~Today is World Disclosure Day!~ 7~8~11 ~GALACTIC LOVE REPORTER ~ Steve Beckow

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~Today is World Disclosure Day!~



Welcome to World Disclosure Day 2011!

We’ve learned a lot in the years in which we’ve worked for Disclosure, longed for it, and prepared for it.

One of the things we’ve learned is how the Law of Attraction operates. The Law of Attraction is one of the design features of life. By its design, that which we desire (and also that which we fear) are brought to us. Perhaps not immediately, but eventually.

Moreover, we’ve also come to know about the Law of Free Will, according to which the galactics and spiritual hierarchy will not intervene in our lives unless we ask them to.

Combine the two and we see that, if we want Disclosure to happen, one of the ways we can speed it up is by joining together in desiring it and asking for it. To do so invokes both the Law of Attraction and overcomes the requirement of the Law of Free Will for our expressed request or assent.

So World Disclosure Day, organized by Stephen Bassett and Paradigm Research Group, is our opportunity to make it know to the universe that Disclosure is definitely something we want, something we’re prepared for, and something we see as beneficial for the entire world.

I remember once working for a spiritual bookstore here in Vancouver and suggesting to the owner that we needed a special shelf for  introductory books on enlightenment, like the Bhagavad-Gita, Tao, Dhammapada, etc. He looked at me with a steely eye and asked me where he should put the sign. “Outside the door?”

The whole bookstore was on enlightenment.

Similarly here, this whole site could be said to be about Disclosure and all the events that it ushers in or points to. Or spiritual topics that make it fully understandable. And so on.

So read anywhere you wish on this site and chances are you’ll be enhancing your knowledge of all that Disclosure reveals, enables, or leads to.

I acknowledge all who have waited for years and even in some cases decades for this event. Some of you are tired.  Some discouraged. Some depressed. I got it!

Far be it for me to tell you to feel any other way than you do. If you cannot carry the load, lay it down and let the rest of us carry it for a while.  We respect the work that you’ve accomplished so far and there is nothing dishonorable about sitting down with a mint julip and letting others sweat and toil for a spell. Guaranteed that everyone will know when the Big Day – D-Day – arrives and you’ll probably instantly regain your wind and excitement.

For the rest of us, it’s OK to be excited, but keep in mind that many people out there, even at this late date, still think that all of this is brain fever and grounds to get your vote cancelled so be prudent with the knowledge you have. If you tell others, tell only those you think can handle the news. Tell them only so much. Too much and they can flip out. Or you may deprive them of the joy of discovering things for themselves.

No one knows when Disclosure will actually happen but undoubtedly everyone connected with it is knocking themselves out to bring it in short of seeing real and extensive harm result to terrestrials at the hands of other terrestrials who oppose Disclosure or fear it.

If you’re anything like me, you’re growing and growing, whether Disclosure happens tomorrow, next week, or next month. The ride is definitely as enjoyable as the arrival.

So happy World Disclosure Day. Stretch your sealegs.  Cut your imagination loose. And have fun