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"The Wisdom of Turkey
Bear guided me down a winding trail through a forest until we reached a clearing. It seemed as if we were on the edge of a farm. I could see turkey pens in the distance and farm workers moving about. A very large turkey appeared to me and in a single, quick and majestic motion, opened his tail fan. Turkey wasted no time and spoke immediately and said “Do you think that we are not aware of what is going on here? You humans think that you are the ones in control, but we could stop this at any time. Mother Earth could stop this at any time. She already has begun this process. We do this for you, to teach you the value of sacrifice and sharing. Turkey inserted a vision into my third eye of families and friends coming together and sharing food. ”It is this that matters most”, Turkey said. “We share ourselves with you completely on your day of thanks. We sacrifice ourselves so that you may live and also learn that every day is a day of thanks and the importance of putting the oneness above the needs of the self. Everyone has something to share with their community to make it stronger and more harmonious. Visit our Spirit and we will teach you how to share from your heart. If you think you have nothing to share, you could not be more wrong.” Turkey continued. “If you do not know how to act for the greatest good, ask yourself one simple question before you act. Will this benefit the greatest good of all beings? If the answer is no, then don’t do it. It can be as simple as that.

I thanked Turkey for his medicine and Bear guided me from the space. Wanishi."

ART: "The Wisdom of Turkey" by Eric Labacz,www.WisdomOfTheAnimals.com

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