed in bank vaults and is ready for disbursement. This is a coordinated effort which effects all levels of government, the banking industry, police, attorneys and judges, computer specialists, transportation, in fact, all aspects of human life. The workers in the banks have had their trainings. The media have been briefed for weeks. Everything is in place. What we must have is a collective consciousness awake and aware and ready to accept the changes.

When you join together, you significantly change the level of vibrations around you. It effects your friends, your children, your mate, your neighbors. It effects those who work in your community and it goes out from there. Everything is in place for the change over to zero point. Everything is in place for NESARA Law to be enacted and Announced. We will not reveal a date because as ripening potential possibilities which are interwoven together unfold, as a Kumara rose petal of one flower, it is assured and it is now.
Please now allow me to answer these questions.

Jo: At present, we still must manage money. After coming through an experience of having NO incoming, I now find myself faced with more than I need for basic necessities coming in over the next few months. What suggestions do you have for where to invest or how to use the money as it comes in over and above my needs?

As you receive your individual packets of Gold Certificates and other Blessings, it will be exquisitely individual. Each one of you will receive two or three Galactic Mentors to help Guide you. Suggestions will be offered, and you will have the choice to decide what is best for you. The more you work with others to develop Terra Nova, the more will be given to you to manage. As you have more than you need, share it with others. Put your heart into your decisions. Scan your community and your world and develop on a deeper level the areas you would like to develop in yourself. Allow yourself to be pulled to areas of concern which have you weeping and laughing for joy. Meditate on this and develop it within yourself. As you are prompted by JOY, JOY itself is the reward. You will know.

John: How long can the Haiti issues last? I mean I can't believe those people are taking so much. The worst is that Haitian politicians are STILL taking advantage of these people!!!

Those living in Haiti now have incarnated into this very visible place to WAKE UP COMPASSION. It has worked, too, on a grand scale. The Galactic Forces have been in Haiti nightly since the Earthquake to help with surgeries, medicine, water, food, removal of bodies, removal of rubble and much more. This scenario is locked in a way where we cannot interfere past a certain point until AFTER the change over. This scenario was planned to help Earthlings with their Ascension. It was played out because there was no other way to heal Mother Earth from all the damage done in that area by humanity before now. This diarrhea and vomiting, to be graphic about it, is nothing new. This is something that if they had proper sewage, proper hygiene, and proper facilities would be nonexistent. Also, there has been a politically motivated organized effort for a lack of regular antibiotics getting to the ones living in tents. There is a kind of political racial cleansing. This certainly will effect the children and the elders first. Many moths ago we started speaking of the Separation of Worlds. Though some thousand have died from cholera, it is only a small percentage of souls who have chosen to move on from this lifetime to another place that is more suitable for their development in their soul light stream at this time. It is very depressing to see the suffering. Praise, Respect, Thank and Love these individuals who have sacrificed so much so people will put down their chocolate snack or burger long enough to take a look and open their hearts to Ascension. This whole great sacrifice in Haiti has done MUCH to increase the energies world wide. Those who will remain in this realm will have the rubble cleared, new homes, schools, hospitals, food and water immediately after Announcements. This is only one small area on Earth that will need tending to.

Julie: Any suggestions for practical steps we may take above and beyond what we're currently doing to help our new peaceful and prosperous reality to unfold even more quickly and easily?

Enjoying Spiritual Practices everyday helps raise vibrations.
How it works is you find something you are motivated to do; take a walk in nature, spend time with animals or children, do yoga, meditate, sun gazing, prepare healthy foods, make music, dance. All of these spiritual practices require your energy be pulled off of some other activity; watching tv, lurking on websites for sales, returning forwarded emails with kittens in them, mindless, baseless ways of wasting time. As you convert time wasters into spiritual practices, your life will lighten up and fill more with love. This alone will bring peace and prosperity into your reality more rapidly than anything else, by far.

Julie: Also, from a global perspective, are there specific areas of the world we could focus on that would benefit the whole world more effectively? And is there any specific information about Australia's role, what we may do here to help and about NESARA in Australia? Does it flow on after the US and/or UK?

It would be wonderful if more attention would be paid to areas where there is war and it goes unnoticed on a daily basis, there are too many to name; Kashmir, Kurdistan, Congo, Sudan, Palestine, China, Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia.
Send love and light to these areas daily, simply say, in your invocations and prayers, ‘all areas effected by war.’

Four countries will have deliveries to its citizens first, US, UK, Canada and Australia. The other countries around the world will receive deliveries next. It will take approximately 18-20 months to complete all deliveries in all countries of packages. Dome homes, schools, hospitals, new roads, clean water and food, will be effective immediately to all inhabitants of Earth with help from the Galactics. All of these measures are in place and ready to go at the time of Announcements. Before then, we cannot interfere on that level. It must be done together at ripe time when the masses can accept the love from their Galactic Family.

Emmanuel: Is There any special techniques that we can use ( Magical/ Metaphysical/ Meditative..etc) to manifest more abundance of Money.

The best way to promote abundance is to love abundantly. Another tip is to deal with 3D financial concerns in an organized manner and do not wallow in self pity. Discipline your thoughts and do not tread with your ego into 3D concerns unless it is time to do so. Allow me to explain. You have a choice at work, to take a walk outside to see flowers, trees, and gaze at the sun OR sit at your desk and worry about your car payment which is due in 12 days. Which will you choose? Monitor your actions and thoughts and remain spiritual throughout your day doing mundane tasks. Keep more of your energy on spiritual actions and only venture into 3D activities as is needed to keep the flow going on a day to day basis. Ask for Guidance in your meditations each day and only tackle that which MUST be done that day. Do not worry about tomorrow until tomorrow.

What is the meaning of the reoccurring number of 144 mean?

There were 144,000 volunteers, known as the Kumaras, also known as The Goodly Company, from Venus, who came to Earth to help with its Ascension. This is also 12 multiplied by 12. There are a multitude of significance here. It could fill a book or two. This has to do with the Council of 20 and 4. This has a microcosm in the human body as well as a Council in the Higher Realms. It is all connected and interconnected. It is a way of communicating higher thoughts to ourselves and each other.

Alan: My question is this, now that NESARA has been enacted what will be the following basic sequences of events that will flow. I know its going to be soon, but I forgot the sequences was it the same as it was before…

There have been several exciting developments in your world demonstrating that what you are doing IS ELEVATING the Earth and all life on it. NESARA has not yet been enacted. You may be thinking about the Senate vote to pay the Black Farmers Claim. NESARA Law was written because the Senate refused to vote on paying out this-more-than-decade-old settlement and the Supreme Court Justices refused to correct this imbalance.

The sequence will be Arrests. This has been spoken of for some years and when it was first mentioned, no arrests had begun. Now we have finished most all arrests, they have been ongoing since more than two years. Many of those who are detained like Bruno and Bernie Madoff, are visibly in cells side-by-side. Others are detained in places not visible to the public, such as George Soros and Hillary Clinton. These Ones have been replaced with holograms who still are place holders until the last moment when it will all end.
After Arrests are Decloakings.
Decloakings of trillions are Starships simultaneously all over the World has already begun every day and night in earnest. You enjoy reviewing the several-a-day youtubes. Declaokings means it will be everywhere all at the same time. It will capture the attention of every woman child and man on Earth and the purpose is manifold. One is it will no longer be able to be denied by any government on Earth. There are many reasons for ongoing denial and those will no longer exist when the Decloakings happen all around the world at once. Also, the Ships will be emitting high vibrations of Love and Light which are ongoing and necessary for every one to accept what is happening without experiencing fear. Some will simply claim to not see us then, some will not believe. It will be very few. The love coming form the Ships will be so overwhelmingly beautiful it draws in the heart and is unmistakable as coming from Family.

Announcemnts come after Arrests and Decloakings. Many visualize this happening essentially simultaneously. This will be when the communications on the Ships link with the Communications on Earth and a Broadcast goes out with President Obama, the Dalai Lama, other Galactics and other World Leaders that NESARA Law has been enacted and all that goes with that. Also, there will be a bank holiday and everyone who does not have a job in essential services will be urged to stay home to hear the Announcements, relax, take it in and celebrate the change. When this happens, the criminals will be gone and the holograms will be turned off. Everybody living on Earth in rural places, that do not have television, will likewise hear the news. The news will be broadcast in all languages, in all countries, by all forms of communication.

Daniel: I believe NESARA to be as much about consciousness as abundance, but am a bit confused. In todays paradigm it would take less than one nano second for the current state of greed to reallocate the wealth that St. Germain portioned out. I understand the coming energy and shift in consciousness but is that the time when the greed factor will be relocated?

The greed you speak of is in the hearts of the Ones who have altered their DNA and it is impossible to forgive themselves and love themselves. I have been personally visiting many of these Ones. They know their time is over. They no longer have their millions and billions. They have no power.
The greedy Ones will no longer be allowed to maintain their physicality on Terra Nova, new Earth. They will be physically located elsewhere. Once the Arrests are completed and Decloakings and Announcements complete, these Ones will have already been moved. This is what is taking what seems to be a long time. Every last detail down to the cell and subcell has been considered in the Plan. This Plan is in motion and nothing on Earth can stop it or change the outcome.

Marie: Who do we look to in the government to help us maintain peace and to know that we are on the right track and how do we not let the chaos affect us?

You remain unaffected by chaos by educating yourself about the TRUTH. You see the stories which are in a good light, in a bad light, and a mix of the two. It is easy to see who in government is here to help us establish PEACE. Keith and Rachel, Ed and Thom, Stephanie and Randy bring you the good politicians daily. As you listen, you learn to discern on your own. Now the news has gotten to the point where it is easy to see the stories which will continue on our Timeline of the New Reality and the ones which will move to an alternate parallel Timeline.

Patricia: It is known to me that we cannot interfere in the spiritual path of another human however; is there a violation of the free will or a sin to use the violate flame with loving intention to send healing energy and loving thoughts to a dear loving soul?

The Violet Flame is for Every Being for Every occasion. The Violet Flames penetrates all and brings love and light to every situation. It does not interfere with individual choices. It may effect outcomes. It is encouraged for use and raises the vibration of everything around it. By using the Violet Flame, one assists others to be less in chaos, confusion and darkness. It is a compassionate and generous act of pure love.

Wayne: I am in need of some tangible evidence of all we have been working and waiting for, it's like the dark is raiding on the same wave and keeping the curtains closed
so that we are not yet seeing the truth and still relying on our faith to get us through.

The amount a person will be required to rely on faith to make it through is inversely proportional to the amount of darkness they expose themselves to. Movies, television, news, false flags, emails, youtube, radio and friends are all sources of fear. Feast on fear and require more faith. As you choose to expose yourself to only good vibrations you will require less faith. You will actually see the abundance of signs out there proving the Plan is unfolding in unprecedented ways now. Several Lightworkers still gravitate toward fearful channels and insane scenarios and believe in it. It is time to either know goodness by knowing and gravitate toward it, or get sucked into fear and frankly left behind. As the war criminals have been warned their Time is Over, the newly awakened have been warned to Be Love and ONLY Love. Everybody has their personal mentors who are watching every step at this moment. It is so weaknesses may be ferreted out and healing completed. We need each One to be Whole within themselves, in order to be able to carry out the vast new responsibilities coming. We also need the bright and positive prepared to take up their new roles without delay. Tangible Evidence is seen through the eye of the beholder.

Francis: I wanted to know about my Galactic family and my mission on earth, is it too early to find out now? When will I be able to communicate with them?

You, and the Others reading this have already found many in your Galactic Family. They are all around you in your neighborhood, at work, on a website created for like minds, in your social groups, and your family. It may sometimes seem like there are not that many, however your Galactic Family is at different rates of waking up. The more you discuss Galactic matters with them, the more of your family you will reconnect with. Each person on Earth will be downloaded with the information of their Mission, bit by bit over time. As you develop your gifts, refine your spiritual practices and live an authentic, involved, loving, generous life, you move closer to knowing your truth, hearing your Guides, and learning your Mission. There is a price for Admission. Every One MUST DO THE WORK. As Announcements are made each person will be visited by their own mentors and much more training and information will be forthcoming. You will also be joined then by the rest of your Galactic Family, especially your Twin Flame, living here with you on Earth.

Diane: How soon is SOON? I know we are creating different possible probabilities with each shift in conscious awareness, but so many of us are living on the edge of a very scary cliff. Could we please have one nugget of proof, some mass consciousness dream that we all wake up from and start talking about, you know, a 'telephone' call from our brothers and sisters, Ascended Masters and guides that would give everyone a morale boost?? I'm beginning to cringe at the words "soon, imminent, before you know it". I am so truly appreciative of the massive work being done to ready the plan, but a little 'insider' tip for us Lightworkers would be beyond great.

How long does it take one drop of rain to leave heaven and land on a parched field? How many drops of rain will it take to soak the field so the crops will grow? If you plant a seed, will you dig it up to see how soon it will sprout? Will you unearth the seed each day to see if it has grown? This is not the most fruitful approach to how soon is soon? How does that answer help the growth of the Soul? Not at all. Planet the seed, water the soil, make right choices, infuse light into the situation, and before you know it your tree will bear fruit and you will realize you have forgotten to ask, how soon is soon?

Betty: I want to know if Pres. Obama is still with us and if he is OK and some sort of timing for the announcement to be given.

The Announcement will happen in Ripe Time. President Obama has been ‘with us’ since before all of this began and has no intention of ‘leaving us’ anytime soon.

Mariane: If I am allowed to know, I would like to know when the economic system will be for the benefit
of Mother Earth and her inhabitants?

This will occur simultaneously with Announcements and all that follow.

Basil: 1) What are the most important things I need to do now to achieve my dream and intention to ascend fully in this lifetime in good bodily health?
2) What will help me to achieve close conscious contact with my higher self.?
what need I do to help the rest of my immediate family to be part of the ascension process now?

In order for your family to be a part of the Ascension process you must share with them all you know. It is wise to do this as a happy conversation and not a confrontation. Also, only share that which they ask you to share. Respect their place on their own spiritual path. There are many ways of sharing information, a song, a movie and a sunset. Help them have more love and support in their lives. They will see you first as a reliable source of support and will be more open to hearing about your ideas. To have contact with your Higher Self means taking care of your body. Avoid excess lower animal influences without feeling deprived. This includes alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, sweets, meat, street drugs, over eating, over sleeping, over sexing and many others. You alone know what must be balanced to be experiencing wholeness. When you are in balance research and teach yourself spiritual practices which bring joy into your life. Pay attention to light hearted fun and schedule it into your life everyday. Start there and the rest will progress naturally.

Crystal: Since the BlackFarmers were paid off Friday, does that really mean NESARA will be announced in the coming days (not weeks)?

The only way to answer that is, No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes. In the US there is a holiday this week for Thanksgiving. Gratitude is a great harbinger for PEACE.
It is expected that it may be one of the most fruitful and happy Thanksgiving Days in recent memory.