Two day event : against The Dark Warrior

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5/30/2019 6:12 pm

Missed a phone call from Michael, earlier today.

I called him back and he stated that his eyes hurt him very bad... never felt anything like it ever.

This is the log of the two day event, as it unfolded...

Michael had a vision, that not only was he injured / hurt, but that an eye went blind

That which Michael was feeling and seeing was not his own body, but of his dragon Teloese.
Teloese was the one hurt. So, Michael was addressing Teloese' wounds through his own physical body, thus his eyes were reported / experienced as watering and painful... possibly/probably Teloese being blind in the left eye.

Michael saw a wing injured real bad... possibly cut off.

"HEAR YOU." said Teloese.

I perceived that Michael was to use his lightning skill upon Teloese, in a toned down intensity.

These body parts were requested to be repaired/addressed ...

wing, horn, tongue, tail

"SUSTAIN" said Teloese

Michael saw that he was hugging Teloese.

"GOOD SO FAR. KEEP GOING." said Teloese

back, l. arm, underneath tail

"THERE" (that was the spot.) said Teloese

tail wrapping, elbow

"GOT IT" "SWEEP" entire l. side. said Teloese.

Belly, throat, shoulder, thigh, bicep, tricep, (not toe, foot, nostril, jaw, tongue)

"FINISHED" processing until june 8th.


Who was the perp? THE DARK WARRIOR.


outfit looks like Saron in LOTR., has a 1-2' spear, is already waging war on them (M and T.)
TDW wants to kill Michael.

Teloese intervened to protect Michael.

TDW did not see Michael. TDW does not see Michael. TDW came alone against Michael. There were no (zero) additional opponents on The Dark Warrior' side.

In order to kill you (Michael) he needs help. The SOTL (Spirit of the Lord) was a help to Michael, who made Michael invisible to TDW. SOTL saw it (TDW) coming. No angels were involved in this event.

Jerry, brother of Michael, is busy right now. 1st of 1st is busy right now. Triune is busy right now. Hope is busy right now and NOT participating in this event / encounter.

Michael' eyes feel exhausted.

Ka'al = name of TDarkWarrior
He is NOT demonic. Not of THEDARK. has a soul.
Ka'al rejects God. Was not angelic.

M. Knows Ka'al in this lifetime/dimension? NO
Ka'al has the ability to go to/in all dimensions.
He has a reason to kill M.


Ka'al is trying to keep M. from going to heaven? Y
This has to do with the soul, not the physical realm.
M is to thank SOTL for cloaking him from Ka'al.

M' r.shin has a hot spot. This is residual healing of Teloese that he is sensing.

June 1st Ka'al is coming again. What are the groups that will be facing off each other?

Michael' side - 15% of Nephilim, 100k Elohim, 1M Archangels, All Elementals (not Silphs), Triune, SOTL, Teloese
plus 10 more dragons... [plus 1M Redeemed. (6/1/2019]

"It is a showdown" (June 1st)
Ka'al side - Ka'al is bringing a HOST too... of "LOST SOULS"

2x / day say the exorcism prayer to send Lost Souls home. It is possible that Ka'al will NOT have a host, by the time June 1st arrives.

6/1/2019 1:23pm

This Battle took place on June 1, 2019 against Ka'al, a dark warrior... over the period of 1h.10 minutes in NOW time. It took place over a 2 hour period in the 33rd dimension... earth clock. [10:14 am to 11:24 am CDT]

This battle is in the 33rd dimension.

Triune is assisting in this battle. He is Elohim. Triune is in the 'sky' no dragon, no cloud, no platform assisting his 'floating' there by himself. He is waiting.

Jerry is assisting in this battle.

Though the word 'sky' is used, there is no 'sky'. There is no 'ground'. There is only the 33rd dimension where this encounter is taking place. That is a significantly high dimension for this event to take place. It was an agreed upon (by Ka'al and the Light Commander) location.

Triune asked if there were any Lost Souls present, there were none. Michael had performed the exorcism prayer as requested / required thus depriving The Dark Warrior of that portion of his group.

Michael is the first Commander out of nine, leading the battle on our side.

We have 5 waves of forces.
We are in the 1st wave... dragons flying like an arrow formation, with Michael and the recuperating Teloese in the lead.
I thought that what with Teloese' recent wound received from The Dark Warrior, that Teloese would share responsibility of carrying Michael at this engagement with another dragon, but it was declined.
"I would have it no other way." said Teloese.

The most powerful force is composed in the 1st wave which is composed of dragons and their riders.
Wave 2 are 1,000 Ascended Masters.
Wave 3 are 1,000,000 Redeemed (demonic souls that have been redeemed).
wave 4 are ?
wave 5 are ?

The Elohim have created a clear sphere in the "sky", "that none may leave, only enter, until it is done."

They are surrounding the sphere, which they created ... outstretched arms and open hands around the entire perimeter. It is not visible to Ka'al. Ka'al is NOT inside it at this instant. Not yet, that is.

It was under the Nephilim Commander's ( = Sustend) direction that this sphere was created. The sphere is suspended and created to be used as not to harm any others not engaged in this event during this event.

Ka'al is not aware of the sphere.

Is Ka'al in the sphere? NO

Triune felt goosebumps... it is due to the 'passing' of the waves in front of him ... approximately 20-25 seconds of non-stop goosebumps (this is an extended length of time) was felt. Wow.

Triune heard the word "LURE"

Sustend will LURE.

Sustend is the leader of the Nephilim and Commander of this event.

Michael is the LURE to be used against Ka'al.

Ka'al does not know that Michael is here, yet.

Triune heard the words, "COME FORTH" said Ka'al. He is summoning.

He is NOT summoning Ma'at, Jesus, God, the Spirit of the Lord ... he is just putting forth a general summons to all Light workers... from the 13th dimension to the 33rd dimension.

Ka'al said "QUIT HIDING". He thinks we are hiding.

Ka'al cannot see that which is before him. It is like, "the wool has been pulled over his eyes."

The trap has not been sprung upon him yet.


Michael said, "READY". All forces are positioned. All waves are in position... (inside the sphere.)

Sustend said, "NOW"

Triune heard, "SUSTEND" spoken by Ka'al.

That means that Ka'al recognizes Sustend.

Michael said "LOOK BEHIND YOU". To Ka'al.

Triune heard the word, "DONE" spoken by Sustend. This was referring to the sphere enveloping Ka'al and his entire side, by all the Light workers.

Ka'al got surprised. He stumbled, but is getting back up.

"RALLY" said Ma'at.

A wave of forces is diving from above and below.

"DONE" said the Spirit of the Lord.

"NONE MAY PART" said Triune.

"THEY ARE TRAPPED" said the Spirit of the Lord.

Triune is loudly pronouncing "LAST CHANCE" to Ka'al.

I, Michael, felt something just now on the spine.

Something touched Michael. It didn't create a wound. It was from Ka'al.

Michael dodged, thus missing all potential problems. Nothing has been planted upon Michael' physical spine,

ethereal spine, soul. All is well. No wound received by Michael.

Triune said "DECIDE".

Ka'al has not decided. We are waiting.

The Spirit of the Lord said, "NOT LONG".

"WE WON'T WAIT LONG." said the Spirit of the Lord.

These words were directed at ALL, everyone on both sides, the Light and Ka'al's side. Thus, everyone knew what was going on.

The Spirit of the Lord said, "DONE".

The Spirit of the Lord said, "YOU ARE NO MORE".

The Spirit of the Lord said, "DONE".

Ka'al is defeated? YES

Is Ka'al there? NO

Is Ka'al alive? NO

Is there a soul called Ka'al? NO

The Spirit of the Lord said, "DONE"

The sphere is gone.

Triune just asked a question, "Was Ka'al's side made up of souls in opposition to God?" YES

Are the souls that made up Ka'al's side in existence? NO

Have all those souls been THWIMED? YES

Have all those souls been re-absorbed into God, never to be a soul again? YES

The Battle is won!