~ Trucker's ON Strike~ General Shares~ Its The Moment Humanity Rises Up

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 From Fox News Interviewer: General what do you hope to accomplish here?
General: What we hope to accomplish today is the beginning of 
making the federal government smaller and getting it back 
inside the framework of the Constitution. We are looking for an 
Egyptian moment here; where instead of 30-35 million people all 
across the nation we have participations by 100 million 
Americans standing up together, uniting. Saying "We have had 
enough. We want out country back." It's time for the people to 
rise up and tame this beast that is the federal government. Our 
non-representing Representatives have got to listen, they've 
got to be put on notice: 2014 is coming, 2016 is coming, and 
what's coming with it is We The People and big, big change. 
This is the beginning, this is the springboard for this.
Interviewer: When you say "enough", enough of what? What have 
you had enough of?
General: Enough tyranny, enough taxation, enough big 
government, we've had plenty enough of THAT.
Interviewer: Is there one thing that was the tipping point for 
this movement?
General: Obamacare probably had a whole lot to do with it; 
being a tipping point. Obviously this movement was being 
planned and was underway well before the shutdown, but you know 
what? We thought we'd add our own brand of shutdown to this and 
just cut the city off, and in a way, in a symbolic way, sort of 
shut down D.C. to isolate them the way D.C. and all their 
regulations and everything are just choking the life out of 
this economy, out of our rights, out of our freedoms. I'm doing 
this for my grandchildren. So my grandchildren can take, and 
have the opportunity to grow up in a United States of America 
that IS free, with a much smaller, less intrusive federal 
government, power returned to the States, and to the People.
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keep it going truckers we

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keep it going truckers we thank you for your courage and heroism but i certainly hope we dont gotta wait till 2016 for everything to happen its time for full disclosure and time for the cabal to leave humanity and mother earth have had enough suffering from them they need to leave soon not 2016 way sooner 2014 at latest its time to take our planet back