Time To See The Beauty!

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There has been much talk of the not so good things regarding this current shift…now it is time to talk about the amazing! (Smiling) One of the most beautiful is the ability to embrace transparency and be at peace with it.  Yes, being open and honest with yourself and others may create some ‘hard feelings’; some may not understand your new-found freedom (because that is, indeed, what it is) causing them to react in unexpected ways.  Remember, darling child, this is not a reflection on you.  It is merely the issues they need to work on coming to the surface.  Never take it personally!
Another by-product of this ongoing shift is the beauty!  You will begin to see beauty in places, people and things you have not experienced before!  You will begin or have already begun to feel an extraordinary joy in just being alive and a definite sense of peace will settle into your soul.  In embracing that peace, the clarity being offered by The Universe will be astounding.  You are invited to take a bit of time today and really see/feel/hear all of this.  It will steady and calm you during the interesting times ahead. ~ Creator