Update From Sheldon Nidle~ The time has come to surrender to the Light

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3 Chicchan, 13 Uo, 9 Eb


Dratzo! We return! At present, we are waiting for the date to begin the preliminaries that are to take place prior to bringing the new banking system on-line. This period will be swiftly followed by the formal announcement of this new global financial system, which by its very nature will create a situation that makes it impossible for the dark cabal to subsist. It is the subsequent new governments which will allow the prosperity funds to be delivered. Long ago, your world was prevailed upon to accept not only that the irrational Anunnaki worldview was 'real' but that no other reality was possible. This belief will be shattered by the new financial system which will open doors that have been kept firmly shut by the dark cabal. The upcoming, vast transference of funds will remove the lockdown on progress that the dark has imposed on you for decades, and once this clamp is gone, the new procedures and accompanying official expositions can go forward. However, these are merely the initial steps that will lead quickly to a massive operation that is to manifest the full agenda decreed by the Light and morph this present nightmare realm into a Light-infused dream.


As these various improvements are announced and your world accordingly changes for the better, a whole new style of governance will come into being which will make a point of imparting more and more details of the changes afoot on many levels. We have come here to be mentors for this great change. One of the big transformative factors will be the release of much technology withheld from you for many decades. We are also keen to make the announcements that lead to disclosure. Disclosure does nothing less than open up this vast galaxy to you once again. With disclosure you will be privy to things that will drastically and irrevocably alter the way you perceive the universe and your place in it. It will no longer be a place of inhospitable, uncharted space; suddenly it will contain places where friends and family reside, and which will be easily accessible, using your new technology. But most importantly, it will be a realm fully fathomable, which gloriously affirms your oneness with all life by demonstrating to you how intertwined we all are to the Creator and to all of Heaven.


Our reunion with you will bring you to the very brink of full consciousness, by allowing you to see just how easy it is to make the final move into your natural state of existence. Once whole again, you can resume your sacred service as Gaia's faithful mentors, thereby reestablishing a pledge we humans made to her nearly 900,000 years ago. Indeed, this mentorship includes the overseeing of your entire solar system. Resuming your divine service includes reunion with your Inner Earth family and meeting a great many non-corporal Beings who have come from throughout this solar system and who have been carrying out those tasks that you are about to take on again. Your local Spiritual Hierarchy assures us that you are quite ready for these and other tasks which are soon to require your attention. The Agarthans and their cetacean associates are preparing the proclamations to be made to you once you have transformed back into your fully conscious state. This will involve the story of how you originally came to Earth and why many Spiritual Hierarchies agreed to make you fully conscious Beings long ago on Vega.


This history forms part of a huge process of reconnecting you to your special origins, and then, introducing you to the duties of full consciousness and your many responsibilities to this part of physicality. As you begin to recall your origins, it will be necessary to provide a general education that can assist your nascent galactic society to fulfill its truly incredible destiny. Those of you who have agreed in your life contracts to remain here have to become aware of what is expected of you by your local Spiritual Hierarchy. Heaven and you are to work closely to unfold the divine plan in this sector of physicality. One aspect we have already mentioned to you is your mentorship of a vast group of Beings who dearly wish to acquire a Lightbody and make the sacred journey to full consciousness. Such capabilities are what make you very special Beings, and it is why you are being watched by so many throughout the galaxy. It also explains why Heaven permitted us to set up this first contact mission.


Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this date with some good news! We are now allowed to explain to you that a new banking system is very close to manifesting. Major banks around your world are currently preparing for the implementation of numerous new rules. These regulations are to alter the operation of international transactions and to prepare for the series of announcements introducing a new hard-backed currency. The governments of your globe have been advised that an international version of N.E.S.A.R.A is to be implemented, and this will precipitate a rapid change in your global political systems. Accordingly, the Galactic Federation has placed several defense ships in position to ensure that these changes happen as agreed to by the dark cabal. The time has come for these dark ones to surrender their power to the Light!


These changes can allow our sacred secret societies to begin to disburse the prosperity funds to the world. We have also advised our associates to prepare a number of special teachings which will explain a great many truths that have been either greatly modified or completely hidden from you for millennia. These circumstances made it necessary for us to hide this information deep within the vaults of many temples and cathedrals until such time as we could release it to you. You may be somewhat shocked at first, but these sacred Truths need to become part once again of your spiritual knowledge of this physical realm. It will begin a process of clarification regarding the wonders and miracles of the state of full consciousness that you are returning to. This subject matter will move to center stage in your lives during the weeks ahead because you are needed by Heaven to resume your sacred service to the Light.


We the Ascended Masters have a divine duty to bring you through the sacred veil and return you to your true Beingness as physical Angels. Thus we welcome the arrival of our kin and the means in Inner Earth for restoring you to that most precious state. All that is being set in motion is done with the aim of fulfilling Heaven's mandate. You have wandered around in a state of artificial amnesia for far too long, and it is time to reinstate your former wisdom and abilities. The societies cooked up by the dark and orchestrated by the Anunnaki are to cease. Your innate Oneness will be reestablished, allowing you to develop a wonderful prototype of galactic society. This new realm of yours is to welcome the former dark empires of this galaxy and transform them to Light by providing them with a full Lightbody, along with the techniques and etiquette that Spirit requires.


Today, we supplied you with more detail about what is clandestinely happening around your world. These preparations will enable big changes in banking, which in turn will result in the ousting of the dark. The Galactic Federation and its defense ships are supporting these actions and thus the end of this obstructive cabal is near! Be in joy, and ready to accept the gifts of Heaven! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Its beginning to feel like

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Its beginning to feel like Christmas in the air! Joy to the World!

So Be It

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Love this message. Am truly looking forward to our New World. <3 Namaste <3


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"... and morph this present nightmare realm into a Light-infused dream."


♥ Paradise is here ♥ Planet Earth=Heart ♥


Synchronicity: it begins to play "All is full of love"/Björk while I was reading this wonderful message.


Love, Luas***


This is all happening?!?

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Honestly, if it werent for the constant bomabardment of new updates on the internet and the inherent belief that somehow this were all true even without conclusive proof i would had given up.   


I was starting to become aware with all of this just last october and had been slightly tired in following all of this because of the delays so imagine those who had been in this for years reading from one broken promise to another that its coming soon and spreading the word, they would had lost credebility if lets say they had been doing it since say 2008 or much more for others. 


Im glad i found it out just last year or else people in my forum would dismissed me as crazy because i had been posting selected channeled messages with an implied promised that before 2012 ends all this is going to happen as against if i posted on 2008 which was a long time for (broken) promises.












herethe same

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Hi guest!

Here all the same. I've been in over 30 years goin' upwards in awaking. 30 years ago I was told of many things that happened in space. Told by my collegue I was working with.

Then it sounded strange and weird to me; it freightened me as well.

Now I'm 30 years later and wide awake, but everyone even in my family are lookin' at me as if I am crazy. Sometimes I try to send a inspiring message from Infinite Waters (peeeeeeaaaacce, I.W. diving deep once again : ) ) but no-one even responds.

It's quite frustrating. Now I keep my mouth shut. I only can respond on this site.

The dutch site is terrible, this one's very good for me.

Blessings to all!

...your words are bursting

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...your words are bursting with feeling,,,,,,more than before,,,the final act of financial tyranny is about to end,,and hence free the enslaved, who will look into there hearts,,,then there is only love...:))))))))))))))..



Perhaps You Feel

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Perhaps You Feel Adrift

Heavenletter #1835 Published on: November 30, 2005
God said:

When you feel you are hitting hard times, or that your mood is dark for no known reason at all, know that you are cleaning house, just as you might empty a room of furniture so that you can paint and sand the floors to make the room as good as new.

Or you are moving, and for a while all your furniture and boxes are out front. You are vacating one place. You are entering another.

Perhaps you have already moved to the new property, and you are not sorted out yet. You have moved but are not settled.

This move seems as if it were thrust upon you, but you have been desiring to change, have you not? You just didn’t know it would be like this. Did you really think, knowing you, that you would make an easy job of it?

The dark mood is not you. First of all, it is transient. It is soot from the street. You will cough it up and be done with it soon enough.

You will get your new place straightened out. Corridors will be cleared. Boxes and furniture will no longer be in your way. You will have a chance to sit down on your couch and see where you are.

You may have had moments when you felt you moved to a lesser place, perhaps a tormented one, but now that you can sit on the couch a while, you have a chance to see how the light comes in the window and what a beautiful view you have from your new place. Perhaps you have moved into a high rise. Perhaps you have to get used to taking the elevator.

Perhaps in ascending, you felt barraged by all that you had to sort out and leave behind. Perhaps you are still carrying it in your mind. Perhaps you feel you have left some of yourself behind, which you have, and you are missing the good old ego days that you are disconnected from now.

Perhaps you feel adrift right now. Perhaps you are feeling more separated now than you ever have before. Beloveds, you just haven’t gotten your bearings yet. You will. Soon enough you will know where all the light switches are. Soon enough you will know your way around. You will find it’s not so startling to be in the new place. Soon you will notice the enlivenment of living here. Soon you will note the tune you are vibrating to.

You won’t even like the old music anymore. That’s what’s happening, isn’t it? You loved certain tunes, and now you don’t. For a while, you have been groping for a sense of balance, for the familiarity of it, the full-blown awareness of it.

Before you were unbalanced, but you were used to the imbalance. Now you have sea legs, as it were, and it’s taken you a little while to get used to walking on still land. This is transition. You are transiting. You are leaving old realms and entering new realms.

And you are resisting it. You are bracing yourself. Now Imagine you are in the sea for the first time. In order to swim, you can’t stay standing up. You have to let go. You have to practice moving your arms and legs in water. You are learning to float. You have been so accustomed to holding on, and now you are letting go of boundaries. Truly, you don’t need them. The boundaries never were a safe shore.

Now you are swimming in the ocean deep. You are the dolphin who leaps up. You are leaping up now.

In your state, you may feel like Alice in Wonderland falling down the hole, only you are rising, and I am here and I will not let you fall. If you must feel that you are falling, know that you are falling up, up into My arms.


Beautiful - perfect timing!

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Thanks for sharing this message with us, at this time - it's very appropriate and comforting!

Feels LIke Home

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Love the Nidle,


Always great messages full of promise and hope, while fitting in well with the energies that surround us.


Another Home Run - no pun intended - ha!


Dr Moe