Super Cool Cops - London Bilderberg 2013

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It's a good video :)

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Down here in New Brunswick, every cop I have seen, is all the same, positive in nature. In our town and in the area, we used to get stop a lot... I got close to 20 times maybe more than that in a year, and never getting anything... lol, I remember playing hacky sack in the village at night with friends and a cop pulled up and she came to play with us haha, it was cool. Ones that are way beyond reasoning, might have forgotten they are people like you and me, but what I know is that changes for the better, does go a long way, it takes time and patience.

Hi Mario Love.. Thanks for

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Hi Mario Love.. Thanks for your reply.. Really cool about the lady cop.. Love is affecting everyone..So thankful nothing and no one can stop LOVE on the move.. Love Wins!!

Absolutely Ra-Raela :) We're

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Absolutely Ra-Raela :) We're seeing Love unfolding every day as everyone is being affected by this gigantic wave of Love encircling the planet and each one of us.. Love YOU :) <3