A Time of Thanksgiving: By Caroline Aguiar

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Happy thanksgiving

Written by Caroline Aguiar

As the wheel of this year nears the end of its cycle, its often felt as if each season passed in a flurry, like a sudden snow storm blowing across the wide, open plains. Although there was much joy and cause for celebration, there were also times when we may have felt pushed, and pulled in all directions.

In my life, this year was incredibly eventful in many ways.  I still remember back in February, during my morning meditation when suddenly the word “change” came to mind.  I felt deep within, and with all my knowing, this was to be a year of great change. I didn’t know how, or why back then, but “change”,would definitely knock on my door.

The energetic fluxes which have accompanied us throughout most of this year have brought enormous amounts of love, and new ways of being which have enabled us to move forward with confidence in regards to inner transformation, emergence, spiritual growth, clarity, and a deeper understanding of purpose within our present lifetime.

As this year winds down, we may feel the need for deep introspection, reflection and remembrance, as we contemplate what has occurred in our lives during this past year. This is a special time when we’re called to deeply perceive the significance of our learning experiences, while at the same time, we might look forward to applying what we’ve learned within the different areas of our lives, such as our spiritual growth, our personal relationships, and within our communities.

In the Western hemisphere, particularly within the United States, people are preparing for the great Thanksgiving feast.  Aside from a delicious turkey dinner, which I truly enjoy, my idea of Thanksgiving is also an expression of our deep, heart-felt gratitude for all the love, and joy in our lives, for our families, our friends, our sacred partnerships, and our experiences to which we have learned, and grown from.  Most of all, we might give thanks for the endless opportunities which are opening up to us now,which solidify, and deepen our connection with our higher self, with our families of light, the Company of Heaven, and with each other, as brothers and sisters of this wondrous planet we live on.

We can’t deny there is still turmoil in certain areas of our world, but there is also hope.  Where there is hope, there is light.  It is my greatest hope that in the coming year, we will see the needed changes within our societies, and our governments, which will define the road towards a world that works for everyone.

There is also a heightened degree of transparency, and its spreading like wildfire throughout our governments, our societies, and within our personal lives.  I’ve felt the need to become more transparent myself.  The ego is our greatest obstacle. It is what stands between us, and awakened joy. The strength of the ego-self is defined by the degree of investment that we have in the people, experiences and situations that surround us. By divesting ourselves of our attachment to the objects of our lives, and becoming transparent to their impact on the ego-self, we become unassailable, emotionally and spiritually.  This is yet another opportunity which has opened up for us.  The choice to become transparent, or not.  In other words, letting go of our ego-self.

I am also deeply grateful, and appreciative of those who have overcome enormous adversity in their lives, such as young, Malala Yousafzai, who pathes the way in creating equal opportunities for education, and fair, respectful treatment for women not only in her native country of Pakistan, but for women everywhere.  She is a true way shower, and I greatly admire her courage, and strength.

There are many Lightworkers, Lightholders, and Wayshowers like Malala, who are working hard to create the new paradigm for our rapidly changing world.  We are all bringing forth the light, and we are all participants at this amazing time in the ascension of our planet.

We’re moving forward.  Each, and every one of us in our own unique way, and this indeed, is a tremendous blessing.  It is one which merits enormous gratitude, and thanksgiving.

Each day, as the sun rises, and warms the Earth, may it also warm our hearts, and our souls, reminding us of the many blessing in our lives. May there be thanksgiving, and love in the hearts of all.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, everywhere.

With love,

Caroline Aguiar