Torturing Media for a Torturous Period – Be the Light; Be Positive

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Torturing Media for a Torturous Period – Be the Light; Be Positive

by GLR Gregory von Haesler on April 27, 2012



You turn on the Television. You put on, “The News.” Suddenly, you start getting agitated, depressed, self-esteem lowers and you go a little paranoid.

You are getting overwhelmed by a process which cannot be stopped, must not be stopped, and is a healthy crisis unfolding and developing into hard-worked solutions.

The world reflects a tumultuous time in which all predicted structures are falling.

 I and others have been aiding in this process. Those with eyes to see the etheric worlds will see many etheric pyres falling as we speak.

To say what is happening is that the world is going through an epic, cataclysmic shift. Try not to get bogged down by the media. The media will reflect oftentimes, the worst of what is happening. You must be true to your soul.

Inspire yourself. Find the light within. Find the eternal light that shines on days when the sun can’t touch you. You are light, inside.

We are all in this together. We are all helping this shift come together. Let’s start kicking things into high gear. At this time, we must get involved with communities. We must get directly into the heart and souls of people who need assistance. Energy healers especially, this means you. Start creating positive vortices where you are. Engage the spirits of your land and ask them to help aide in the shift at this time. My friends, call on thousands of angels if you wish/need to. I do. It does help.

Find the Positive in your Life. Visualize the Brighter days. The days where people love, and don’t hate. Be the change. You are it.

The Indigos are here. Let there be no doubt. The illuminati IS falling and this change can’t stop. We will be picking up the pieces soon enough. We all, as one.

The End is Nye. Keep your Positivity about you. Remember, an old dying world needs a new, loving world more than anything. Never forget who/we are. We are the lovers. We are the healers. We bring the peace. This is to be respected.

Find a happy place in your soul. Find something you can focus on which makes you feel more peaceful. Find something which makes you feel positive. This earth needs it more than anything! I am constantly trying to find something positive to listen to, pay attention to, talk about, and do. That’s what it’s all about right now. Positively.

SunGaze. Water Bathe. Get the proper food. Vegan Preferred. Do Yoga. Hangout with Positive People. Spread the peace wherever you go. Be the light. Know the light. Exude light. You are light.

We all must come together at this time. Forget about this old period, and grow out of it. It’s happening, we can all see that. We must be wise not to get caught up in the drowning situation. Be the buoy for those who wish to float. Be the love and light, and the boat.

In the White Light of the Divine

Gregory Matthew von Haesler


SGB – Visualise The Brighter Days – WWFMS



From now on... I am not going

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From now on... I am not going to read any article that starts out with words like torture.

True freedom comes from

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True freedom comes from turning off the news and discontinuing the news paper! It's all a distraction to cause anger, chaos and fear! My life has changed dramtically from breaking away from these two things! I focus on sending them love, light and blessings and pray for a peaceful shift! I trust that it is all in God's hands and I have nothing to fear!

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