~ Update from Sheldan Nidle~ A series of blessed events is shortly to manifest in this reality!

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12 Ahau, 8 Tzotz, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We come today, knowing that a great many things are approaching the point where they can begin to take shape before your eyes. Our Secret Sacred Societies aided by our Earth allies are working hard to complete a broad spectrum of activities which will create an astonishing new reality for you. We watch with much merriment as these many projects come to fruition, knowing that they are the start of what is to make disclosure possible! We intend to take this opportunity to make a series of announcements to inform you of the enormous scope of what has been undertaken to get Mother Earth and humanity to this point, and to detail the many changes that will be proclaimed by the leaders of the new caretaker governments. These formal statements will shape the framework for the introduction of new technologies, our first interaction with you, and a basic schedule of what is to take place just before and after our mass landings. We have adjusted the content of these broadcasts in light of what we have been told by the leaders of your new governance, and will therefore also modify aspects of the timeline that we are going to share with you.

   It is important to us that our interactions from the very beginning be open and flexible enough to adapt to any judicious changes to our schedule that are deemed necessary. Our primary reason for coming here is to be your mentors and to use our abilities to make your transition to full consciousness as swift, smooth, and comprehensible for you as possible. Under this edict we have continually adapted our mission according to what was decreed to be divinely possible. Our liaison personnel constantly provide us with a flood of information regarding your different consciousness groups and their various, ever-changing programs. We then use this data to shape and reshape our mutual mission-goals. Our purpose is to move you toward full consciousness within the divine plan set up for your world by Lord Surea and the realm of AEION. This sacred realm is the reason behind what we do. The divine plan for this time specifies the termination of Mother Earth's and your internment by the dark, and your joint return to full consciousness.

   When we arrived here in your Gregorian year of 1990, you were under the thumb of the Anunnaki and were supervised directly by their on-planet minions. These groups of minions were plotting to violate the conditions stipulated by Heaven concerning their temporary control of this reality. We were then advised by Heaven that our mission here was to be carried out according to directives issued by Lord Surea, and were also fully informed about what the dark intended to do and how it planned to accomplish it. Pursuant to this we set up a command post on your world in Agartha and asked the Agarthans to propose an optimum plan of action. Working together, we created a joint command and began to engage with a number of groups that were committed to returning this world to the Light. The complex logistics of this combined operation changed significantly with the Truce of Anchara, and since then we have carried out a lot of restructuring to keep the mission within the bounds of both divine directives and contingencies on the ground.

   This multiple restructuring has brought us successfully to the present. The provisions spelt out in a range of signed agreements are close to being realized and any remaining final preparations are being wrapped up. Liaison personnel embedded in many vital places and groups are updating us with a steady stream of information which we are using to evaluate what to expect once these groups are installed in the transitional governments. We wish to work with them harmoniously and to contribute our abilities to prepare your realm for its short, final journey to full consciousness. The Agarthans likewise intend to employ their own embedded ones to guide the new leaders in a higher form of governance and to prepare all of you for your new responsibilities. Our intention is to create an environment that encourages you to joyously explore the exciting new world that Heaven is so graciously opening up for you. The time has come for a very big leap in consciousness into an amazing new reality!

   Blessings to you all! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to announce that a series of blessed events is shortly to manifest in this reality! Long ago the dark was given specific responsibilities concerning their activities in this realm, which included recognizing when to return this reduced world back to the Light. This stipulation has been totally ignored by the dark cabal and its numerous minions around the world. This is why AEION has brought, from its glorious realm, the seven grand Seraphim. These Mighty Ones are here to orchestrate a transformation of this world to the Light, and to set to rights any events that have, in any way, delayed the manifesting of the divine plan for this realm. In accordance with this we are encouraged to do what needs to be done to permit our associates to complete the changes that move your reality out from under the clamp placed on it by the dark cabal. At present, the dark is staging a whole spate of contrived scenarios to hold on to its dwindling power.

   Already this dark chokehold is being loosened by the Seraphim. The ways of Heaven are, first, to wait graciously for those so chosen to learn that their ill-gotten ways can no longer hold. Then Heaven acts in such a manner that unequivocally demonstrates to these ones that it is indeed time to let go of these various 'ways.' This is now being done by those from AEION. We have prepared ourselves for the sacred blows and the relief that is to follow. In addition, the many elements of the Galactic Federation are acting in tandem with these most sacred ones. The moment arrives for a new day in this realm. The great Light of Truth is to be cast upon this dark place and a most needed cleansing is to happen! This is why there is greater joy in our step and a rising song in our collective Souls. This time is to be the beginning of many things that welcome the Light to our new realm.

   As we prepare ourselves for this parade of events, we pray joyously to Heaven and to the divine plan which have so Lovingly permitted this realm to experience again the utter joy of full consciousness. The Divine is readying the various means that will deliver us from an evil that was only temporarily cast in our path. It is time to reset our energies and to sense once again the feelings that accompany our return to sacred service as one of a host of physical Angels who unfold the blessed glories of Heaven throughout the entirety of physicality. This wonderful condition is something you have not experienced in over thirteen millennia. Your Soul is now to return to its natural state, and you will then fully know the bliss that is the direct tie to Heaven and your sacred lineage! Be in Joy and great cheer, my fellow Sisters and Brothers, of utmost intensity!

   Today, we continued our series of messages which aim to help explain the grand shift from dark to Light. This sacred journey has taken you through multiple reincarnations. One generation has followed another, in a grand swath that is now to bring you back to the heart of your Soul's immortality. Be in joy, and ready to accept the gifts of Heaven! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



Ascended Masters

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As long as Sheldon keeps saying that they are OUR ascended masters, I will keep having trouble with his messages.  By saying  " We are your Ascended Masters! " he is taking our power away from us. Does anyone else see this? If he had them say we are "THE" Ascended Masters or we are Ascended Masters the message would be entirly different but by accepting them as "OUR" masters ascended or otherwise we give away our own power. I urge all my fellow light workers to reject anyone claiming to be your master. Stand together and stand proud in the light, accept no master other than the Source of which we are all a part. This message is from my heart , what does your heart say? 


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and yet they still keep

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and yet they still keep getting posted by the GFP and the likes of Kauilapele. How do these channeled messages get onto these websites, and who approves of them or vets them. Anyone?


In Waiting

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For ones whom have their idenity in knowing themselves what they read or channeled masters or such is all about knowing the difference in truth


What is to come as of the Ascension will be what it is individually to each being we are unique being of this Planet


If you do not believe in what's being said it's best to ponder your facts upon tending your own gardens


But to factually place words of the unknowing in trying to get others to follow your statement of not being sure what you read is yours and yours alone ~ facts or fiction


Allow others to concieve what there intuitive thoughts are in truth and light  not be misleading as we have all been in a bowl of illusions with listening to the Cabal for many many eons being pulled from one end of the rope to another


Now comes the time as Planet Earth is changing well how do you suspect that's happening hum! Truth shall Prevail ~ so allow seeing is believing to be your guide and what you may dislike be set on the shelf of disclosures


Be as you are fill yourself with Light and rejoice in all that is to come for each for LOVE is in the Air


And So It Is ~


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I understand your comment , this  is my take   Time and again we have been told that the  Assended Masters are ourselves in the future it is not that they are the masters of us rather they are the masters of themselves, ie they have reached a level of enlightenment where they have mastered ego, emotions, and physical enviroment. 



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Yes finally someone here sees the truth

perhaps he is referring to

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perhaps he is referring to our state of not been fully consciou,,yet,,therefore when you consider there are billions still awakening,,perhaps some are taking this statement in the wrong way...


i have no probs with him saying he is our assended master,,compared to some of our brothers and sisters awareness on gaia,,,technically in a 3d way,,he would be considered at a higher level of consciouness,,as in asended,,and therefor a master....


and i have read more than once that the galactics are here to assist us and help us remember that we are powerful beings of light from the source of all creation,,therefore ,,for me,,its makes sense i,we,all of us are been assisted by masters,,how else would i re-learn and remember, but from a master,,as in one who is more aware than i on this journey ,,


also,,as long as im reading gfp and kauilapele it has always been clear to me that they look to there hearts and feel what should and should not be posted....


i know there is frustration amongst some as we move forward and upwards,,,which is why i wrote this response,,to remind all my brothers and sisters that no matter how bad a day or temporary loss of your own awareness,,,just remember that i love you,, and that we are all one...we all know this already,,but i just wanted to remind who ever reads this,,that we are one,,we are love,we are light..


i love you all my brothers and sisters,,no matter how difficult the 3d becomes,,remember as you already know,,,its an illusion,,and its ending now....


light and love to you all,,we are one,,we are love






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I understand you Happy ; but i feel you may have missed my point. I have NO problem with ascended masters at all. I respect and love them all. My beef is when they say they are "OUR" masters.  Ascended Masters help us in many ways every day I am sure. Why does only Sheldon have them say " We are "YOUR" Ascended Masters" instead of we are "THE" Ascended masters or We are Ascended Masters ? Words have power my friend and when we acknowledge them as 'OUR" masters we give away our Sovereignty. My point being MASTERS have always thought and acted for the people that they have mastery over. I give no one that right except the source of all. Ascended masters I understand and follow but i do not accept anyone, especially someone being channeled as "MY" master. I do not even question Sheldon's Sincerity ; I do question his source's choice of words. I hope I have made myself a bit more clear. Peace and love to you and to all.

You are all Masters

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When You Wake UP< You are all Masters. We Approved this Message becuase its true. The Press Posts the Highest Light information. We Love YOU ALL, Love Mother and Father God

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!


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You approve this message bc it is truth for you only.
Truth can only be found within.

......something doesnt seem right.

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fo years ive been listening to salusa and i felt something is a little off, way before ppl started saying it. these beings he talks to may not be in this for the reasons they say. im not saying theyre bad but, i wouldnt trust they have my best interest at heart. the only ones i would trust and follow are the agarthans PERIOD.


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The only truth you should follow is yourself bc you are divine.
People should stop "waiting" for something outside of them to happen, this is a distraction. Focus on within, be one with source bc you are source.
Only when you become one with all things (this mean you stop referring and labeling others as "light" and "dark" and stop the judgrment) then you have mastered yourself. If you keep "wanting" to be in 5D, this is your ego. The divine self does not "want" it only cares to experience and learn. The very thought of you wanting to be a master, move into 5d will be the reason why you will not ascend and will remain until you learn.

Your comments

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I like what you wrote and I believe that what you just said is true. Since this planet has never ascended before no one really knows what to expect, and I am afraid alot of people may feel disappointed if they don't realized some major shift and no one may at first. This is all about operating from the Divine and spiritual growth. Anyone who has had their crystal's removed knows that at times we do 5th , as we are fond of saying and it is wonderful, but it doesn't stay for more than a day. I will welcome it if it does stay with me, but I am very very leary of so called channeled messages. In my experience, very few people receive accurate channeled messages. I just read all and take it with a grain of salt. What is going to be is going to be. We cannot force ourselves into the 5th........It is something that just happens .