Universal Grids in Disposition towards Higher Fluctuations

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The probabilistic routes which contends to the universal suprema or transcriptional point in time (Transfiguration) can contend to alignments made within hyper active fields or hyper x factors as terminological demands (The Writing) portrayed the exact formulations for us to conceptualize the grid type ratios in extents of universal laws while our beings we're in trance...

Some potentials which are carried on from core groups while they initiate their first contact can portend to many individuated fabrics which holds them in a system of thought (Bypassing) the interests of those beings initial roles here on Earth.

To condone aspects of a higher universal order for this planet... They would suspend the animated flows of our conscious revolutions for an augmentation to a hyper dimensional space which initiates at high vibratory states from our genomes transcription processes. (The Manic State)... in some cases which can be unstable regarding the knowledge interposed for us to have at these instances which can copulate within extra dimensional reasoning for advances in telemetry with rises towards your contact goal(s).

For presumptions which are carried on from the postulations regarding the contact trip, can bring us into formulations which extracts the hyper velocity factors from (Actuality Governing Factors)... In this case this suspends the animated groups of our conscious resonances and helps us attain higher contact points throughout the universal grids which coalesces with hyper dimensional beings.

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