summer solstice June 20th/21st 2017

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                                                          SUMMER SOLSTICE                            

                                    June 20th 2017 at 11:24  pm  CDT

                                        AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey



This is a very powerful Summer Solstice!    The Energies are very Intense; Transformative & Changeable while being surrounded by the feeling of Urgency and Chaos!

The Summer Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) happens when the Sun reaches its most northerly point in the Sun’s apparent cycle around the Earth. Even though the Sun seems to stand still for about 3 days….. the actual Solstice day… is the longest day of the year.  Astrologically it happens when the Sun enters the Cardinal sign of Cancer.  The Summer Solstice has been honored throughout history with celebrations, parties, picnics, music, and gathering together outside, to honor Spirit, the Sun, the Earth… and all creation. The Chart of the Summer Solstice is like a symbolic map of the energies that will be playing out over the next 3 months.

Solstices function as energetic gateways. The Summer Solstice opens a portal to the Universe. Each Solstice provides a wider portal….for the downloads…. that are accelerating humanity’s evolution. It is a time to open up to all the knowledge that is coming down to us from the Universe through this portal. Open up to receive the knowledge and activations that are being sprinkled down on you.  It is time to find your comfort zone….to meditate, connect with God/Goddess, Spirit… attention to what you “feel”….what you might “see”….what you might “hear”……stay in high vibration and Listen!

What a powerful and Magical Day this is! With these intense energies….and higher vibration frequencies…..there can be more heat, and intensity….and Chaos on all levels.  So take this wonderful gift of this  Summer Solstice…. and Meditate on what  areas of your life needs changed….transformed… and then Manifest it!    With the Summer Solstice creating a portal to the Universe     Making this is a wonderful time to connect with Source, the Universe and Manifest!  It is a powerful time to create!  These are powerful times we live in….lets create a world that honors Peace…Love and Oneness!

At this Summer Solstice…..we have the Summer Solstice Sun (which has just entered the sign of Cancer) sitting with Mercury and Mars!!  So this Solstices Sun is not only about nurturing/home/love (Cancer) it is also about communication (Mercury) in a nurturing way, and taking action (Mars) on the high side, an initiating positive growth.   You need to be aware of what you are saying and how you say it.  Things could get a little edgy or anger might creep in if you do not keep communications in all relationships on the high side.

The Taurus Moon at this Summer Solstice is sitting with Venus (planet of love, creativity, romance, feminine, beauty)  which also rules Taurus!  This Summer Solstice is making quite a statement…and it is about Love!

The Universe is strongly asking us again… bring into balance the Sacred Male and the Sacred Feminine energies!!!   The balancing of the Male and Female, the right brain and the left brain, the Yin and the Yang, etc. etc.  

Venus sitting with the Taurus Moon and is making all relationships a main focus during this Summer Solstice….. especially Love relationships!  Venus also brings in creativity….if you want something (love, money, etc.) you have to make it happen!    The Universe is speaking loudly!!!   Bring everything into Balance!!!   Then Create your future….create Love…..create Peace!!

Remember also that the back drop of this Summer Solstice is the ongoing and continued Cardinal Square which has formed into a Cardinal T-Square…..which is very strong!! All T-Squares are intense.  This Cardinal T-Square is very powerful and could become volatile if not handled in the highest way.  The planets involved are Pluto/Juno, Jupiter and Uranus/Eris/Pallas Athena!   Wow…….and which continues to put us on the path of accelerated Evolution! There is so much happening with this Cardinal T-Square….that I will try to explain it in the simplest way I can… that you get the idea and the feeling of what it is all about.

First Cardinal Energy is about Birthing of New, Change, Transformation, and Urgency!  In this Cardinal T-square we have – briefly:

Pluto/Juno – Pluto (transformation, deep Soul Work, intensity) and Juno (commitment to someone or to a cause).  Pluto only cares about the evolution of your Soul and it will bring situations about to help you on this path.  You will feel committed to this… with Juno sitting with Pluto. You can no longer ignore or move out of the way of the transformations that Pluto is trying to give you…you have to work though it.  

Pluto is also opposite Mars in the chart of the Summer Solstice.  Mars can be a trigger point.  Mars will be opposite Pluto till July 11th.   This would be a period of being extremely careful, watch what you say, what you do, where you walk, how you drive, how others drive etc. etc.    You want to be aware and ahead of the game at all cost.  Don’t get pulled into other people’s drama….and don’t create your own!   This can involve your home, family, clan (Cancer Mars) and also your work, business and structures (Capricorn Pluto).

Jupiter – Jupiter is more of a peaceful planet…it is full of laughter, fun and optimism.  It also is the planet of the Masters and is known for expanding things that it touches.   In the case of the Summer Solstice Jupiter is in the Cardinal Square (stressful) with Mars and because of its ability to expand things it could expand the anger, accidents and violence of the Pluto/Mars opposition!   We don’t want that and we don’t want to create that… be a head of the game where ever you go.  Manifest calm (Cancer)…manifest love (Venus in Taurus) and nurture others (Cancer)….and manifest Peace!  

Uranus/Eris/Pallas Athena –  Uranus is the planet of constant change… of things happening suddenly and out of left field.  It is also the planet of the genius and outside the box knowledge.  It is about being able to see the big picture etc.   It has been squaring Pluto since 2010….initiating the Cardinal Square that is still in effect….but now it has the extra help of Eris!  Eris is the dwarf planet of Chaos, discord and competition.   The 2 of them together has created the wild chaotic energies that we are feeling on a daily basis.   So things are a bit more off balance….a bit more chaotic, a bit more competitive.    Pallas Athena is the Female Warrior….bringing in the Powerful Feminine… try to keep things in Balance!

This may sound like a lot of doom and gloom….but really it isn’t.  Knowing the energies that are surrounding you… helps you make better decisions and better choices.  It gives you an understanding that many others don’t have….helping you navigate the energies better.  Remember we have a powerful piece to play in this game (this incarnation)…..we can manifest and co-create our future.   Don’t forget that in these chaotic times…..we are more powerful then we think…. when we connect with the high energies, Source, Creator, and our Guidance!! 

With the added energy of the, Summer Solstice, and the Cardinal T-Square…..the Universe is saying that we need to transform and change… the way in which we communicate and share our wisdoms. We need to bring in more nurturing, caring and love when we communicate, and above all…we need to think with our hearts!  No lies, no secrets, no out of bounds ego.  We are all one…no one is better than anyone else!

The combination of these 2 configurations is what is causing the Chaotic and exhilarated energies that we are now experiencing. Feeling over whelmed is part of it!    There is no ignoring this…..things are being put right in our faces so that we have to deal with them!  Again, the Universe is speaking loudly…… we can’t get out of this…..we have to do the work…..and move through it!!!      A bit of Chaos…..will get us motivated to make changes and shift our perspectives.  Out of Chaos comes creativity!!  Manifest and Create!!

Pull on the Cancer Sun energy….Cancer is about love of family; friends and your tribe along with all humanity. Pull on Venus sitting with the Taurus Moon…Venus rules Taurus.   The Universe is giving us many ways to embody Love…..many ways to turn to Love and not negative energies.  Many ways to give loving nurturing energies to all those close to us and to manifest that those energies spread out…/ throughout the World~

Wow!   There is no denying the messages coming from the Universe during this Summer Solstice!!  We have a great opportunity, in this Summer time frame…for major growth.

The energy of this Summer Solstice is a little unsettled and a bit confusing.  The intensity and chaos is all around us.  It is a very bumpy time out there…..not only for ourselves…but for our tribe…our community….humanity and the Earth itself!   Things are being put right in our faces…..right in our faces….for us to look at.  We can no longer dodge them….we have to deal with them.   We are being asked to purge!  Purge in all areas of our lives… place’s….home’s….families…..friends…..and lovers.   All areas….all Relationships!    It is a time period (since 2010 to at least 2018 plus) of moving away from people, places and things that are no longer vibrating where we are vibrating….in the most positive and compassionate way…..we don’t have to burn bridges…..just distance at this time.

Many are finding that they are feeling over whelmed or a bit sad…. as you think about how you have struggled to understand things…..and yet you don’t seem  to reach many resolutions.    You remember all the talk about great change ?   Then you wonder….where is it?   Some feel like giving up and some are leaving the planet…….but the best thing you can do is……stay on your path.   Trust, even though you feel like there are blocks in front of you at times……and things are not opening up or falling into place like you thought they would…..Trust… is because others are not ready for what it is you can share……the collective is not ready and you may not be ready…….Trust….stay on your path…….These powerful energies we have been receiving are very hard to embody….  It is like you are being re-wired………Trust!!!

At this Summer solstice… is time to get quite with the Earth, touch the Earth, sit with the Earth and Listen to what you hear.   Mediate, and manifest that the changes we are making come easily, and that the Earth is able to receive the energies, and embody them in the least chaotic way.  Create a beautiful Earth, a beautiful reality for all humanity, our community, and ourselves.

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, your life; through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below).  Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 

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