Stop Projecting Yourself Into The Future

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We're nearing the end of 2015, and it seems like the end of the year always brings “end of the world” types of predictions. This year it's supposed to happen sometime in this month, September. Exactly what is supposed to happen varies depending on who you ask. I've heard everything from predictions of mass ascension, to the return of Niburu, to Russia/China ushering in some sort of political revolution. Of course, all that stuff has become pretty standard now, these are all things that have been predicted many times before. It's interesting to see who jumps on the bandwagon, telling people all their problems will be solved in the near future is an easy way to get attention since it's something most people really want to believe.

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It's easy to see the appeal of projecting yourself into the “future”, you can make up anything you want! You can be rich, powerful, famous, Enlightened, all those things and more... This is why so many people spend so much of their time “living” in the “future”. You can imagine all your desires while escaping the reality of the Now.

Of course, when change is in the future, it can remain there indefinitely. Tomorrow is always a day away, and waiting for change, especially when it depends on someone or something else, is a very effective way of avoiding change.

If I was to say “You should Be Present in every moment of your Life.” most would agree with me. It's become heavily ingrained into modern spiritual rhetoric, and I call it rhetoric because the actuality has only been realized by a relative few. It's one thing to talk about Presence, and it's another thing to really Be Present. People's actions speak far louder than words, your words can easily hide the truth, especially through the anonymity of the Internet.

I see what's popular, I see what people are talking about, and it's enormously future-focused. Would you rather invest your energy into the future, which robs it from your Now, or would you rather invest your energy into the Now, and see an immediate return? Not a hard choice, the real difficultly people have is breaking out of their habits, their past. You project yourself into the future trying to escape the past, and you miss the Present.

Now I'm not going to claim nothing is going to happen in September, in fact there's so much happening right now that your mind can only comprehend a teeny tiny fraction of it. I stopped trying to predict the future, and I'm much happier because of it. Why would I want my emotional state to depend upon things that may or may not even happen? It's a recipe for misery, and it's a big part of why there's so many problems in the world. There's people who believe the “solution” lies in the very same patterns that created these problems.

It's funny, if I express that I don't believe there's going to be any major shifts in human consciousness in the next month, people will take that as me says nothing is going to happen. Those are two very different statements, but to the dualistic mind, not believing in one thing must mean you believe in its opposite! Look at the division and conflict that creates, simply because one person doesn't believe the same thing as another. I've even seen this come from people who claim to be spreading Love and Unity. Actions speak louder than words, so pay close attention to other's actions, and even closer attention to your own actions.

There is no beautiful future waiting for you, but there is a Beautiful Now that's already Here. This is part of why I care little for things like hope or faith. Those are almost always just fancy ways of “positive thinking” for the future. It seems so harmless, what could be wrong with thinking positively about the future? But if you really look at the motivation behind it, it's almost always an escape from a Now that you believe is not-so-positive.

You wouldn't need to hope for a better future if you could see the profound wonder of every Moment. You don't need to wait for change when you're the living embodiment of Love Itself, which is the true nature of every Human Being. If you project yourself into the future, you're missing it though, and you will go on missing the mark so long as you attempt the impossibility of living in the future. That's not how real change happens, all you're doing in repeating the same mistakes, the same limited thinking, that has kept people trapped within illusion for thousands of years.

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans."
~Woody Allen

The Now is obviously changing continuously, and people obviously have ideas about where that change should lead. Nothing wrong with that, but the problem arises when your emotional state starts depending on the future. The problems come when you start having expectations about how things are supposed to occur instead of allowing the Universe to unfold in its own way, which is what's going to happen anyway. You can have preferences without expectations, though. “I would like this to occur, but at the same time I acknowledge that anything can happen. I choose this possibility, but I allow for all possibilities.” You can learn to work with Life instead of demanding it conform to your preconceptions and then getting upset when it doesn't. If your Life isn't working for you, I guarantee it's your mind that's the problem, not your Life, and I guarantee that projecting yourself into the future is not the solution.


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