Updated - Frequently Asked Questions/Ascension Primer

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Our FAQ/Ascension Primer has been updated!


Here is some of the new info:


Who are we and why are we here?
We are all advanced multi-dimensional Beings from other planets. Your soul is currently residing in a human body, having a 3D experience.

In 1947 we all met because we wanted to answer Gaia’s call for help. This meeting was held in a base in Mt. Shasta and everybody’s Higher Self was there. We came up with the Divine Plan that we are carrying out now. Everybody agreed to their mission and signed soul contracts, knowing that they would forget who they are when they incarnated and that they might not wake up while they were here.

The Higher Selves of those who incarnated on Earth before 1947 also agreed to get involved, so if you were born before 1947, don’t worry. Be happy because you are also part of the mission!

The BEings who incarnated shortly after the meeting grew up to be The Hippies - The Flower Children. When The Hippies first appeared at the end of the 1960s, it seemed like they came out of nowhere but they didn’t. They were the first modern Lightworkers and introduced the concept of a New Age. They started the movement that we are all a part of. Thank you, Flower Children!


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