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Beloved friends,

12-12-12 is only now a couple of days away. When I went  for a walk yesterday the sky appeared to me absolutely unique and awesome, I can’t remember having seen a sky like that ever before. 

It was of a new developing blue, very deep and at the same time transparent, and white clouds like huge cotton balls appeared extremely three-dimensional and sculptural. They were sitting, it seemed, in respectful distance from the Sun that was of an unprecedented transcendental radiance and spiritual power. 

The colors seemed to be different than on any other days.

There is a new victorious  presence in the skies that seem to have become higher and fuller, and it seems to be out of reach now for the forces that want to harm our beautiful planet and us (all living beings on Gaia).

It looks like as if the higher dimensions (some say the 4th, others the 5th, depending on whether we consider time as the 4th dimension) are already starting slowly their appearance, as if our familiar 3th dimension very slowly begins to shift into a new reality.

I consider this to be a gradual preparation for the culmination of events, first on the 12-12-12, with expected very high incoming light and information, to prepare us for the even more powerful influx of energy on 21-12-12. 

In other words, the energy and light already arriving here is phenomenal, it is a light of unity and non-separation, a light that makes all equal and wipes out “difference”. On the feeling level it is the quality of Love everywhere, uniting all hearts as they allow this unification.

Stepping this warm morning outside and under the infinite blue Sky, with a few white fluffy clouds, looking for the Sun, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of awe and wonder. I shuddered briefly and had goose pimples, my heart electrified, releasing the inevitable “WOW”! 

There is something MAJESTIC at work, powerfully heralding our new Divine Reality, right here, on our for eons tortured Mother Earth with all Her Creations.

The Divine Promise Is on Its Way. It comes from the Heart of the Universe, that is the Doorway to the Infinity of the  All-Powerful Divine Consciousness.

This heart-overwhelming Presence is the Power of Existence Itself, Unseparated, the Expression of Undivided Being-ness, the Power that holds all universes and beings together. It Widens the heart to an Opening in Which the Mystery of All-That-Is Reveals Its undeniable Reality. In this Reality and Beauty our Heart, the Heart of Gaia, the Heart of the Sun, and the Heart of the Cosmos are United. In It we human beings transcend our limited form and discover Who We Are: The Oneness of One Consciousness.

Dearest friends, It IS coming! The big planetary and universal change is on its way, the first forerunners already send their glorious messengers into this troubled world with Most Tangible Signs! The view into the universe suddenly being unobstructed, the longstanding quarantine an illusion.

In this to Arrive New Reality duality is being transcended. The Energy is so Powerful already now that It Overrides all that appears to be separated. It Reveals the Powerful Now of the Essence from which all seeming separate beings and things are created. 

Coming such to the forefront, the lesser perception of separateness is forgotten, while we are lifted up to a new powerful vibration of Light that Is Love. But not merely in the usual separate sense of “I love you”, but rather as the mighty I AM LOVE. 

This is, what I directly saw and experienced.

With Adoration,


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