Transmissions from the Earth Allies Regaining all your Senses

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You have to let go of all lower thoughts, and then you step into "The Present Moment of Now", which is the Same as "The Love Called God Everywhere Present" You/Hu=ALL. Feelings only exist in the Present Moment of Now, anything in the past or future are not feelings, therefore they are not REAL and do not exist, except in fantasies. Feelings are only the experience of Love, True Feelings are all Higher Thoughts. Love is the Conduit of Being, where the Flow to Awakening is ever increasing. Let's give this example: what occurred in illusion is that you "lost" your senses. This was done to you, to dumb you down, so that it was easier to control you. Now, through all the Medical Teams, Your Family of Light assisting you, and through Our Information of Universal Codes, we are assisting you In Regaining all Your Senses. So Now, You are Coming Alive. You have been asleep, and in a dream. Your True Being of Freedom is Awakening from out of this dream, with then there being no more dream, Just True Reality, Alive, and Living in the Present Moment of Now, which is Always Eternal Life, Forever and Forever, darkness to never exist again. All that will exist is Light, which is Joy, Love, Abundance, and Happiness. As you Learn and Remember to Love Yourself, You Recognize, Your Light, and You begin to have Feelings, Like Bubbles of Joy in your Tummy! 

When you are born as a baby onto this Planet, you cannot go back into the Mother, correct? Would this be an impossibility? Of Course, it is impossible to go back from where you come from, You are Creation, therefore you always Grow. This is the same as when you step out of illusion, or the box, you cannot go back, once you Understand something, you cannot un-understand it. This is another impossibility, because you are Pure Consciousness Energy, made of Atoms, Therefore you are always becoming Grander, Aware or unaware. Once You Step out of Your Box, you are Then Born into True Reality, and you cannot go back, in Truth, there is nothing to go back to, because the past no longer exists. 

Humanity has been enslaved for so long, you have been in chains, unaware you were just in chains, because you had been programmed, and deeply ingrained, indoctrinated into the lies. We come along, Your Real Family, and ReHeart you of The Truth after 13 Millenia, Yes, we undertook a Challenge, however, Your Awakening is inevitable, and We are Aware of this Truth. If you were not going to Awaken Father God and I would Not be here in the Physical With you. Just Imagine a Teenager who gets sentenced to prison for life, and then finally at the age of 60, gets out of prison, to face the outside world he did not even remember. This is a small example of what is occurring Now, with All of you. You have been in a dense realm, hell, a prison that has held you captive from the Very Love and Truth of WHO YOU REALLY ARE. That realm you were in has been dissolved, to Set You Free, if you still think you have chains, they are only imaginary, and you must set Yourself free from the illusion. Say Hi to the Angels, They will Be Happy!!!!. You are Being Freed, to Experience True Reality, the Real Truth for the First time in 13 Millenia of Moments. Can you See the Grandness and Magnitude of this Event for you and all of Humanity?, YOUR COMPLETE AND TOTAL FREEDOM, THIS IS A WOW, AND AN OH! MY!GOD! CAN WE GET A HALLELUJAH? 
Held deep within your DNA, is the Remembrance of your True Divine Heritage, and this has been activated within ALL of Humanity. If the being rejects the Truth from Within, the more the being will go insane, as they are only denying themselves, fearing themselves, and the Love they truly are. We call this the True Armageddon. It is the fight with the mind=lie=ignorance=program=ego. Guess who wins anyway? Would this be Love? Let GO...Your Higher selves are speaking to you from within your Heart. Listen Closely from within your Heart. There is a Voice inside of you, which only speaks about Love, Light, Truth, Joy and Happiness, Can you Hear it? Once you Hear it, Let it carry you...

End Transmission in All Love IS

Love The Earth Allies