These Crazy Times and The 12th Insight

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GFP Commentary: In the following video Daniella Breene discusses the basics of what is occurring now energetically speaking. Although her terminology differs with the following explanation, she essentially is describing the 12th insight.

 12th Insight Description:

The Great Human Potential Movement After Letting go and Surrendering one's Free will, and giving it back to God by doing inner work, and Learning how to Love oneself Un-conditionally, and also by re-membering where one came from and all the experiences lived on earth; i.e. the part of the story they have played throughout Earth's history...

The lower vibrational Human Being then moves into becoming a Multi-dimensional human and merges with the Higherself or Oversoul and "Breaks the Glass Ceiling" the Bonds of their thoughts. For some, according to contract prior to incarnation, this is initiated as  A Divine Human well as others will receive a Mission from Prime Creator to carry out A Divine Plan.....The first is to anchor the 5th dimension into the 3rd dimension.

One then becomes an observer of one's life and looks through "eyes" of God, becoming an Instrument for Prime Creator in achieving the Highest best outcome for all of Humanity,  and is then Divinely guided in partaking in a Role in assisting the manifestation of Heaven on Earth...Which moves Humanity out of separation and illusion and into Divine Un-Conditional Love

13th Insight - One then gathers all of the lives lived into the Moment of Now....To begin Manifesting A New Story.....gathering the 144,000 aspects of self into Full Consciousness.... Birthed, The New story is the new Reality into one polarity which is under the supreme  of Prime Creator..Duality fades away....and those contracted are drawn together magically or by "Set ups" To Birth this New Reality and then share it to others...

~Mother/Father God Amon-Ra




Very Fascinating

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Very Fascinating

How She Is Saying

She feels Two heart Chakras

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