Synchronicity and Heart Connections: By Caroline Aguiar

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Written by Caroline Aguiar

I find the degree of synchronicity which has occurred not only in my life, but in the lives of many, is absolutely astounding.  People whom I’ve never met before are suddenly appearing from out of the blue at exactly the right time when I need them the most.

Their sense of loving presence during my communications with them brings such tranquility, while at the same time, I feel inspired.

This series of synchronicities which started for me about three months ago have all been extremely significant.  What felt up in the air, and unresolved, has suddenly settled, and miraculously resolved themselves. I didn’t have to do anything except stand back, as an observer, away from my fears, and/or worries over said circumstances, and allow the universe to do it’s work, always for the greatest good.

I decided instead of beating my stick against the current, I’d get out of my own way, and allow everything to fall into its correct place.  I’m starting to think the more we get out of our own way, we’ll see many more of these wondrous synchronicites take place, as the loving universe lends us a hand when we need it the most.  This, along with the divine web of connection we have with each other is extremely heart warming.  It brings me great comfort in knowing we are coming together in loving unity with each other, and with All That Is.

I’m working on an article about Truth at the moment.  This came from a song, which played over, and over in my head upon awaking again in the early morning hours.   Does anyone remember the American Revolutionary song, Glory Hallelujah?  The exact words are “Glory Hallelujah, his truth is marching on” only I heard the words, “The truth is marching on”.  I laughed with delight, because this is exactly what is transpiring everywhere.

Truth is marching on. Everyday we discover truths about ourselves, and about the world, We also discover truths about what we once thought was taboo, forbidden, or scary, which are in fact, not so scary, and not all that taboo.  I’m referring to the Spiritual Realms, and I believe we were all meant to have contact with this part of our existence.  It’s buried deep within us, and around us.  It always has been, and always will.  Unfortunately, from an early age, many of us were taught to shut it off, which is what we did. After so many years with our switch in OFF position, as we awaken, the switch comes ON again, as we remember, and embrace our truth.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of this magnificent world we live in, and part of this incredible web of life we are all connected to.

” Dearest ones, there is still much to learn which will enable all of you to carry out your mission here.  We are with you, and we are guiding you. What you believe as “new” really is not new at all, for you have done this many times before.  Do not fear what comes.  Allow yourselves to be who you are– absolute, and radiant light.

- A Loving Energy-

Love to you all,