The Truth~ What is Means to Be a Pure Being~

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Earth Ally Will Harader

Purity of Being


It's not pure water, food or air that cleanses a Being. In fact, no physical thing is going to cleanse your Light Body, especially because your Light Body is already pure. The "impurities" that people feel lie within the mind, and those are what need to be cleansed. Poisoned thoughts leads to poisoned bodies, not the other way around.


People are going about it a totally backwards way, though most people on this Planet are living upside-down. They believe change in the physical, what they do in the lower dimensions, creates change in the Higher. Even people who don't consciously believe this still act like that's the way things work. Go tell that to any Master and they'll find it highly amusing. The Master knows which way Energy flows.


Now many, if not most, on their path to Freedom make the choice to cleanse themselves and then they change their physical habits (like what they eat, drink, etc). They feel better afterwards, but often the root cause is missed. It's attributed to what they did, instead of the fact that they made a conscious choice to improve their lives. They were clear in their intentions, and got precisely what they asked for, but they miss what truly created the change. It wasn't what they did afterwards that brought change, it was the purity of their intention. It's a case of the outer reflecting the inner, not the other way around. This is something very important to understand.


Then there's the whole idea of "purity" itself, which can mean all sorts of different things to different people. Some very ugly beliefs masquerade behind the idea of "pure", like the whole "pure blood" madness. The only thing that's going to create a truly holistic and healthy Life is purity of Consciousness. That's a clear Consciousness that's not polluted with attachments, and it's the most Pure thing I can think of. A lot of what constitutes pureness is simply judgment. For example, the toxic chemicals in the water, is it the molecules themselves that are impure? Are certain arrangements of atoms less pure than others? That seems absurd to me, the impurity comes from the intentions of those who put the toxic chemicals in the water.


A Conscious Being can smoke, drink, and eat McDonald's food while maintaining Higher Consciousness. An unconscious being can drink only the purest water and eat only organic food, while having that obsession with what they put in their bodies only serve to keep their consciousness stuck in the lower dimensions. Worrying about and chasing after only "pure" things to put inside your body can easily become a distraction, and hinder your growth more than it helps.


Now, nowhere am I saying to eat unhealthy food or poison your body. People want to create belief systems about how they should be living their lives and they look to messages like this one for how to do it. My message is simple, do what makes you feel free! Do things with Conscious Awareness of how it makes you feel, not a belief about what you're supposed to "get" out of it. Keep what works, get rid of what doesn't.


P. S. Another member of the Galactic Free Press, Amber, also brings up a good point. Completely pure food, air or water simply doesn't exist on this Planet. Telling people that's a requirement for raising their vibrations is going to make it seem impossible. I've also seen people mention that an Enlightened Being can purify substances that enter the body, but that's not something special only an Enlightened Being can do, it's one of the reasons you've got a liver and kidneys.




Thank you very much, finally

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Thank you very much, finally something that I have a resonate with about the physical body. It is my conscious level, spiritually activity that works the body that brings it all together.  When I have read other blogs about what you put in the body I would think I'm really in trouble because I don't want to eat that stuff.  Thumbs up for me.


kangen water is the purest

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kangen water is the purest water available on the planet. i swear by it i own a machine and sell them. been using this water in japan for almost 40 years, and it just came to the states recently. drinking it is like swallowing silk it is that smooth and pure.



What It means to be a pure being

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Thank You for this insight! This is/was an issue i'd been working on for sometime, and had decided; enough! time to get insight into this. Your info was very timely and most helpful! 

Thank You! :O)


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Was Buddha skinny? Nah, he wasn't was he... hehe :) He had a few extra pounds.. !!!

Btw, i smoke, and i experience alot of things... !!


Much Love to you all <3

there's always another lesson...

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buddha actually starved himself to death for a few years, trying to obtain purity by not putting anything into his body...


he stumbled into town one day on the brink of starvation and a random woman offered/begged him to eat a bowl of rice...


he eventually had an epiphany and ate the rice, overcome by love and grateful for the offering...


i believe we all have breaking points, and the epiphany/revelation that follows makes this breakthrough worthwhile


Every moment is gift, but also a lesson!


Just when everything is lost and we have no idea what to do...


there comes a moment when we realize we have always known what do to...


because there is nothing you can do, you are where you are meant to be


denial is fighting the current, acceptance is surfing the wave




Breakthrough the illusion.


Your true self, your true nature , your true spirit will lead the way, always



Much love.... to one we will return.



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by the way, "Apocalypse", actually means "time of revelations"


each higher realization, each epiphany brings us all closer to acension


welcome to apocalypse, 2012,


 I'm happy to be here, are you? :DDD


there is nothing you can do,

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there is nothing you can do, you are where you are meant to be


denial is fighting the current, acceptance is surfing the wave




Thanks, great article and a great comment, and a help to those starting out in navigating all the various levels of information and disinformation. 

Dirty water will not soil

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Dirty water will not soil your soul. Drink, smoke, eat sugar, be merry. All you worriers out there please take careful note of this article, it is rock solid truth. 

thank you!

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Thank you for stating truth. We can purify our water, food, smokes, etc by intention... By blessing, infusing with light, loving what we have brought into our physical awareness. I'd prefer having the manufacturers of my food and drink to have the purest intentions, but if they don't, do I REALLY BELIEVE myself to be so disempowered, so fragile as to be harmed by it? Do I really believe that eating a hot house tomato can disrupt my DNA? Really? That's silly. Silliness. Another trap we have laid to help us break through this illusion. I manifest my food and drink. Do I trust myself so little as to truly believe that what I've manifested will kill or maim me. Ridiculous.