~Update from Sheldon Nidle~ Many different activities are taking place

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13 Ix, 2 Tzec, 9 Eb


Dratzo! We return with more to discuss. Presently, several areas of activity are being brought to completion, forming the foundation of your new reality. As we informed you recently, your world is based on the original legitimacy of certain institutions dating back thousands of years. The individuals who represent these ancient power bases are in the process of creating new documents that will constitute the legal platform for your new form of governance. A series of meetings whose sole agenda is to focus on the complexities of creating a new world are currently underway. Try to imagine the intricacies involved in such an undertaking! Our sacred allies are uniting the ancient foundations of many tribal nations with that of the old monarchies of Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. Numerous documents need to be discussed, modified, and interwoven into a specific prototype that renders invalid and thus unseats the current de facto regimes of your world. This authentication process needs to be done properly and in the right order in order to confer legitimacy on this lofty goal.

   Our sacred associates understand that what they are doing is producing a legal fusion of the elements that form the essential 'scaffolding' of modern nation-states, whilst also bringing up-to-date the legitimacy of present global tribal governance. What are required are documents that honor common law concepts while forging a new and unique form of global governance. Ultimately, this operation will change the basic concept of government as you know it. Your present indirect (representative) system of governance needs to change via a well-thought-out transfer of power to enable true transparency in government to come into being. The aim is to establish a judicious 'people-power' contract with you. The great thinkers of the late 18th century created documents that achieved this within the context of their times. Now it is necessary to modernize these documents as part of the process of preparing you for your grand shift in consciousness. This is just one of the tasks presently being accomplished behind the scenes.

   As you know only too well, you live in a society that constantly threatens basic human rights and this taint is no longer viable. You are also on the brink of forming a true galactic society. You need government documentation that is flexible enough to reflect your growing needs as you morph from your present state of consciousness into your fully conscious one. The first step is to restore all that the dark cabal has illegally taken from you; the next, is to enlarge the body politic to include your Agarthan kin and us. Your world is moving swiftly through a series of inevitable, Heaven-decreed events which will disassemble the evil that this global cabal has put in place over the last few centuries. Your economies are crumbling and the cabal's system of carefully selected leaders is failing to save this group from the multi-faceted catastrophe that it has brought about over the past half-decade. Behind the disintegrating facade a new epoch for humanity is taking shape and it is a process that needs to be supported and actively promoted. Many things, and especially disclosure, need to be brought out from the shadows.

   What our sacred allies are doing is thus much more than merely replacing an illegally appointed series of governments. They are opening up your reality to the changes you so desperately require. Heaven has chosen this time for a radical altering of your consciousness, which is being carried out in a series of steps that have taken over two decades to reach this point. The next phase is to be done rather rapidly, which is why we have come to set up a first-contact mission for a world that currently does not meet any of our normal criteria for contact. Once you become fully conscious, you will require our immediate mentoring and advice on how to swiftly create your own galactic society. For nearly two decades, we have been watching and assisting both you and Gaia, and carefully interacting with those on your world who are dedicated to changing how your societies function. The transformation is both spiritual, based upon the decrees of Heaven, and technological; about a century's worth of sequestered devices are to be released.

   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with news about a number of events that are soon to happen in your reality. Long ago, we were put on this Earth to provide a means for the Light to prepare humanity for distant change in its reality. Over the millennia we have grown both in number and wisdom. Our mission has remained the same; that is, to be messengers and mentors to every surface human. In recent months we have been joined by Ascended Masters from every corner of this galaxy. A grand covenant among us has forgathered to bring this realm to the Light! Together with our sacred associates we forged a bond to enable us to use our abilities to change this realm and oust the dark from the vast power it still retains. This task is reaching a most exciting point. Certain actions are ready to begin which will lead to success in our many ventures.

   As we mentioned in previous reports, our sacred secret societies are now working with a number of groups which represent the origins of your present power structure and those who have long kept the wealth of past ages in their care. These individuals and groups have come together to begin building upon the work that our sacred associates started decades ago. Various legal decisions have been put forth which set the stage for several documents to possess now the power of law. These 'anchor documents' are just the beginning. Many others are ready to be processed, which will establish the legalities for the global governmental changes that we intend to manifest. What is being created is a chain of documents that leaves the dark no alternative except to resign. The other issue being pursued is putting an end to a decaying financial system. The end is indeed near!

   Our blessed task is to see that what we have described actually happens. This reality is being squeezed, suffused with Light, and transformed by Heaven. We dearly require a move upward in consciousness. What we are doing with our sacred associates is to ensure that Heaven's edicts are truly manifested upon this realm. We work therefore with joy and determination as we prepare the dark ones for their inevitable exit from power, despite their ongoing commitment to finding a way out. In fact, there is none. A new timeline is being set which requires their immediate resignation; hence our blessed resolve. This drama is set shortly to end. A new reality is rising, which needs new governance, prosperity, and a formal disclosure. It is time for the surface world to rejoin galactic humanity by returning to its natural state of divine service and full consciousness.

   Today, we used this message to inform you about what is brewing on your world. Many different activities are taking place that are bringing in the longed-for great changes. These will prepare you for a full disclosure and your return to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



After all these years

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Does anyone else feel that unfortunately all these is a scam? I ve been following these channeled messages for years, and now I feel the writers dont even try to "sell" us the stories (if this is the case). I ve been reading these things at least for 5-6 years, and I am sure they were here long before that, saying the same old thing, "... taking place", "we are here", ".... soon ...". I get that there are many things to "fix" in this planet, but lets see it from a responsibility point of view. Assuming it is true, all these higher beings, wouldn't they be more carefull, as to not giving us the hope that they are indeed coming, and yet 5-6 (earthly years if you want) not even show? Don't get me wrong I want to believe they exist, but other than stories fate is all I have, which is never enough, blindly following anything. All am saying is, if I were them, I wouldn't give people the impression that we would come "soon", I would just say a number that even exceeded the most deadline of deadlines, and even add a few years, so people would have an idea, and not wake up everyday and desperately look for a sign that "hey we do exist and we are on our way .. ! ". If there is a reason they did that, I just cant see it. 


love - a less but still frustrated being


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"they"="we"=you and me=us=all=love=god=now.


no waiting, be love now and we are there.


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the day has to be livied to its fullest

those that work should as if the dream is true, the "american dream" that you work hard, regarldess of how it is, and get rewarded

said that things are unfair, unkind, cruel, evil, today a baby is being circumcised, and that's not okay


the war on drugs is being destroyed, the cannabis cancer cure is being reflected into our consciousness, even changing federal minds


i felt upset a long time ago, when i first heard in 2008 

i listneted to tara and rama of bbsradio.com they have 3 shows, i encourage those shows

its always "soon" isn't it

but they tie in the pieces well, and are very attuned to modern news, plus behinds the scenes intel


i think we are close but even so, be the change. i don't know how to end poverty without nesara, 

i don't know how to justify the disparity of working too long, too hard, for too little

work should be a few hours a day, depending on how hard it is, 1 hour, 2, not more than 3 for hard things, not more than 4 for intellectual actions



so god help us, it just requires unplugging from greed

and if obama is a lightworking socialist god help him, because capitalism is no one's friend, and systems are JUST systems, the skeptics are grinding their teeth on a monument of their own creation trying to prove a false point. 


pay more, work less, regulate resources and abundance, 


legalize at bare minimum cannabis and whatever the higher beings see as the safest and most healing psychedelic, such as fungi, people really need a joint to the head to get over how bad reality was created for us , by "them", its being legal is an easier way to raise our consciousness, i am intuiting at least, than to not do so, it could be the beginning of a world wide systems of disclosure. because a high mind is a child's mind, it learns, if it is not too high, or stuck in fear, anyway, namaste

to another frustrated

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to another frustrated being,

i hear U loud and clear! same here

my whole being still here on this planet feels like 1 big set up

i just want out!

fom another frustrated being

If you want out

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If you want out, then you will be able to be out. You will create this for yourself.

I also want "out"... and I go there in my dreams....

Love, Astreia

Er - not I

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I never "get the feeling that this is all a scam", NEVER.... because it isn't.

Nobody is trying to "sell" you anything. If you need to be persuaded, then you need to persuade yourself. This is a site that provides the information needed in these times.

I'm sure you have been disappointed by others in the past and that is making it more difficult for you.

If you "want to believe that they exist" then you will at the right time for you.

I am glad that you are LESS frustrated.

And I am glad that you said love!

Love, blessings, reassurance...Astreia

Sheldon Nidle Comment

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I can begin to see how this is going to come about....something I couldn't imagine even 6 months ago.


Thank you, Sheldon, for all your years of devoted service to the ascension and beyond.  We've all been disappointed many times over the years and you've probably felt it more keenly than most.  What's important is that you didn't give up in the face of all the laughter, hate mail and so on.  I don't know what your reward will be when this is finished, but I do know you are greaty blessed for "hanging in there" through good and bad.


Many Blessings!

Long In The Tooth...

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I am a patient person. My belief in the resolution of the Earths' dilemma is still high, but the constant ring-around -the -rosie of Sheldon Nidle and his GFL is getting pretty long in the tooth. Here it is, a few days before the dark force could possibly get back in to postions of power and all they have to tell us is that there are meetings being held and discussions on the table with ancient tribes and clans. the same drivel I have been hearing and absorbing for many years to no avail. If the agenda is still so obscure that documents are being drawn up, then we are down the tubes. I never did understand all the talk of legalities when we are supposed to belong to Universal Law, which is the same throughout our known System. Me thinks this version of the Federation is a front for the dark force to keep stalling for time and keep light workers idol in their intent. Once, about 2 to 3 years ago, Sheldon Nidle was psychically attacked and was gone from the PAO for more than 4 months. When he returned, he made some Greg Giles type statements for a few weeks before he took more time off. On his second return, he was not much better and has been a shade leery since the occurrence. He may have been compromised by the implant in his body that is his direct communication to the so-called Sirians. Always, it seems that there are excuses to drag things out and explain the lack of visible progress. One week the dark minions are on their last leg, and the next report has them still with a vast power base to draw from even though the financial reserves were supposedly used up many months ago. The tellin part is that they are actually expecting these people to give up of their own accord, like they play by the rules of fair and square. .... And they call US naive'.

   It is both disheartening


   It is both disheartening and good to know I am not the only one who is tired of hearing, "soon" over and over again.  We all want peace, FREEDOM  and prosperity and are goddamn tired of hearing empty promises. We all need to do what they do in europe, together get up, go out and make our mass presence felt. But we are too heterogeneous in our cultural backgrounds, mind controlled and drugged up. Turn off the one eyed brainwashers, get our heads out of hockey, football, beer and donuts and get the hell outside and unify in intent.  There is a lot more disinformation than one would think. Don't you clowns know you minions who bend over are in the same category as we all are, cheap labor and taxes. Wake up fools, or rather grow a pair and join your brothers and sisters, WE THE PEOPLE.

Jeffry Benning

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You've added some interesting insights. But I do have a suggestion for you.

Remove the word "soon" from your vocabulary. Don't speak it, don't hear it, and don't think it. When we pay attention to NOW we can feel the joy.

These are not empty promises that you find here on the GFP. We need to focus on what is happening NOW. A lot of good things are happening NOW. If you focus on these NOW events, then you will feel better.

And I don't need to "grow a pair..." lolol

The "cheap labor and taxes" are temporary. I get the sense that  you are not in the position you would like to be in! Maybe not "bending over" would be a good idea?

But I am glad to hear you say WE THE PEOPLE because we ARE all together in this.

Very good, what you said about television. And yes, there is disinformation out there.

But we just saw a campaign where the candidate with the most money and the most disinformation lost to the will of WE THE PEOPLE. So don't be afraid of the disinformation, it is going away, just as the chemtrails are being dissolved.

Jeffry, it is a grand new world already.

Love, Astreia

Excuse me

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Excellent rant, my friend! However.....

The dark force did NOT get back their positions of power. They lost the elections, and they lost because of all the good people who voted for something better - Obama.

If you go to www.whitehouse.gov, you will find that processes have begun for us to "become self-governing." Now to me, that is exciting!

If you watch the news, you will see that the minions are being arrested and prosecuted. They were given the opportunity to join us in unconditional love, but they chose to hang on to their role as darklings....maybe they are afraid....anyone who thinks they need to be the richest person in the world is obviously afraid and thinks that money will protect them. It will not. Only love can protect.

I do not call you naive. Who said that to you? I would suspect nobody outside yourself called you naive, but I could be wrong....

People all over the world are waking up to their own inner powers, and I believe you will too. Then you will be able to stop expecting "them" to rescue us, and become part of the "rescue crew" yourself....each os us rescues ourselves.

Love, Astreia

To everyone here

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We have a Very Important Cobra Interview in which will be released tomorrow. We asked him why he felt we continuely are having delays. His response fueled us. We have key lightworkers who were in position who did not fulfill their task or missions. We have been working 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 6 years straight. When we started this mission we lived off food bank food and 50$ a month. We still walked 2 miles a day to post the messages. What is unfolding is very real, we have been behind the scenes for a long moment. This is not egos planet, this is Love's PLanet and is being returned. If You want to see change then Get UP STand UP and Get Involved. This is the Solution Right NOW. We need to gather together the moment is now! We will have more once we can get the Interview out. All Our Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

Cobra interview...

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Dear Mother and Father God and Earth Allies,


It's disheartening that some of the lightworkers did not fulfill thier mission. How can we as individuals on the earth plane become involved to make a postive difference?



a funny observation

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I just saw your signature and felt i had to wonder. how can UNCONDITIONAL love be a law? if its a law it loses the whole meaning of the unconditional part, which in my opinion the word unconditional is included in the word love. am not trying to be an ass or something just an observation

funny observation

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By using the word "law" they re not speaking of anyone being forced to do anything. "Law of Unconditional Love" is a natural law, like the "law of gravity" or the "Golden Rule." This is not a man-made "law". No one is forced to do this, but why not?

It's fun to love unconditionally.

Love, Astreia

Eagerly awaiting the

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Eagerly awaiting the transcript of Cobra interview to read.......

Things are Definitely Happening...

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Hello, I am the average reader just like everyone else.. I started reading only a few months ago due to my own experiences I was having, and wanting to validate them. I knew I could not be the only person having these experiences. I have had beings at my bedside (who are Angelic) and have seen them clear as day, I have always had memories of traveling at night when I am returning from an out of body experience, I had contact with Aliens since I can remember and was drawing space crafts at 4 years old. At times I would sense a team of 7 Angel Guides around me (which I believe we all have this many).  Then recently my guides started providing me information that would make my life much easier, and help me with decision making. I felt like I had a staff of 7 Angels dedicated to just helping me get through my day. It's amazing! I started feeling like something is up from some of the contacts I had with them, they became more urgent, and I had to see if other people were experiencing it, I found these readings a few months ago and I can totally relate. There is definitely something BIG Happening, I know it, I see it, I feel it with every ounce of my being.


These experiences are there for everyone, just let go of the logical thinking and let your heart lead, you will find the way.



Sorry, and a couple of things

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Dear Father\Mother God:


1) Snapped at you out of frustration the other day....Sorry.


2) "Heard" your Heart speak of the difficulties and sacrafices you have invested in making this happen and "heard" the sincerity and authenticity there.  Thanks.


3) Oh Boy, are we somekinda Frustrated!  How can we get the Galatics and the AM's attention?  It's like They are asleep.  We have seen no results, missed deadlines and a general failure of a critical project.  If this were business, we'd fire these guys and get somebody else to run the project.  And all because we don't want to hurt the Cabal's Feelings or appear Impolite to Murders, Slave Traders and Ghouls?


4) I don't have an insiders view or details (Hate that!).  Of course I talk to them, of course I ask for them to appear, of course I look to the skies.  They don't listen to me.  I get nothing.  I should have gone to a cave on a mountaintop in Tibet and meditated 20 hours a day on a spoonful of stale rice so I would be "clear" and "worthy" this lifetime to see and hear.  Didn't work out that way.  So I truly may know Nothing about which I am speaking.  I recognize that, but still feel strongly.


5) How can we ask for something tangible?  How can we know what is being done, behind the scenes?  How can we know who is working on "stuff."  Who can vouch for the undisclosed contacts they have? And most importantly, how can we get somekind of realistic timeline?  Please communicate to the "Invisible Entities" (sounds goofy, don't it?) to NOT EVER USE THE WORD SOON EVER AGAIN, EVER.  Don't say shortly, someday, any day now or anything like that either.


6) Most (or Many, or Some) of us are loosing or have lost belief.  If "They" can't show results and can't provide a firm timeline, then please ask them to have the courtesy to say we failed, go back to your 3D Lives, go back to your jobs and your bills, your beer and your TV, go abck and forget the Dream. And if we can ever get our act together in you lifetime, we'll let you know.  Maybe this life is just wasted because we didn't want to make the Cabal uncomfortable or appear pushy.


7) Know I AM trying to say I AM Sorry and I AM trying to Be Constructive.  What can we do to get them to quit fiddling around and get the show on the road?


Love and Peace to ALL, (even as I struggle to overcome frustration and stay positive).

A Fellow Traveler

Be Blessed by whatever you hold to be Sacred.

dear fellow traveler, just

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dear fellow traveler,

just want to say thank you for saying what i feel in my heart with your post here. i truly resonate with it and everything you just posted  was like it was plucked directly from my veins.

from another frustrated traveler


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I can see why so many of us are running out, by reading all these sites on these important subjects for the last several years. They said, "soon" "not long now" "near" "shortly" "imminent" "immediate" for YEARS, with so much time her side, thought maybe my wife would have a chance at living by "them" coming time to the rescue. She "had" cancer, she is no longer with us.


I have patience, but no more than you, and with all that "they" have promised us to include more than one of them said there will be no election in 2012, well it sure looks to me that is right on schedule.


I'll be back after the elections, to let you all know what I think is behind all this, and then again for certain varification, you will once again see my comments on Dec, 22, 2012, and they are not going to be in what some may "resonate" to as pretty.

David Porter

Author of the series


Nothing I could say...

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...but you sure touched my heart.  If you love her like I love mine, well, there is now way I can understand.  I hope what we have been taught is true and you will be reunited very soon, and that you will be happy together, again.


See 'ya on the other side.

I don't know how much of this

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I don't know how much of this is true, or if this is really written by who they say they are, but I know some things, at least, are true. For some reason, I feel like there is something not quite right when I begin to read this and so I never finish. I admit that the dimensions exist. Ascension, or some version of it, is real, however, it isn't as instantaneous as it is portrayed here (unless this is a form of amnesty of souls). There are people here who were born to teach or guide others, and there is something 'big' going on, but I am not sure many people grasp this. At this point, things are much more complex than most people think. Many are putting up a struggle and there are dark creations/beings who are willing to start a war. Do not say anything bad to deeplt religious people, in some sense, they are right, although their vision is narrow. Here is an advice: live how you think it is right to live and try to not hurt anyone. If you farce information or beliefs, the chance of corruption and confision is great.
For you, that is all.