Transcending Limitation: Walking The Highest Path

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Modern science has advanced to where it now can comprehend and show that we are all the exact same energy expressed in various forms. This confirms what consciousness scientists of the past have documented thousands of years ago: we are all unique aspects of the SAME source, which makes us all EQUAL to one another. In fact, it makes us one in the same. Rather than viewing each other as separate, its time to embrace the concept that we are all one. 

So if we are all the same thing, why all the variation, why are we all split up? It is an interesting question that has a simple answer: to experience all thefacets of life, to increase intelligence, and to find our way back to our true-self. Each of us, through our own eyes, has a different perspective of  life, not one is the same. Understand there is no right or wrong way to experience life, rather it is about simply EXPERIENCING, however that may be for you.

What makes sense to me, may not make sense to you. What is “right” to me may not be for you. Everything in your life is there for a reason and exactly what you need. We create our own lives, and attract to ourselves the lessons we need to learn.

Why do we need to learn lessons? In order to master this life so we can move on to the next step on our path back to our divine selves. That is why we are here, and there an infinite number of ways to get back.  As unique as our vibration is, the same can be said for the paths we choose to take in life.

When we separate from the source of all-that-is, we go from the highest vibration down to the lowest so we can experience every aspect of life. Along this journey, in order to free ourselves from the lower realms of density, duality, and suffering, we must raise our vibrations back up. To raise one’s vibration, as per the natural laws of the universe, love and compassion are the key ingredients. Staying in a high, or positive vibration, allows us to attract positive experiences, where as staying in negative vibration allows us to attract negative experiences. We continue to attract negative experiences until we LEARN from them. Only then can we move on to the next stage of our evolution. 

Each time we are born we come into the life with a consciousness blueprint of our accrued knowledge and carry the lessons we need to learn from previous incarnations without having conscious memory of them. We go from one life to the next doing the same things we have always done in different ways unless we can grow and realize why we are here. The bueprint we come with is referred to by some as “Karma”.

It is important to reiterate that there is no right or wrong, each person is on their own unique journey, and all end up at the same place in the end. Having good or bad karma is synonymous  to saying having high or low vibrations. Not only do we have to deal with our amassed karma thus far, we also obtain more karma in the current life.

This is where astrology is beneficial, and is why many successful and aware people in the world use or have used it. People like the world’s first billionare JP Morgan, Former US  Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, Nobel Prize winning physicist Albert Einstein, and many more. It is a map to your on-going consciousness and acts as a guidebook to ones life.  Many people near the end of their birth cycles, and ready for ascension, are attracted to it as it offers a very distinct advantage. What is ascension? Ascension is what physicists would call the raising of ones vibration, it is the progression of your unlimited consciousness to the next level.


One of the most prevalent examples is the story of Jesus Christ. Jesus turned his body into light and transcended the dense, lower vibrations of this reality as documented in the bible.

Also in the bible, Paul states in the Corinthians:

“This flesh and blood body will not inherit the kingdom”

We cannot experience “heaven” in this physical body, and this is precisely the same teaching at the heart of almost all religions. Every religion  has their own name for this light body: The resurrected body, rainbow body, diamond body, body of bliss, sun body, and the the list goes on. Swami Ramilingam is one of the more recent cases, as he turned his body into light in 1874 which was well documented by the British, as India was a colony of theirs at the time. Ramilingam personally documented, and went into great detail, on to how he did it, and the experiences he had during the process.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, not the other way around. Again we have Paul in the Corinthians reminding us that our bodies are temples for the holy spirit. The spirit is our true form we must reconnect with. While in this physical experience our body is likable to  a cocoon, and striving to emerge from it is the butterfly we truly are. In order for this to happen, in order for us to “inherit the kingdom”, we have to free ourselves from our “karma” thereby cleansing our consciousness and purifying our soul. There are many ways to accomplish this, and there are sciences that help facilitate the process. One such science is Nadi Astrology.

Nadi Astrology is a specific discipline within astrology that specializes in the lifting and removal of karma.  It is a consciousness identification science that originated from the higher realms/vibrations in order to help those of us who are seeking to change their destiny and transcend the limitations of our current perspective.

To be clear, it is NOT a requirement to do so, merely a specialized “tool” to speed up the process. It is a gift borne out of compassion from those who have gone through the process, left for those of us that are still going through it. Take advantage of this technology and put yourself on your highest path.

With Love,