Triple Water Astrology – The Critical Degree! Weekly Horoscope – Week Starting Friday, January 30, 2015

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Neptune’s influence continues in the transits this week. Saturn and Uranus form an unusual alliance of sorts, attempting to compete with the powerful Neptune’s influence. The strong stellium of planets in Pisces, including Neptune in his home sign and Venus in exaltation, give a watery, dreamy feel to the transits that contrasts with Uranus’ quest for knowledge and innovation. Perhaps the grace and empathy of Venus, in Pisces, can help amalgamate the competing energies into productive manifestations. A fascinating example of one of the more personal planets – Venus – using her qualities in an attempt to harmonize the influences of several planets beyond Jupiter.

What might this week portend for you? Consider your Sun sign and rising sign/ascendant as well.


The week starts for you in a powerful way! You have access to Pluto’s power and transformation all week, with the strongest window for combining your initiating Aries energy with Pluto’s power at the start of the week. This is also a week for finding the silver lining in the cloud…a sense of idealism and peace might accompany Pluto’s powerful potential. You have an opportunity to be very flexible and take charge from February 2-4; those can be very productive and inspirational days for you. The second half of the week is promising for fun and opportunities to learn. Overall the potential for both achievement and personal growth are outstanding this week. Just for Aries: those with common interests might share fun times with you this week.


The Venusian theme this week is of great importance for you. Though difficulties inevitably present themselves at various times (watch for overbearing authority figures, for example), your week has the potential for creativity and inspiration, resulting in true understanding of someone or something by the end of the week. February 3 is a prime day for mental activity for you. January 31 and February 1 reflect a potentially strong emotional base, and close relationships have potential for fulfillment from February 1 to 3, if you can deal with any beneath the surface tensions effectively. Wisdom can be attained by week’s end, especially if you consider your past actions and future direction. Just for Taurus: will you finally accomplish a long-standing goal this week?


Your quick mind that enjoys absorbing information is still very strong this week! The beginning of the week is best for activities requiring the most mental effort. January 31 is a prime day for learning and practicing your area of expertise, and showing authority in your subject area. Close relationships can be productive for you all week, especially if you find the right balance of give-and-take in projects at work or home. The last day of the week (February 5) can quickly become very much about the past; focusing on the present rather than issues that have already been settled can make this an upbeat, accomplishment-oriented week all around. Just for Gemini: be aware of siblings or younger people in need this week.


The week starts with what might feel like a flurry of activity. Using January 30 for networking and being out and about (running errands, for example) can be very productive. January 31 brings some heavier energies; it’s a prime opportunity to examine past mistakes in order to move forward. Neptune’s inspiration and Venus’ empathy can work well for you on January 31. The week lightens up again around February 1 and 2. Focusing on fulfillment in close relationships and personal growth are powerful themes on those days for you. Using the end of the week to focus on projects that demand fine detail and being meticulous probably would work well for you. Just for Cancer: how can you direct your influence among your peers this week?


Logic and thought are influential factors for you this week. February 2 is prime for innovative ideas and sudden insights. Gaining wisdom from difficult situations, or attaining insight, has strong possibilities on January 31. Relationships start to fade a bit into the background for you this week in terms of priorities. Opportunities to develop and use sharp perspectives become more prominent for you on February 3, and Jupiter’s optimism becomes a stronger theme for you as the week progresses. Your emotional base is strong from about February 2-4, a propitious time for emotionally connecting with other people. Just for Leo: what beliefs do you have that might be appropriate to “re-examine” with the current Mercury retrograde?


Saturn’s grip slowly becomes stronger as the week progresses, but your earthy Sun tends to accommodate Saturn’s structure reasonably well. Emotional connections tend to be most productive at the beginning of the week, and then the end of it. Mercury’s current retrograde might be throwing you off a bit, but if you slow down and use your meticulous Virgo qualities this can be a productive week. If you feel stressed from Mercury’s antics or Uranus’ shocks and surprises, close relationships can be a source of support. Just for Virgo: what in your life needs to be refreshed?


People skills are front and center for you this week, strongest around February 2. External authority can feel heavy this week, but it becomes easier to deal with as the week progresses. Saturn might be of use in helping you structure Neptune’s creativity. Neptune’s inspiration and idealism is strongest for you around February 1. Developing and experiencing spirituality is a major theme for you at this time, and if you have an interest and talent for doing so, reading people and intuiting their thoughts and feelings has much stronger than average potential this week. Just for Libra: with Mercury retrograde, can you change directions as certain situations demand?


Your Scorpio determination and drive are stronger than average at the beginning of the week. The effect fades by the end of the week, but imagine what you can accomplish before then! Creativity in intellectual endeavors is also a strong theme for you this week, perhaps helping you to navigate the current Mercury retrograde. Projects requiring some kind of scrutiny or auditing have greater than average potential for success. Uranus’ intellect and Neptune’s watery imagination clash in the heavens, but the power of both are available to you this week, with requisite hard work as the trade-off. A rather intense week, but your Scorpio Sun likes it that way! Just for Scorpio: with Mercury retrograde, take care in making choices, especially in personal matters.


A nice circuit of energy supporting use of the mind is in the heavens this week, and you are particularly affected by it. Neptune’s imagination and Uranus’ genius can be of great assistance this week in forming original ideas. So your personal philosophy is more emphasized this week and you have a nice opportunity to think about it and further develop it. This week is also a renewed opportunity to be creative and productive in work, especially with work involving machinery and tools. If projects and situations require immediate attention this week, you tend to be a good candidate to handle them. This can also be an emotionally fulfilling week, with your emotional base strongest on February 2 and 3. Just for Sagittarius: what situations require your boldness and assertive qualities this week?


Possible tension in relationships at the beginning of the week fades by week’s end, and close relationships have potential for greater happiness as the week progresses. The struggle between Uranus’ knowledge and Neptune’s beliefs is more biased towards Uranus’ knowledge as a theme for you this week. Use of logic and reason becomes a stronger theme for you as the week progresses. Still, approaching spirit should not be discounted and perhaps has the greatest potential for you this week, if you’re willing to use that tenacious Capricorn Sun to move closer to Neptune’s spiritual endeavors. This week is also very much about the past for you. Past issues, even unpleasant issues, might be used productively combined with a firm idea what you want in the future. Just for Capricorn: if you’re at a crossroads, what light will lead you in the best way forward?


Plenty of original insights are available to you this week. This entire zodiacal month, with the Sun transiting your sign, contains promise for using the Aquarius energy to maximum benefit. Last week’s theme of considering your future direction in terms of the past is less intense, but still a strong theme. You might struggle to see all of the relevant facts in a situation, but working towards doing so can be very rewarding when you finally are able to gain an accurate perspective. Good times in personal life and close relationships are an ongoing theme for you these days. A sense of structure and discipline, present but not overbearing, might also help you achieve important goals and aspirations this week. Just for Aquarius: the possibility of being a mediator is strong this week.


This can be a productive week for you, personally and especially professionally, if you are willing to make the tradeoffs prominent for several other signs this week – gains through hard work. Relationships are a strong plus this week, and your Pisces ability to operate outside of the senses might be on overdrive this week. Harmonizing and cooperating with other people is front and center this week for you, and close relationships have greater than average potential for fulfillment and support by the end of the week. Watch for an opportunity to connect or balance with significant others on February 5, probably the most pronounced opportunity to do so this week. Just for Pisces: you might be a shoulder to lean on this week!

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