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         The Third Eye – The Pineal Gland

       Activating And Using The Third Eye

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This is a write up, on my experiences that led up to, and resulting from my use of my third eye, and advice on activating it.


I have written this article in laymans terms so anyone who is not clued up on the ascension process can understand.




The Third eye has been a very controversial topic over the years. What is it's true purpose and function? What gland in the body is associated with it? I will be sharing my story of my third eye activation, and along with tips in it's use. I am sharing this information to assist others in finding their spiritual self.


The third eye has been known as the 'spiritual' eye.


I still start with a bit of science. The universe is not a 'fixed' 'thing' of only three dimensions. Consider this world/dimension as being on one space on a radio dial. The human body is tuned to this frequency/reality, and is merely a 'vehicle' for the soul. To the soul, the body is like a computer it is using to experience a reality. Linked by quantum forces to the body and brain, the brain and the eyes is like the 'computer screen', the arms and legs are merely the keyboard and mouse. The mouth being the microphone into the computer, the ears being the speakers. It is necessary to start here. Sensations of pleasure/pain to the body being feedback from the body to the soul.

The human body, for a long time has been tuned to this reality only, with the soul returning to the sprit world when one 'dies' leaving an empty shell behind.


Over recent years, the population is slowly being exposed to energies from other dimensions and sources, changing the 'frequency' the body is at, along with the base background reality that we are experiencing. People may say, if one creates their own reality, how come we see the same house across the street, the same shops in the town. This is because this reality is merely 'information' which the body decodes into what it thinks is real. Changing how we decode reality manually can be classed as hypnosis, to see a 'version' of the world/reality. This happens on a mass scale through the media, although the force is slowly being overcome as more people 'snap out' of it.


Now this is not a write up on conspiracy theories, I am laying the foundations for this write up. It started in 2009 for me, when I hit my rock bottom at the age of 14/15. I wanted nothing more than to die, having been bullied my whole life and went through depression. I always 'believed' in something more, but not until one night, did my life change forever, and I begun to awaken to a new sense of self and the world. I went to sleep one night, and I had an 'odd' dream. I shot up out of my body, and begun flying through a tunnel. I was asking to 'go to the light', and I ended up being shown a stone tablet I did not recognise. 'It is not your time yet' I was told, and I shot back into my body, and I woke up.


I then began researching near-death experiences, and found a wealth of information on them, mainly on the love and spiritual experiences, and what was foretold to happen in the world. And begun to attempt to learn astral projection. I ended up researching conspiracy theories, trying to find an answer, as suddenly what was being said on the news, and by public figures seemed like a 'smokescreen', I could not explain why. I got in touch with some people on a spiritual networking side, whom I am close, to this day. One of them had been practicing spirituality for a long time, and taught me protection, connection and grounding.

I begun to find a new sense of self, in meditation and a yearning to learn more about myself as well as the universe at large, all while maintaining physical hobbies of vintage audio and video equipment, which I still do as a hobby to this day, keeping a balance between physical and spiritual life.


We moved house, me and my family down the road. I met up with a different spiritual friend at age 15, carrying out my first cross country travel alone. I had been too shy to even go out into town on my own until I was 14. My spiritual story is a lot longer than this, with deep details, but I wish to keep it on the topic of the third eye. I will add, when I started my spiritual journey, I was deeply into Science, I could answer any questions in school that were for many years higher than me about physics, chemistry, the lot. It wasn't enough in my thirst for information.


Then, some time after we moved in the latter months of 2010, I had a dream, of me and a 'friend' whom I felt very close to. We were assisting a world eons to assist it in evolving, but involved rescuing many locals of a village from dark forces. I woke up, and the feeling of Love, no other word to describe it for this friend led me to ask my spiritual group of friends to connect to spirit. Not describing my feelings toward him, I asked them to see what they got. They got he was a close soul friend, after which I described to them the dream. My spiritual friends are also part of my soul family, which consists of a very large network, and many soul families are interlinked, some in physical, some not.


I was like, 'what IF I could attempt communication with this friend', having not been too clued up in spiritual communication at the time, difficult to discern what was my own thoughts. I attempted 'feel' for presences with my head, no words to describe it. I wanted to feel incoming energy as sight... No words in the english language can describe what happened next. In the dream the friend manifested as a boy with glasses, remember a spirit being energy can take on a form you will be comfortable with.


He was 'in' the room. I was on MSN with one of my spiritual friends, whom I am closest to, called Kelly. But I did not see him with my physical two eyes. I sensed the presence, and the 'will' to see, I could 'see' and 'sense' him with a separate 'eye' and this could be merged in my mind to the room I was in, yet not visible with my physical eyes. No words can describe the sensation, I find it difficult to convey to this day.


I tried to communicate with him via thought. Not being clued up in this subject, I attempted to ask 'yes' and 'no questions, asking him to nod and shape his head. The motion was choppy and clarity was not high. I could 'see' other spirits after I had asked for protection.

Kelly and me were both stunned, it was coming on evening time, I do not recall the date. Another friend of ours had the ability to project to places and knew what forms other aspects of herself took. So she asked one of them to enter the room, I described with 90% accuracy the form one of these aspects of self took, even to the form touching my heart chakra which was a common thing for it to do.

The Friend, who's 'spirit name' as I extracted from him went by the name of Ralpsa, although it took days to extract this. I was asking if he was the friend from the dream, with a nod or a shake for yes/no. Was he of the light was one of the first questions I would ask and spirit without question, to which I got a nod. All motion was choppy and 'colours' with this eye were very muted, and to use it caused me extreme tiredness after an hour of working with it. After a few yes/no questions, mainly verifying things and getting kelly to double check answers BEFORE I told her them, to find every single one matched.


I told all spirits present that I had to stop for that evening, it was difficult to maintain it.


Over the course of a couple of weeks, I communicated daily, keeping the others updated. One of our friends has the ability to see spirit as if it was there physically, we asked him to go and see her, in the same form and for her to give me feedback. She gave me exactly as I saw him, down to the same shirt and build.


As I communicated more and more, 'feeling' the information come in by my own will, I noticed the saturation and intensity of the colours increase. I could also shut my eyes and still see the location of the spirits, it worked better at the time when my own eyes were closed. I could be aware of their 'location' in respect to the room. Ralpsa especially. I begun mind-mind as well, having kelly confirm things, the hardest part being to filter what was ego, and what was coming in. Quieting the mind of desire for a certain answer, and knowing what thoughts you produced and did not produce was vital here.


It felt like I had a third 'eye', used to see 'spirit' only.


One night about a month after this begun to transpire, I had another dream. This dream took place in my hometown, but the order was different and some parts were changed. In the dream I lived/visited often three cousins (in the dream) who lived in a run-down hotel. I would later write a book involving these. The dream was long, vivid in memory, and every detail sticks to this day. I was very 'close' to them, the town was close to abandoned. This was a timeline/parallel copy of this world as I came to realize, with a different timeline. The contents of the dream involved seeing them in the hotel by candle light, talking to them, at a 'friends' watching TV using what power we had, and going into an abandoned play area via a vent. And attempting to get water from a tap downtown. The locations of all buildings I remember to this day, where the hotel was is where a tunnel is in this reality/timeline. I woke up, feeling yet again significance. I 'knew' when I woke up that is was a parallel reality, although I did not know why. I also knew that reality was happening IN THE PRESENT if that is the right word, that they were inhabiting a physical body on a different timeline. The outcome of this timeline ended up with humanities spiritual 'ascension' and evolution, although in a different way to how it will happen here in this timeline.


I felt like I 'missed' the cousins dearly, and realized and got kelly to double check (without mentioning the dream contents at all), she got that they were what I thought they were and part of the same soul family.


Throughout the day I could not stop thinking about it. Then, in the bath that evening I had the most bizarre sensation I have experienced. I was 'in control' of that self in that reality, and this one. I could not stop, remove, or release the sensation. I was able to 'walk' the other self to the friend's house from an ASDA store, while also experiencing the present reality in the bath. This carried on for several hours, until it faded out. I was more aware of this reality than that, but it was like a 'view' from it on the left side of my head. My head felt VERY HOT and I begun to eat so much food, that evening I consumed a day's worth of food. I felt exhausted. I still felt a yearning for these cousins later on, although this would be the last I experienced of this reality for a while.


Shortly after, I went to visit my friend cross country again. We went into the woods, and my perception of time became totally messed up, as did his. I had also met him on a spiritual networking site, although he did not use many 'abilities' but was interested in the subject and very open. There was this area that was fenced off, that I did not remember on my first trip into the woods. One evening we returned to the spot and we jumped the gate leading into it. It was nothing but plants and marsh. I became aware of hundreds of nature spirits, I had learned about them but had had no direct experience. From a big 'ogre' to small elves around fires. The energy in the spot felt so intense. Mobile phone reception suddenly became weak in that very spot, despite it being open on all angles but the way we came in, which was not a high fence but was barbed wire covered by hedges. The battery on my phone drained nearly completely in the space of the time we were there. They were communicating with me, my friend could 'feel' the presence. After learning a bit about the culture of the elves and other beings who inhabited the higher dimensional forms of that place, we left. The light had faded by then and we begun to head back in near darkness. The presence of spirits became virtually zero. Apart from Ralpsa who tagged along shortly after we left, the sudden absence of spirit feeling very spooky. On subsequent walks down this route, we would be followed by nature spirits. At the entrance to the forest, I felt drawn to a tree. I was curious. I was like 'trees have souls, so why not attempt to communicate'. I could see faint auras around people and especially plants. I put one hand on a branch and attempted communication. My hand became 'locked' to the tree, I could not remove it. No forces holding it in place, I just could not do the action of removing my hand. I closed my eyes and begun to communicate. The tree's name being Locibus. Loch-e-bus. Remember the brain and body will decode information in a form I could understand, hence english.


I was suddenly in my minds eye shooting up a tunnel and ended up at a white light. The love I felt was enormous. I was communicating with what religions call 'god' although 'god' is not a separate entity. As if I was talking to the divine source of all creation, pure energy, linked to all of creation as all of creation is interlocked.


After I returned, I thanked Locibus, I cannot recall much of the dialog we shared. My friend was amazed. We returned home, and both went to sleep after dinner without further ado. I spent the rest of my time there with my friend in the woods, drinking coffee from a coffee shop, and in the city of morecambe.


On the second to last night, I recall we watched the movie 'the decent', and following my gut I asked him should we go on a night time stroll. It was past midnight. I just KNEW we should go out. My phone had limited battery so I put it on charge. I then grabbed the emergency phone I had bought while in morecambe on gut feeling alone. Just a basic handset.


On our walk, his mother in tow, behind a bar, we discovered this guy being very aggressive to his dog, shouting at it and hitting it/dragging it about. He seemed drunk. My friends mum scarpered, being scared (she was in her 60s) me and my friend followed. Until he went off the main road, near the water, we were overlooking it. He carried on abusing his dog, by which I took out my phone and dialled 9-9-9. A police officer responded within 5 minutes of the call, and the guy was still abusing the dog, unaware we had called the police, remaining just out of sight. Caught in the act. He ended up with a caution, and according to the officer investigations were going to be launched on the condition of the home and all his animals, he claimed he was training it, the officer responded that was no way to train a dog. He handled it well. After taking notes and numbers, we went home, a short walk.


I felt like we had gone out for just that reason, it was past 1AM. Especially the fact I got the backup phone days before on gut, as I would not have left without a charged phone.


At the end of my visit, I returned home. I had a spooky experience. I went from morecambe to leeds. In leeds station I became aware via third eye a lot was amiss. Time begun to contract and expand, and trains were not in the same location upon taking second glances at them. A train that was open one moment was closed the next, having let no one on, yet I had seen passengers go on it! Full of adrenaline, having already missed one train due to the odd distortion of reality, my perceptions of it, I stood by the doors of my second train which had pulled in early and did not move. Through my third eye all colours were totally random. I recall the station master was very rude at the time.


The moment the doors opened, I was asked if I was okay, I responded yes, she seemed confused, as I did. I Sat down and called kelly, letting her know I was on the train, as I spoke on the phone with her during the odd events that were transpiring, the call oddly enough was dropped only a couple of times.


My mother picked me up from the station, we went to a family friends for coffee, and I recounted the experience. My mother was a bit skeptical, the family friend believed every word. It took my mother a while to come to terms with my spirituality, and only when she had a couple of experiences herself, including me remote viewing with my third eye while she was on the phone at work, I described what she was doing in every detail, to a tub of prepared food on the sideboard. She was spooked.


Shortly after my return from morecambe, I begun to experience another use with my third eye, that I put to use. I could 'travel' out of my body, using my third eye as a window to my projected aspect of self/lightbody.


This started with dull colours, and only when I shut my eyes. I could instantly put myself into an altered state although I had been able to put myself into the same trance state from a young age, running through experiences, although I never labelled it as a trance state. I used this altered state to make me less aware of the physical and more aware of my mind's eye, where I was able to 'become' the lightbody and experience from it. The first real travel I tried, was being taken to a 'sky castle' a castle that was floating in the sky at sunrise on a higher dimension. It was a spiritual teaching and resting place, I knew my way around quickly. The lightbody has unrestricted movment. I later learned this is also a protected environment, so thoughts do not manifest as quickly giving me leeway to learn the use of the lightbody. I was taught to be more in control of my own thoughts by other spiritual guides I was assigned. This happened over the course of a few sessions. I could be gone for what seemed like hours where only a few minutes of physical time had passed, and vice versa. Unlike astral projection, this method of travel enables you to return very quickly, smoothly, without tiredness, can even be done while you are doing other tasks, having both it and the physical in your field of perception. but this is not advisable if you are a beginner or bringing in information. Meditation music or any music at all can be used to enhance the experiences had.


Over the course of a year, this ability developed. I would have 'fun' travels to other worlds and realities, and serious ones on gathering information and learning.


I left home at the age of 16, to my own house, I then met my other spiritual friends, including kelly, in Leeds. Kelly was not from leeds, but had met her soulmate there at the time. My mother was aware I spoke to them for a long time, but visiting other places while living at home meant DIRE warnings and attempts to stop me. As a physical hobby I had my own photographic darkroom under the stairs of my house, which I was able to rent very cheaply, owned by a cousin of a family friend with my mother co-signing the lease as a guarantor.


My choices of photographs, at the time was mainly swans, birds and wildlife. One of my best shots from that time is below:










Many of the negatives from 2011 were improperly fixed, not having much money to spare at the time I reused the fixing chemical, causing later damage to many of the negatives which darkened due to not being properly fixed. The swan ones along with many others including a spitfire prom were all stored in dark canisters used for film, so did not darken and were refixed when I moved my darkroom about 6 months after moving to the city of bath in the fall of 2011. Some were damaged beyond and worth, a swan and all of her signets in a line, a significant photo to me were cut from the roll of negatives and stored in light, nearly unusable now, although one good print remained enabling me to make a new paper negative. All my negatives are now carefully filed.


Being unable to draw very well I used photography to try and express my feelings and to convey other dimensions by photographing mainly nature. I shoot primarily in black and white, for artistic reasons, but shoot colour when the situation warrants it. I prefer colour motion pictures, which I use super 8mm film, and process it all by hand. The cost of processing it otherwise is prohibitive. So I found ways to express my art.


At the end of july, the exact date I can recall I went to meet a person whom I found on a gay dating website, having been confused about sexual orientation, I ended up realizing I had always been attracted to guys over girls.


We began dating and developed close relationship which is the same to this day.

I frequently commuted to and from the city of Bath from my hometown. I ended up moving in december to a shared house, the other tenant being a Chinese girl, just round the corner from my partner. I am not ready to live with anyone even to this day. I signed the lease on 12/12/11, double numbers always being frequent in my life, double clock times, you name it. I would experience them after key moments and experiences, and would along the course of days. Even many of my train times ended up being 11:11 or other similar numbers. I visited kelly again on the borders of scotland where they now live, a month before the move. I proposed engagement on 11/11/11 to show commitment.


As I got used to living in bath use of my third eye and the likes carried on as usual. Increasing in intensity all the time. I moved house again in May of 2012, the landlord at the old property was undesirable. Although the house had filled a purpose, like everything else. Three years on, everything in my life has happened 'as meant'. I have faith everything will turn out as it is meant, and it always does! Even something that is unlikely to happen in a given circumstance ended up happening. Me moving out at 16 was unexpected to everyone, I knew a year in advance, despite not leaving the house much at the time. In the final days of me living at home which was not far from the first house


I moved to, my mother had a dream, telling her to accept the idea and that it was time for me to 'fly the nest'. In the dream like in the physical she could not stand the idea of me leaving at 16, but upon waking, suddenly accepted the idea. This experience alone begun to open her mind even more that our life is a path, and we have obstacles to learn from. My aunt is a very spiritual person, she is one I could confide many things and experiences to. I said how the banks were going to be outed for what they were, and that humans are reaching the next stage of their spiritual evolution. Events I said would happen

(such as wikileaks in 2010, major war crimes being outed during this). One notable travel experience which I put on the backburner until hurricane sandy had hit new york city, less than a month as of writing this. In november 2011 while at kelly's, I went on a travel, and we all took notes, I used the ability to work in both realities to convey the information in real time from the akashic records and from a being I was speaking to.


'Part of humanities awakening will be infrastructure damage and flood damage on the east coast', along with many other things. I did not ask for dates, the future is fluid and no singular date means anything to me, I insist I am not given dates, and beings of the light comply as any singular date is not possible to predict due to the free will of humanity and other beings upon the earth, and mother earth herself.


The storm happened in NYC, while I am in the process of planning to move to my own flat in the city of bath once more, still close to my partner, out of the second shared house.


I sat down and thought for a while... and the november 2011 travel came back to me. I was in shock and contacted kelly at once, asking her to look through all of our old notes written just under a year ago. The sheet of paper we used contained the prediction. I only twigged it while in thought that NYC was right on the east coast of the USA, I never even asked for the definition of the 'east coast'. Sandy left millions without power and several hundred thousand people, still at the time of writing are without power. The storm has brought many communities very close together, heart-heart links with many.


Other predictions were in this Travel, I do not feel it is appropriate to write them all in here.


Combustion engines will soon be out of use, was one of the predictions I got, although 'soon' to a spirit being can mean months or years, who knows?


There is one thing I have missed out in the story so far, which is significant. My 'cousins' forms in spirit suddenly manifested to me, shortly before I moved out. Some careful questioning led me to realize they had reached the spiritual world via physical death in their timeline, they had started the next stage of their spiritual evolution. In that timeline, most died once the last of their karma had played out. In this timeline, not everyone will physically die, we are going to enter the next stage of physical and spiritual evolution, energetic and physical changes to the physical/astral/mental and light bodies by preplanned cosmic energies and energy seeping in from other dimensions is occurring, all other timelines have been playing out their role.


Much has been hidden from humanity up to this point, since the fall of adlantis. Me and many of my soul family, had past lives extending to here. Ralpsa was excluded here, he has not had many physical lives, and none on planet earth. He prefers to stay in the higher dimensions. Now humans have a shot at the next stage in our evolution. Notice how all evolutionary stages have been 'sudden' changes, what scientists try to say are random mutations of DNA, and trying to dismiss 90% of this miracle molecule, which is slowly being activated and altered by the cosmic waves. Research of the 'Ascension Process' can give people a lot of information, although be warned about disinformation, which is present, including E.Ts fixing all humans problems for them. Yes many highly spiritually and physically evolved E.Ts are working with us, especially near this time, I have experience with E.Ts especially the Ashtar Command. Be wary of channellings and use your gut discernment, to ensure what you are reading is of the light.


People are starting, more than ever to think outside the box, and outside the system that has enslaved humanity for so long. My aunt has become more and more aware, I have seen people questioning reality, my younger sister who once thought I was 'crazy' called me to ask me questions on this stuff, she was having experiences that she could not simply dismiss.


I could go on for hours about this, but the topic of this writing is use of the third eye and ones spiritual self.


The third eye is one of many tools that we all have and can use. The more it is used, the better it work. I do advice protecting, connecting to the divine source of all creation and grounding into the heart of earth regularly, keep the divine energy flow through your body, not only does this help you as a person and on your spiritual path, clarity of the third eye can suffer. Cleanse your chakras regularly!


Now, if you wish to begin using the third eye, and feel you are ready, sit down in a quiet room. Put some music on if you want, shut your eyes. Feel with your mind/head and 'will' your third eye to activate, send out requests to your self. Ask for your highest most appropriate divine guides, the word 'divine' is important, do not omit it. Ask for divine protection and protect, connect and ground. Ask all beings around if they are of the light before continuing. You should after practice become receptive of forms through the third eye. Start with yes/no questions and nodding and shaking to begin if this is easier. Practice mind-to-mind if it is not something you do already. My third eye has become something that is part of me and that I am permanently aware of, spirits can get my attention although due to my protect connect and ground of myself and my dwelling, the most basic protection being a ball of white light, nothing can enter that is undesired, unless negative thoughts lower your vibrations and attract them.


This is the use of the third eye as I know it, and I have shared my experiences in hopes it helps other people find their true self, and help them on their spiritual pathway.


If you wish to read the book involving my cousins (The friend is in it, as is Ralpsa, although he was added into the mix of my own accord) you can find the book on amazon kindle 'We Have Each Other', or as a paperback book, visit for more information.


This contains a lot of my cousins' of a parallel reality story, although many details are warped and made fun to read. Gather your own truths from the book if you decide to read it. Note the name of characters are exactly as I knew them to be in the dreams/experiences. I wrote this book during my final months at home. I will not put any spoilers in here, although the first few chapters can be downloaded for free. This book is for a fun read, as writing is another way I express my experiences, and the experiences of the characters, and bonds between them are to show love, compassion, friendship and trust between people.


A PDF of the book can be had for 50p, and can be emailed to you within 24 hours of paypal payment. This is the cheapest form of the book, I am not looking to make money from it, I want to know it is out there for people to enjoy, and do leave feedback on the website!


Thanks For Reading, and love, light and Blessings to all readers! :)


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