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Hello dear souls Smile These are two messages I channeled on the twenty-eighth of June. The branch of the GFL I communicate with were channeled at around 1 AM (the morning hours are the best for enhanced psychic abilities!) and Mikos was channeled a few hours after that. Enjoy Smile


Me: My dear friend Mikos, how are you on this fine day? I can deeply feel your energy, and I know you wish to communicate. How are you?

Mikos: Hello dear wesley, I am doing so good! Watching you and your friends enter such a dark period and come out of it all seemingly unscathed, yet again, is so heartwarming! The energies coming down have had negative and positive effects, make way for the change they bring. Everybody needs to become aware of the universe that is their soul. Inside you is the same life you see outside of you! it is difficult for you to comprehend at the moment, but it will become more clear. The times of change have arrived, and you all should be preparing yourselves, for this is the time you dreamed about when you entered duality so long ago. Every painful or difficult experience you can draw on presently you have experienced in duality, and now is the time of reward, of your hard work paying off! We know earthly problems can get in the way of some seeing the big picture, just dont let them! It is simple, but breaking away from the confines of ego is the difficult part as for so many of you ego has been your comfort zone. I and so many others tell you now, don’t feed that comfort zone! You will find the light and the higher dimensions so much more comfortable, you will see

Me: Thank you for the uplifing message Mikos, I truly enjoy connecting with your energy and love.


Me: Hello my friends of the GFL, I wish dearly to connect with your energy and channel you. Even as I am typing I can feel your loving presence. These times have not been easy, but we lightworkers refuse to let ourselves be defeated.

GFL: Hello dear wesley, we are so happy to again be talking with you! Let your troubles all melt away whilst in our loving presence. As we told you before, to get a clearer message it takes feeling our love and our presence in a much deeper sense than you previously have, if the channeling is too shallow than ego can fliter messages to a degree. We know you are learning this, and soon you will be channeling much clearer messages than you even are now. We sense you wanting to edit parts of our message out and censor yourself, and we wish you to know that this is completely unnecessary. No matter what for the time being one will always have critics, as they are a catalyst for getting past ones own doubts and frustrations about what they are doing. Know you are completely on the right track, and that goes for everyone!

GFL: We wish to speak of the energies that are sending so many out of whack. Know you are all going through something profound, and are dealing with so many shifts at one time that can sometimes bring your emotions out of center. Know that this will soon pass as you all integrate these energies more fully into yourselves, and harmonize with this spirit of change that is taking so many out of their comfort zones. People will begin to generally get along more as we all join together and become one. All of the present problems and frustrations you experience still day to day will so quickly become no more, and you wont miss them one bit!

GFL: We are so excited for our coming together, it will be the most victorous time for all of us that have been involved in this game for so long. This universe will become a shining new beacon of light!

In love for all dear souls—END

I highly encourage all to get involved in not only channeling messages, but channeling as much pure love as possibe straight to the core of Gaia, she deserves it. Thanks for reading Smile

In love