~ Update By Sheldan Nidle~ As the Light Has Decreed

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5 Cimi, 14 Kayab, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We arrive today to discuss your prosperity! Throughout your world a massive switchover is underway. Eons ago your reality was usurped by the dark and these ones created a ruling caste of minions who have run your planet for millennia pretty much as they pleased. We come now to tell you that this unruly free hand is over. The Light has not only decreed but also explained fully to all concerned that this world is to make a wholesale shift to the Light and each of you is to be transformed into fully conscious Beings of Light. This will be preceded by a series of special broadcasts which will announce our benevolent presence and explain the reasons for the spread of universal prosperity and freedom which you so richly deserve. We come in this moment to declare this to you and to be the heralds of a new realm predicated on the divine ways of Heaven. Our ships encircle your world and are stationed around every planet in this solar system. Your dark ones have tried to make it more difficult for us to complete this sacred mission but their many attempts have failed. The dark must leave shortly and relinquish their minions to the fate that Heaven has chosen for them.

   In the new reality, you return home to your family and leave behind you the death and disorder which have plagued your lives since the fall of Atlantis. Your special residences in Agartha await you, and here you will find the magical devices which are to return you to the state of Being you enjoyed when Lemuria prevailed over the world. Here, too, you will rediscover your real life paths and become valued members of the Galactic Federation. During your journeys through the darklands, your experiences provided you with much new wisdom, and Heaven wishes you to share this knowledge with the former members of the now-defunct Anchara Alliance, as your mission is to cement a lasting peace between all sectors of this galaxy. The prosperity and freedom which you are about to enjoy are symbols of what you will achieve, and indeed, Heaven sees you as a major player in bringing Light to all aspects involved in forging physicality. You are to be honored and accorded great respect and proper recognition for your hard-won contributions to the divine plan.

   The up leveling of your global society will create more fitting conditions for you to be reintroduced to your galactic origins. This will refocus your primary concerns upon Gaia's state of health and well-being, which will demonstrate to you the grand potential that lies within you. It is this potential coupled with your rising spiritual awareness that is most important to us as they speak to the immense innate abilities within each one of you. It is our responsibility to assist you to bring these forth and to use them to fashion a new and vital star-nation. We come, therefore, to carry out what you have long wished for. As you know, the dark has been unrelenting in its efforts to prevent these changes from manifesting because such changes would automatically ring the death knell of all that the dark has been working toward. Nevertheless, our divinely decreed task was to forge the conditions that would permit the planned, benevolent changes to come to the fore. This we have done. And it is why you now stand on the brink of startling changes which will transform forever this sacred world and allow the creation of a new star-nation.

   This new realm will allow you to grow not just as an individual but also spiritually, allowing you to encompass new worlds of consciousness. As we often tell you, you are a wondrous creation that was led down a path that would allow you to experience the ways and misdeeds of the dark. Now you are ready to leave all this behind. Your new world will reunite Gaia's surface and inner realms and you will see 'reality' in ways you cannot presently imagine! Your rising consciousness is to provide you with a new view of what life is about, and already, many on your world can see an end to amateur and professional sports and the demise of sports leagues, and changes far greater than these are coming. There is very little about your present social constructs and philosophies which will not be transformed as the attitudes they reflect shift profoundly. The resulting nascent galactic society will need to accommodate your ever-expanding view of yourselves as quickly maturing galactic Beings of Light. You will become enthralled as you learn about this galaxy as a grand living unity that you are a part of! Your new star-nation will become highly treasured and Loved by all who make up physicality.

   Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today with more good news! Until now, your world has long been the residence of a dark cabal whose sole purpose was to shackle you to debt slavery and coop you up in a realm that put a cap on your return to full consciousness. This 'cage' and its dark jailers are very shortly to disappear as your world is now ready to be transformed by Light. The leaders of this coming world of Light have fought for decades to get rid of the dark and indeed a movement is well underway which has so far completed all the preliminaries to wrest from power the ruling caste of minions who still plot to ensnare you permanently in a very dark realm! A special group is now in charge and it is these dedicated ones who will present your new governance and oversee the disbursing of a divinely decreed prosperity to this globe. We hereby declare that these associates are now preparing to announce the gist of these many broadcasts.

   Our blessed tasks are to uphold these changes and then to supply you with a series of teachings, delivered by each of us to every part of the planet, along with guidelines for applying them to your lives. Generally speaking, you have unquestioningly accepted what was promulgated far and wide in our names and these doctrines now need adjusting. An understanding of the grand unity that is All That Is is a prime requisite for ascension. Your beliefs also must expand to include the wondrous Beings of Agartha who have kept us safe among them for millennia. They understand the spiritual nature of humanity and desire to walk freely and openly among you. Your heart opening also needs to extend to your ancestors' ancient homes in the stars. In short, you will quickly come to see that the seeds of Spirit run deftly throughout the length and breadth of physicality!

   We long to guide you, to assist you, and to set the record straight about our words to you throughout the ages. We have watched the dark ones take our messages and twist them to suit their purposes. And as we love to tell you, this is now to end! Love and unity has always been our message to you. Great Beings from across the galaxy have come here under divine guidance and their mission is to assist us in advancing you quickly to full consciousness. We intend to use the upcoming time to teach, to advise, and to prepare you for your own blessed ascension. We will be by your side as we guide you toward a new society which will morph into your new star-nation. As we do this together, we will be helping this galaxy and using our powers conjointly to change this galaxy in every respect into a glorious, blessed instrument of the Light! This is why we come in prayer and power to bless this new world! Hallelujah to Heaven and to the Light!

   Today we continued our messages of peace, joy, and Light. Everywhere, a new epoch is descending from Heaven to suffuse this realm with prosperity, freedom, and the reunion of us all with our local and far-flung brethren. This great welcoming-home mission has reached its sacred crescendo! Know, dear ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)




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How exciting!!! So this time can we expect what you just expressed in such URGENT wording to us by next week to begin taking form or should we just expect the same results, which are NONE for the remainder of our visit to the planet?

Your answer please?

Either you are affiliated with the cabal and have some hidden agenda of the urgency of your messages that have specific to us linguistic terminologies expressing "shortly," "soon," "immediate" "standing on the bring" "imminant" keeping us in hope so we continue to "PAY" your agenda-OR-you have not much to do "up there" on your ships and are board to tears and just want to tantalize us-OR-maybe you are as urgent in this transition as we and just can't hold your tongue.

I'm sorry I'm running out of guesses, could you please give me and the rest of us down here a hand and explain why for the last many years that you have been leading us with your words specifically on this path of excitement making it sound as though the "EVENTS" begin tomorrow by noon?

I mean Shelden, "soon" has been gone now since you were a little tot, right? When did you begin allegedly receiving information from these alleged Beings?

You have not replied to one of my many comments, why not? I don't mean sarcasm. I just mean to get at why you continue this? Although I'm confident that your in it for personal gain, correct? Is this why you don't reply? 

We would all like to see the fruition of what you speak of, but we are all tired of the lies, and being miss led by whoever and or those who make money off of us on falsified pretenses with false promises.

Or maybe the "Beings" that you channel just need some earth courses in the meaning of linear time lines?

Living in the now, see you and them later.





David Porter

Author of the series


It's very unlikely that

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It's very unlikely that Sheldan is going to read these comments, I'm not sure if he even knows about the Galactic Free Press.


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You know this guy Sheldon doesn't reply cuz he is full of shit! He puts the same crap over an over and credulous at best those who believe such crap, lets face it I know that earth is going through some changes, but this guy is been saying this an that is happening with zero proof or tangible facts, yeah sure faith comes in play would be the argument some would make, but please... there is a limit! 

Read every message this guys posts and you would see that nothing is different... DRATZO.. We come again, to fill your head with shit! hahaha

And you have to pardon my language but I don't wanna use any more nouns because I love this site, I just dislike the BS this guy posts all the time!

Empathetic to your frustration

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There are many broken promises, predictions, dis-information everywhere.

That is why everyone should maintain fresh batteries in their Bullshit Detectors and to not skip the routine maintenance and calibration they require. You know, fine tune your intuition by establishing a baseline resonance by using known good information.

Team Dark uses innocent channels through impersonation to cause the elevation of false hopes and using the subsequent dash to very effectively instill negative vibrations of doubt, anger, fear and frustration. I suggest reading all channelings with a firewall of equanimity. When there are no longer attachments/expectations, higher states of being are assured.

Love has already won, it's over for Team Dark. They are just not quite up to speed on this yet.

Blessings everyone.


Sheldon is Better than Your Newspapers or TV Reports!

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Dear People:

It is frustrating that we continue to wait and to wait and to wait for the liberation of the planet.

However, our TV stations and our newspapers don't tell us that we are loved everytime they report.  Indeed, they tell us that human kind is nasty, brutal, competitive, greedy.  Sheldon's report reminds us that we are LOVED, and that just feels better.

So I would rather read that our Star Families love us and are waiting to meet us, than the opposite.

May our waiting days be blessed with more bliss..........Livinglitely




Yes livinglitely

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This is how I come to comment on this blogger because I read it and yes it is inspiring. However, that is not my only quest in where I derive my information sources from. I want to be told the truth, don't you? Each and every time and each and every word, don't you?

If the alleged "Beings" of Shelden were of the Light, why in Heavens name would they continue to give us blatant miss information? They (he and them) have done this for as many years as he has made a business out of it.

I'm okay with ones earning as much as they can, but not at the expense of others with lies as a formula.

Just trying to keep it clean and trustworthy with good sites like this one is.

David Porter

Author of the series


Truth and Probability

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Dear David:

You make some excellent points.  Truth is very important.  Then there is the play of probability.

At any given point, we, the people, might change direction.  Each point contains infinite potential.  Sometimes the inertia of a situation carries it on to the usual conclusion, and sometimes the magic of a new decision or insight can carry a situation into a totally new pattern.

So while Sheldon keeps saying that good things are coming, from my perspective the guides are speaking about our increasing awareness that things need to change, our intention grows more powerful to make this change, and so ultimately it will change.  Potential needs a tipping point.  Sheldon continues to encourage the tipping point.  "Soon" is getting to be tiresome - truly it is -

What I don't see in my earth bound, semi-liberated form, is how close we are to the tipping point.  So perhaps as a consolation prize, I will settle for the feeling that being loved by guys in space ships is perferable to the vision of our world provided by conventional media.

Best wishes, David, and I appreciate your passion, intelligent comments, insight.......livinglitely


You are appreciated, livinglitely

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Livinglitely, your perspective resonates most strongly with me and I admire your wisdom as applied to bring peace and understanding in resolution to the GFL

Love and Blessings

Gratitude to TheFlashRon

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Thanks for you kind words, TheFlashRon.......Appreciation is appreciated..........livinglitely