~The Truth About the Dark~

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By Earth Ally Will Harader


Darkness is only self-ignorance. Darkness has nothing on the Light, it's not even real, it's an illusion that people still foolishly spread amongst each other. The "evilest" things are always done under the guise of fighting "evil", which should tell people a lot about the nature of good/evil darkness/light dualities.


Science tried to find nothing, so they looked in a vacuum to see what was there. When they looked really really close at what should have been empty space, they found energy. Every inch of this Universe is made of energy, also known as light. Darkness is only a concept within the mind, this Universe is made up of Light in an endless range of Multi-Dimensional frequencies




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Well said man !  Thanks for this terse reminder.

And I saw a bumper sticker:

,   Remember, the Darkness is the Light

Fair play to you Will. A

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Fair play to you Will. A timely reminder. You are 100% correct. God bless........or should that be 'Light' bless you. Thanks.