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      ~**~    Happy Weekend, dear friends.   It is Sunday here in Australia and where I live, it is cool and sunny with beautiful
   blue skies.     We usually relate to Sundays as a day of Rest and Recreation, visiting parks and seasides, or hiking
   amongst nature.     As we are going through the Ascension every moment of our lives, the process is not aware of any
   stereotyped days !      So the lessons and the awakenings continue..........gradually allowing us to see for the first time
   what has been our strengths and weaknesses.     All very 'awakening' indeed !         And every physical aspect of this
   'spiritual' life we are really living, has been an aid in this personal awakening.      Every situation, every person, even every
   pet has played a part in our lives opening us up to the many faceted earth-roles we play. And  OH ! have we been tested ! ! !

     ~**~    It is amazing to discover that our very own minds have created the situations in our life for the lessons that we
   need/ed to learn.      It is in our minds that we store and create what we want in our lives, and thought is energy which can
   lead us to situations to fulfill our dreams and put us on the right path for a desired outcome.      So we really do need to be
   careful of our thoughts.........especially about other people and the energy they carry, as we don't want to be caught up in
   their  own created   'illusory'   world.      If we do, that is what, I feel, creates havoc and confusion in our own lives.
   Keeping our own energy-fields clear for our unique roles in life is of paramount importance !     This becomes more clear
   when you read blogs where others have become involved with this one and that one which has resulted in utter confusion.

     ~**~    I share with you now an excerpt from a very old book which lies in different pieces around my desk !
   The book is  -   Three Magic Words and   'Transfiguration'  can be applied to our present age of ascension :-

                   "  Slowly we are moving through the maze of complexity that surrounds our existence.   Slowly we are
                      dissolving the illusions and half truths that inhibit our minds and our powers.   Gradually the clutter
                      is being cleared away so that we may perceive the great and edifying truth in all its simplicity.  
                      The age is at hand;  the dawn is near.    In the words of Edward Carpenter,  ' When the individual is
                      no longer under the domination of the body and its heredity, but rising out of this tomb becomes
                      lord and master of the body's powers, and identified with the immortal Self of the world     -    such is
                      Transfiguration.  The whole of man's evolution is preparation for it. '   This is our path and our goal.
                      Long and persevering as it may seem, it is but a negligible flash in the history of man.   To him who
                      through it perceives the sublime feeling and power by which he is able to identify himself with the
                      immortal Self, all the ages of man will have directed him to that moment.   There is no greater goal
                      or undertaking within the realm of life and endeavour.        What is a year in its attainment?
                      Or even a lifetime?   Put your faith and trust in the mind of God, and follow the dictates of your heart.
                      ' To thine own self be true, and it shall follow like the night the day, thou then canst not be false to
                              any man.'   William Shakespeare. "

     ~**~   Have a beautiful weekend everyone, whatever you choose to make you happy.    Namaste with Love, Tara    ~**~