Subatomic Particles and the Evolution of Consciousness.

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By: Sean McCleary
I have been doing very important work lately on the evolution of consciousness; and what my primary focus is on is the Paradigm Shift. This is an event that the Cosmos, Earth and the inhabitants here will engage in due to the evolution of planet Earth itself. Earth is a living organism with a consciousness because Earth supports life and consciousness here. We are all in the very powerful preliminary stages of this event. What will occur is a fundamental change completely in the dynamics of the operational procedures that dictate the drive of a lot of different ideologies contained within the human race. Another term for this event is the Apocalypse. Apocalypse is Greek and means a revealing of knowledge and a transition into a heavenly state. In order for Earth to transition into a heavenly state knowledge will have to be revealed; especially concerning scientific areas of study. My focus has been transitioning consciousness into the activity of physics in a very dynamic way.
With my work recently I have formulated a very powerful conclusion on how this universe was introduced. This universe and everything contained within its structure had to be conceptualized for evolutionary purposes. This universe is contained within another form of consciousness and energy I like to call Infinite Consciousness.. This universe was introduced almost 14 billion years ago as a means for facilitating the continued evolutionary development of consciousness and energy into infinity. The most powerful drive that is contained within a conscious state is the will for eternal existence. Infinite Consciousness that designed and introduced this universe did this to further its own existence; by conjoining consciousness, light energy and dark energy to be represented on a micro level as well as a macro level. This was to ensure an element of completion for the evolutionary drive of infinity.
This is when subatomic particles were introduced into existence. Infinite Consciousness and pure dark energy and pure light energy were everywhere before the introduction of this universe. Pure light energy is consciousness and higher frequency vibrations. Pure dark energy is consciousness and lower frequency vibrations. Infinite Consciousness made a decision to conjoin the two frequencies in a more powerful way than what had already existed. This was to introduce its own existence and embodiment on a micro level to form another construct of consciousness and energy within itself. I theorize that this was done to avoid the possibility of the separation of the dark and the light through expansion. This was done also to introduce love within itself to ensure its own survival. This activity is represented by reproduction here on Earth. Male consciousness in this universe came from the introduction of lower frequency vibrations and female consciousness came from higher frequency vibrations. Male and female contain both frequencies but these are the dominant traits.
After these frequencies were conjoined and the Higgs boson was created; the design process continued which introduced pressure into the mixture of the formation. The pressure came from the mixture of the higher frequency vibrations and the lower frequency vibrations. Because they are different frequencies this causes polarity to occur. This also introduces pressure because of the design concept being introduced into the evolutionary process. An easy way to identify with this is when a new development of change is introduced into an individual’s life cycle here on Earth and someone is uncertain of the results that are going to be produced with their consciousness going through a change; pressure is introduced into the consciousness as a result of the evolutionary activity.
This is why stress is experienced with change. The four primary components of this universe that drive evolutionary activity are consciousness for design and conceptualization, dark energy, light energy and pressure. What was contained in the mixture of activity were these four components along with frequency vibrations. Time was introduced with this evolutionary activity and the different frequency vibrations in combination with all of these aspects and the activity were producing subatomic particles.
The Higgs boson's that were introduced into this activity were micro representations of the consciousness and energy that was producing this composite mixture. Other subatomic particles were being generated out of the different frequencies that were being produced during the introductory phase of the universe. All of this activity contained an evolutionary drive perpetuated by consciousness, light energy, dark energy, time, space, frequency vibrations and pressure. There was also something else that was occurring. This was resistance to evolution by this consciousness and energy that was being formed into this universe. The resistance came from the change itself, the uncertainty from the experience of change, and the pressure that was accumulating. This consciousness was originally incorporated into Infinite Consciousness and was forced into an evolutionary change as this universe and was uncertain of the results that lied ahead. This brought about a very powerful resistance within some of this consciousness and energy which was being designed.
As the design process moved forward the elements that were contained in the mixture were producing a diversity of consciousness and energy within the evolutionary process. When this consciousness experienced powerful results from absorbing information from the design with clarity this produced different levels of evolution in consciousness, energy and matter. When there was a powerful absorption of obscurity from the pressure that was accumulating this produced different reactions from resistance to evolution. Extreme resistance to evolutionary activity produced antimatter. There were periods when this consciousness fought with everything it had against the change, and this is how antimatter was produced. Then there were periods where this consciousness accepted the change completely and transitioned into a very positive state of energy. This type of activity can be exemplified in the way that life on Earth and human consciousness interact. What happened was when the design process for this universe reached an acceptable conclusion for this consciousness and energy that was being formed; the resistance level dropped and the consciousness stopped fighting.
When this happened a lot of matter and antimatter collided within the mixture; fusion occurred and the big bang happened. There was a moment when this consciousness accepted evolution and stopped fighting when everything came together right before the universe was introduced when this consciousness became unaware of the reality it was experiencing. This is how death was introduced into existence. What transferred out within the structure of Infinite Consciousness was this universe; and consciousness, light energy, dark energy, pressure, matter and antimatter on a subatomic level. These are the building blocks of the evolutionary development of this universe. What also transferred out was force. The force comes from the momentum of evolutionary activity into Infinite Consciousness; and the resistance to evolutionary activity that was experienced by this consciousness during the design and introduction. Subatomic particles are representations of all of this activity that occurred with the design, creation, formation and introduction of this universe that are in the process of continuously interacting with space and time generating different activity.
Subatomic particles represent different concentrations of consciousness, light energy, dark energy, pressure, evolutionary force and the resistance to evolution. The most powerful representation of evolutionary development is the Higgs boson. The reason is this was the first subatomic particle that was introduced into the design of this universe. The Higgs boson contains Infinite Consciousness and a combination of light and dark energy. The most powerful representation of the force of resistance to evolutionary development is antimatter. The universe is contained within Infinite Consciousness and the Higgs field is directly connected to Infinite Consciousness that’s contained within the structure of this universe. The Higgs field is the primary drive for evolutionary activity in the universe. Other subatomic particles are representations of different degrees of the force of evolution and the resistance to evolution. This determines the mass, charge and spin of these particles and how they interact within space and time. Photons don’t interact with the Higgs boson because they are the fundamental particle of light in this universe. They have a more independent role in evolutionary activity. Gluons are force carriers so they also perform a more independent role in evolutionary activity for the acceleration of consciousness and energy contained in the universe so they do not interact with the Higgs boson either.
I use the process of reduction with my work in metaphysics. This is how I have formulated the conclusions I have on the introduction of the universe and what role subatomic particles play in the evolutionary development of the cosmos. I believe that all consciousness and energy in the universe including human beings can be modeled after the activity that came from the design, creation and introduction of the universe in reference to how consciousness and energy behave within the universe. This does have to do with force, pressure, concentrations of light and dark energy and the momentum that is carried by the evolution of consciousness and energy and the resistance to the evolution of consciousness and energy and how everything is affected on a micro and macro level. I do know this that the shift in consciousness; or the Paradigm Shift is about the evolution of the Higgs field on a universal level. The Higgs field is like the DNA of the universe and is evolving. This will enter into a powerful stage of completion. The reason for this is when this happens other universe’s can be modeled after this one over and over again within the structure of Infinite Consciousness. This is to ensure the eternal drive of infinity on a macro and micro level to maintain the integrity of infinity itself. Sean McCleary.