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Greetings Dear Ones!

We come to you today with a message centered around the idea of surrender. So often in your world you have been taught that surrender is equal to weakness. We speak not of surrender as it relates to competition or the wars that spring from the ego. We speak of surrender to the flow of unconditional love and compassion that is yours in each and every moment. We speak of surrender to knowing that all that you desire is but the tip of the iceberg! If you could truly see the spectacular things that await you in your lives then you would not resist for one single second more!

Surrender is equal to faith. Surrender is saying "I know I am loved, I know I am divine, I know I am powerful beyond measure!" Surrender is saying "When I create from my mind and my ego the results are nowhere near what is possible compared to when I create from my heart!" Surrender is saying "I allow the walls that have been built by my fears to crumble so that the Love and Light can come through." Surrender is saying "I know when something seems to go wrong or fall apart that it is really only because something more spectacular is coming." Surrender is saying "It’s ok if I don’t know what is coming, because all I have to do is trust that the benevolent love of the universe is providing for me."

We will remind you that we do not support the idea that you must sit idly by and wait. We say only that to act when you are inspired from the heart to act will bring you all that you truly desire. We will remind you that life does not happen to you, that it happens through you and that you are not a powerless victim of your life, you are God in human form. 

Surrender is the act of saying “I accept responsibility for all that I have drawn to me.” The moment you acknowledge that you are the creator in your life then you immediately take back all of your power. When you send out the signal to the universe that you acknowledge your inherent power, it immediately becomes available to you. It is only when you sit and think that you must wait for permission from some external force that the universe lovingly reflects back to you that belief. It is like waiting in front of the locked door with the key in your hand, waiting for someone to tell you to unlock the door! (laughter)

We know that we must sound like a broken record! (laughter) Repeating the same message over and over. (more laughter) We only wish to impress upon you that the universe is an inclusive one that responds to your vibration. When you vibrate with powerlessness and fear and the idea of lack, that is what will lovingly be delivered to you. You are the creator of your own existence. Free will can never be overridden.

Surrender will happen in one of two ways: when you decide that it is time to accept your power, or when the physical body dies and you return to your Source. Either way you will know the glory of who you are in those moments! Of course we would prefer for you to know it in this lifetime, in this moment, in this now!

Surrender all that you think that you know and open your hands to accept your true power! That is the truth of surrender!

In Love and Light we leave you.


The Lighted Ones

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