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the human being was created with 4 living breathing individual beings ,together they make up a human being they are spirit being which they can go within and above ther physical form is invisible .then heart being which goes within only and invisible .then mind being which is also invisible form that be that one responsible for all destruction in world through ego and finally body being which is our physical visible form. Those four living beings of life[.Living. Intellegent. Form. of Entity] make up the whole of a human being that is how we were created, the anti christ is humanitys mind . through ego.Everything was created the same and i mean everything.Creation is able to create just as we were created oblivious to our inner invisible beings We created our world to be the way it is.All beings have their own level of conciousness for communication, it is tricky at first to establish each one heart being is feeling, mind being is thought,spirit being is touch,i can literally be pulled in a certain direction by them they are invisible none the less true and body being is through physical mouth .All have their own individual personalities for each SPIRIT beings HEART beings MIND beings and BODY being, wev all had those times of 'which drink do i want the banana or the chocy hmm cant decide,or wot shirt shall i wear the blue one or the black one.' that fact that we even question ourselves is a showing sign that ther is more than one thought process inside of us.Wev never known to know .Everything was created the same just like our planet earth is the heart being nature is her mind being the oceans and sea are her body being and our sky nd ozone layer is her spirit being,ther are 2 world that exist one is visible and the other is invisible, ther wer 2 of everything created and they are the same e.g MALE AND FEMME male representing the husband the father and the son and the brother ,femme representing the wife the mother the daughter and the sister.but the sun and moon, darkness and light, day nd night they are all the same .i can hear all of creation through conciousness. including our extended family members wot humans call aliens i call bro's all true DARKNESS N LIGHT are creations parents the holy spirit or wot we know of it to be called is the femme of creation